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Kelly Rothwell
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Monday, October 3, 2011

Forty Three Sign Federal Affidavits in Perry Fraud Case

 It has been reported today that forty three former and current Correctional Officers from Elmira Correctional Facility, in Elmira, New York have signed federal affidavits to the Division of Social Security. They are attesting that David Perry, the named suspect in then-girlfriend Kelly Rothwell’s disappearance and probable homicide, did willfully defraud the Federal Government when he made an alleged false Workman’s Comp injury claim in October of 2003. Perry is scheduled to face a Grand Jury in Broome County New York on October 13 at 12:45 P.M. to answer allegations at the state level.
There has been no word yet on when possible Federal charges could be levied against Perry for Social Security fraud. However, it can be assumed that if the Broome County Grand Jury comes back with an indictment, a Federal charge could not be far behind.
Perry has been writing on both his Facebook page and a blog, using my name to post the following post. Please be assured that I did NOT write this; David Perry has been pretending to be me, writing that I am his advocate. He started several Facebook pages using my name to spread lies and innuendo. Below is the actual text with noted spelling mistakes..

·         Leigh Clifton
you are getting excited about nothing. Of course the grand jury will find cause. They always do. thats not a reason to celebrate. i repeat the grand jury will find cause. the real triumph will come when the deal or no deal is made. no one cares about the grand juries thumbs up to proceed. you guys got to better read and understand the basics. will david be found guilty of fraud? I dont think he wi...ll. will he be sent to prison for 15 years . no of course not my best guess if a deal is made or he is found guilty 12 months with restitution . thats all.
its best he put this behind him so he can move to hawaii and start his new life with his lovely girlfriend. we are all very excited for him to get past this. its a speed bump thats well over due wish him luck. Sincerely Leigh

As you can clearly see, this, as well as many other statements purportedly made by me, was in fact written by him.

On October 13th, the Grand Jury of Broome County New York will hear evidence against David Perry for two counts of Felony Grand Larceny and Insurance Fraud.

Meanwhile, Kelly Rothwell is still missing…….


David Perry mug shot