Kelly Rothwell

Kelly Rothwell
Much Loved Sister, Daughter, Friend

Tuesday, November 8, 2016





CRIME WATCH DAILY with CHRIS HANSEN to Feature Kelly Rothwell's Case on Nov 8th at 2 PM on CW 44

Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen will be featuring Kelly Rothwell's case today on their program. It will air on the CW 44 at 2 pm. Hansen is well known for his To Catch a Predator series on NBC's Dateline, his coverage of the Columbine shootings, Oklahoma City terrorist attack and most of the coverage for Dateline of the September 11th attacks on America.
Kelly Rothwell has been missing and presumed dead for five years. For ALL of those five years I have been writing this blog to keep her story alive, to bring justice to her family and to put David Perry, who killed Kelly, in jail for her murder for the rest of his miserable life.

Last month, the Bring Kelly Rothwell Home page was contacted by Segment Producer Ann Toler, who saw my blog, among other information and wanted to do a story on Kelly. I immediately got back to Toler, who is in LA and we scheduled an interview. In addition to  my interview with Andrea Isom, a journalist for Crime Watch Daily, Nancy Rothwell, Kelly's mother, sisters Lauren, Lindsay and Kristen were also interviewed for the segment. Kelly's friend Donna gave an interview as did Mike Bailey, the former Homicide Detective , who worked on Kelly's case before retiring, John Dressback, who was the then-administrator of the Police Cadet Program of which Kelly was a part, was also contacted.Kudos to the Pinellas County Sheriff's office for letting the show interview Det. Bailey. They were to interview DA Brooks Baker, but I won't know if they did until the show airs....

In my interview, I told Andrea that I thought that David Perry strangled Kelly, put her in a kite sail bag and drove with her body in his car up to Elmira the same night , March 12, 2011 , that he killed her. To this day I still believe that her body is NOT in Florida, but either in New York or possibly Oklahoma, where Perry also visited after he fled Florida.

I am very grateful to the show for featuring Kelly's case and hope that someone will see it and remember something, or feel guilty enough to give up some information.

I only hope that this blog, the radio Podcast I did 2 weeks ago on Itunes and Podomatic and the show itself will keep Kelly's name out there. We appreciate the interest and the attention.

Kelly deserves that!

Thank you!
Leigh Clifton

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Kelly Rothwell's Story Featured on Podcast "Unfound" by Ed Dentzel/ Our Interview

Several  weeks ago I was approached by a man named Ed Dentzel about Kelly's case. Dentzel has a Podcast called "Unfound" which focuses on missing persons in the US. Dentzel, who moved to Florida from Las Vegas in late 2011,after Kelly's disappearance, found Kelly's case after he started doing research on missing persons in Pinellas County. Dentzel has had a fascination with missing persons cases and remembers at the age of 6 watching "In search Of" with the late Star Trek star Leonard Nimoy. That started his lifelong passion with Star Trek, science fiction and disappearances.He is also a self professed student on plane crashes, something he admits is a bit morbid but still can recite what year a crash happened, the make and model of the plane, area where it crashed and the number of fatalities.He's a self published author on Amazon and has 4 science fiction novels. His latest is Distant. He also has written a trilogy, Govicide, that you should check out.

 In April of 2016, Dentzel co-founded a radio show called Americas Missing Podcast with another researcher, but creative differences made him realize that he wanted to do his own show.He wanted to have a different approach. He added a theme to every show and whenever possible, interviewed people who were actually close or part of the case. He toned down speculation and sensationalism  that a lot of crime shows use to titillate the audience. He was looking to create more of a  "news magazine" that was a less-conjectural and more interactive- type news medium engaging the listeners in the hope that they might help with these unsolved cases.The show "Unfound" was born. It is unscripted, although he does do an outline of questions. The questions are generally open ended and allow for a great discussion of a case. Then he found Kelly Rothwell's case.

"I found your blog and was impressed that there was an actual site that was dedicated to a case like Kelly's," Dentzel told me. "This case felt very personal to me; I live about 4 miles from where Kelly did in Indian Rocks Beach ( he's in Madeira Beach) and the bridge where they found her car is right around the corner from my house. I  had started to research Pinellas County missing cases and Kelly's was the first one I saw. It really touched me and I wanted to work on it. You had a ton of information and I wanted to showcase all the research that's been done on Kelly's case to date."

When Dentzel contacted me, he had already done 8 shows shows for 7 cases, ( one show was split into two parts) and has received great feedback from Itunes and Podomatic, where the show can be accessed. I will provide the link at the bottom for both, PLEASE go and listen and leave feedback, on either Itunes, Podomatic or BOTH.

Kelly's case is still ongoing and I have always said that I will never stop looking for her and bring her home to her family, That has ALWAYS been my main objective. It is also a promise I made to her mother Nancy. I also have said that I will NEVER STOP trying to bring David Perry, the ONLY suspect in her "disappearance" and probable murder to justice.
Please listen to this podcast.. It's a bit long but well worth it.

My sincerest gratitude goes to Ed Dentzel for giving Kelly's case another platform to get her story out to the public. I want to thank him for the chance to be interviewed and tell the public what's been happening on the case and what I've been trying to do to help put David Perry in jail.  My interview with Ed was a long one but there is a LOT of information after 5 years of researching Kelly's "disappearance" and probable murder. I'm still looking.....

Someone knows something.
Meanwhile, Kelly Rothwell is STILL missing.'
Lets's bring her home.

 Links to the broadcast:


Please sign up at ITUNES to subscribe to Ed Dentzel's podcast series "UNFOUND" and listen for more podcasts of missing persons and support independent researchers like Ed and myself!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

What Did Kelly Rothwell Know About David Perry's "Business"?

There has been much speculation as to why David Perry would kill his then- girlfriend Kelly Rothwell on March 12, 2011, after she came to break up with him that Saturday afternoon. Some have floated that he was jealous and possessive, controlling and violent. By all accounts and police reports in his past, he was all that and more.

But by the time Kelly Rothwell came home that late afternoon, David Perry had already met Melissa Walker, a National Guardsman Reservist in Las Vegas, online on Craig's List, had already visited out west where she lived, WHILE he was still supposedly with Kelly and was already planning a life with Melissa.Although Melissa Walker insists that she met Perry AFTER Kelly went missing, there is no evidence either way.  Perry had told the gym where he worked out that he was moving to Hawaii; this was two weeks BEFORE Kelly went "missing". Coincidentally, (or not) Melissa Walker was scheduled to be stationed at Tripler Army Medical Center, IN HAWAII, shortly after Perry gave the gym notice, stating that "we" were moving to Hawaii.
Why then, were there tickets to Utah in Kelly and Perry's name for a job interview for Kelly in Human Resources at a posh resort?Why were there emails supposedly  from Kelly to the Director of the resort, asking about onsite health club benefits, housing and health care for both her AND her "fiance"? Were they engaged? If so, Kelly never mentioned it. Could Perry have been setting something up?

Meanwhile, Kelly had still been applying at several local police departments in anticipation of graduating from the St. Petersburg Police Academy in April,2011. One has to wonder if it might have been David Perry all along who was sending out Kelly's resumes to various resorts around the country, including out west, where Melissa Walker, his Craig's List love interest was living. He was known to have hacked her computer and email accounts and tried to maintain as much control over her as possible.

It appears that there were two totally disparate directions that Kelly appeared to be moving in. At the exact time, according to her personal emails, she was sending resumes to both resorts AND police departments. This seems to make little sense unless she  herself was hedging her bets for employment. But what if she wasn't? By all accounts from the cadets that Kelly was in class with, she was passionate about her police work and was looking to become more involved in the domestic violence aspect of  law enforcement. Was this because she herself was being abused at home by Perry?

One  plausible explanation could be that Perry was attempting to steer Kelly away from her law enforcement career because she knew too much about his dealings. According to Perry's ex-wife Luana Greenfield, Perry, who was a Corrections Officer at the Elmira prison at the time, was caught growing pot in his basement when the police were called out to a domestic violence dispute at their Elmira home.Sources within the Elmira police department confirm this. Yet the case never went to trial; the charges suddenly went away. Luana also stated that Perry smoked pot almost every day and had been friends who were known drug dealers. One particular person,  Jeff Lavelle, a former Corrections officer at Elmira, was caught with a felony amount of cocaine in his car after he flipped it on a back road outside of town. He and Perry were friends. There was even a source who said that Perry was actually in the car at the time with another corrections officer and that both took off so as not to get caught.

Fairly early in their relationship,Kelly had intimated to her family that Perry was involved in "something big" and that she told him she would leave him if he didn't stop. She told her sister that he "promised" that he would. But according to a family member,he didn't and Kelly was very upset about it. Given Perry's alleged history with drugs and Kelly's enrollment in the police academy, could he have been trying to steer her away from law enforcement to protect his business dealings?

There has also been speculation that Perry saw Kelly as a perfect "mark"; she had a rented condo in Florida and Florida was full of sun and fun for Perry, who fancied himself "Mr. Beach". A fanatic for fitness, Perry trained all the time; running, riding his bike and lifting weights at the gym. All this while being "disabled."
Could he have sensed that day he met her at Sweet Tomatoes that she could be the perfect "home" base, complete with beach condo, pretty girl. sun and fun? The only glitch being that Kelly, originally in Human Resources when Perry and she first met, had decided to take a different path in her life, instead going into Law Enforcement, with emphasis on Domestic Violence issues. Could that have sent Perry scrambling to cover his tracks? Could that have led him to kill her and take her body to New York, where he had numerous places to hide her, including the compost heap at the Elmira Jail, several hundred acres of wooded land that he used to hunt on and the Chemung River. What about Seneca Lake? Perry has a good friend whose owns a house on the lake and has a boat there as well.. Seneca Lake is 603 feet deep; so deep that the sheriffs who patrol it have sonar on their rescue boats. According to one source, Perry contacted that friend right after he got into town on the 13th. The large, heavy geodes that Kelly collected were never found.. could they have been used to weigh down, lets say, a sail kite bag, with Kelly's body in it?

We'll never know, because at that time Kelly Rothwell had been "missing" for 17 months and Perry,  who was in prison at the time, on Fraud relates charges, wasn't  talking.
Since then Perry is out of jail, still living in New York and 5 YEARS later  Kelly Rothwell is still missing.
She and her family deserve justice; David Perry deserves life in prison.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Five Years On, A Murderer Walks Among Us and Still No Word on Kelly Rothwell

Its been five long, torturous years for the family of Kelly Rothwell. Since March 12th of 2011, their daughter and sister has been missing from her Indian Rocks Beach home; a home that she shared with an abusive, psychotic and everyone believes, murderous man named David Perry.
Kelly, by all accounts, was a loving, caring, charismatic woman; a woman ready to devote herself to the service of others as a police woman. A woman who today should have been able to call her mother Nancy, if she wanted, a woman who should have been laying on a beach on this Saturday, enjoying her life with friends with a cocktail and a laugh.

Instead, she is "out there".... somewhere, wherever David Perry, who killed her on a Saturday afternoon, much like this one, put her body after he brutally attacked her in their beach condo after she told him she had had enough. She had had enough of his controlling, manipulative emotional and some say physical abuse. She stood up for herself. She stood up to HIM. And he killed her for it.
 I have always surmised that he killed her, he wrapped her body in the shower curtain, he put her in a sail kite bag and threw her in the back of his blue Honda. He packed her geodes; the large cliced -in-half  rock formations that Kelly loved and collected for the crystals inside.  (they were never found) He took off for Elmira New York, his boyhood home, where he KNEW the Pinellas County Sheriff's office would NOT look. He called his friend Sammy Karem and possibly Mike Dean, BOTH of who had houses in Seneca Lake, the DEEPEST lake in New York at 633 feet. Perry had worked at Elmira Correctional with both as a Corrections officer. See, he knew enough about the law that if NO BODY was found, the possibility of prosecution would be almost nil. He KNEW that the Pinellas County Sheriff's office didn't have the manpower, the resources or even the inclination(?) to look up in New York for Kelly's body. He KNEW they would never find her. He's STILL counting on that.  At 633 feet Lake Seneca would need to be viewed or searched with sonar... it COULD be done...

After Perry was arrested ,charged  tried and convicted of grand larceny and fraud, stemming from a lie about an injury he didn't have on a "Red Dot" call about an unruly prisoner he was never supposed to answer, Perry was released last September from Clinton Correctional. He has kept contact with a woman named Chelsea Plummer, someone he supposedly met while answering an ad about puppies when he was in between trials.
PUPPIES?? Really Perry? You can't even be a father to your kids, you beat the crap out of them AND your ex wife, you were HATED by everyone you worked with at Elmira, everyone IN Elmira hates you and you think you could impress a girl about puppies??? Yup , well it worked... apparently Ms. Plummer , who is almost 30 years Perry's junior, was impressed enough with him to date him while he was out of jail during his first mistrial. She's been to his house at 1708 Church Street. She's seen photos of who she thought was Kelly in a drawer. When she asked Perry about it , he grabbed them from her in a pissy fit. He told her he didn't HAVE any children .. UMMMMM  .... what about the FOUR you have??? Little Davey, Brittney, Brandy and don't forget Emily, the one he secretly had with a prison guard at the prison.. OOPS.. Condoms really should be your friend , Dave.... BOOM.
 Interestingly, he  also told her his name was DAVID WALKER.. (ring any bells people???) and that he worked for the phone company...  ANOTHER LIE  from a man who wouldn't know the truth if it smacked him in the balls... which I fervently hope  happens at some point in this miserable, murderous, low-life's life... I personally told Chelsea Plummer to RUN AWAY from Perry. I seriously doubt that she listened. She has her own theories about Kelly's murder, but they're hers and I'll let her tell them.. Perry might be very interested....

The Pinellas  County Sheriff's office has no new leads; they haven't even kept ANY family members informed and I STILL have to ask WHY NOT? Why, when they were given names and possible leads, didn't they follow them up? Why, when the New York State police, who provided MORE clues and and insight about Kelly's case (and it's not even THEIR case) didn't PCSO do any follow up? OH YES, they went up there and poked around, but seriously after three years at that point, did they REALLY think they would find anything NOW? They should have called on Sammy Karem the DAY they were given the information.. and they WERE given the info, because I DID THE RESEARCH MYSELF. They should have checked out Mike Dean too, although that info came in MUCH later.... Sources tell me that Sammy LIED about talking to Perry when he was FINALLY questioned by police.. BIG SURPRISE there.....that Sammy talked with Perry a LOT more that just an initial contact when Perry arrived in Elmira on March 14th with Kelly's body in the truck of his car.

I know, I know, this is Kelly's day.. and it IS Kelly's day.. only its the DAY OF HER MURDER and I don't want ANYONE to forget that .. or HER.. If it takes talking about Perry for people to remember, then I'll do just that. I'm not blowing smoke up any so-called "friends" ass about ribbons, rainbows and shining lights.. this is a murder of a beautiful young woman and it deserves to be solved.
Kelly deserves justice and her family deserves peace. David Perry, on the other hand, deserves the electric chair, or hanging or whatever other method New York State offers to murderers.

So to Kelly's family, I think of you daily and I hope that by keeping this blog going, we keep Kelly's name in the public eye.  It is my sincerest hope that David Perry convicted for your murder.

To Kelly, you deserve justice and to come home.  We owe you that Kelly....
we owe you that.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

She Would Have Been 40 Today...

She would have been 40 today... Kelly Rothwell, who has been "missing" since March 12, 2011 and presumed murdered by her then-boyfriend David Perry, would have been celebrating her 40th birthday today. Instead of making plans for a raucous life celebration and party tonight with her friends, celebrating a milestone in which most people usually take stock of their life and it's directions, Kelly is instead...nowhere... missing...."disappeared" vanished...
On a day when she would have probably been a proud member of a police force, possibly on a task force for abused women that she showed great interest in, she is just.... gone...

Her killer, David Perry, walks free after a minimal jail term in New York for a fraud conviction, NOT for her disappearance and probable murder. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE??
How is it possible that a Police Cadet well-liked by her peers at the St. Pete Police Academy, could NOT warrant a big enough search response to her disappearance by the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office (PCSO) or her fellow Police Cadets? They did such a cursory search for her body; the CUE Center spent more time looking for Kelly than both the PCSO AND the Academy Cadets.

How is it that virtually NOTHING has been done on this case in more than THREE years?
Even with some key information that the New York State police turned over to the PCSO, nothing was followed up on with any major effort

Kelly's family remains in the dark to this day.. to say that the PCSO has been a BIT lax in keeping them informed would be an UNDERSTATEMENT of HUGE proportions. Nancy Rothwell, Kelly's mother, hasn't heard from them in 4 years now. FOUR YEARS without an update, without even an ASSURANCE that they are still on Kelly's case?

No one is even sure who the detectives are on the case.. I was told that Detective Mike Bailey retired; Nancy Rothwell called the PCSO and they told her he was now on patrol beat. Really?  A respected detective with a commendably  HIGH Homicide case closure rate now on patrol? Doesn't make sense. We can only assume that Detective Amy Plourde Booth, Bailey's partner at the time of Kelly's disappearance, is still working on the case. Nancy, Kelly Mom, has never heard back from her after several phone calls.

But what makes even LESS sense is WHY David Perry is walking around free.

Kelly should be getting ready to go out tonight with friends, celebrating her life.

Instead, we are still mourning her loss, not knowing where David Perry put her body.
Someone out there knows something....
Do the right thing and step up for this wonderful family whose hearts have such a gaping hole in them...

Meanwhile, Kelly Rothwell is STILL missing...

~Happy Birthday Kelly~


David Perry mug shot