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Kelly Rothwell
Much Loved Sister, Daughter, Friend

Monday, December 26, 2011

According to David Perry, Re-gifting Isn’t Just for Christmas Anymore

It seems that David Perry has a history of “re-gifting” all KINDS of things to the women in his life and engagement rings seem to be the most popular.

According to Perry’s ex-wife Luana, David Perry used to go out with a girl named Wendy Reagan at Southside High School in Elmira, New York. During the course of their two year courtship, Perry bought Reagan a small diamond solitaire engagement ring. When they broke up and Perry started dating Luana, he tried to give Luana the same ring he had previously given to Reagan as an engagement ring.

But Steve Redner, an ex-Perry friend, told Luana that the ring had been Perry’s old girlfriend’s and Luana made Perry buy her one of her own.

“It didn’t surprise me one bit,when I heard about Kelly’s ring,” Luana said. “He tried to do the same thing to me. But when I found out it was Wendy’s ring, I gave it back to him. He got me another one, but it must have been cheap, because it broke after a while. The diamond fell out of it. So we actually got another wedding set altogether.”

Luana Greenfield had some other interesting insight into Perry’s psyche. She feels bad that Kelly wasn’t able to see Perry for what Luana says is the evil that he is.

“Davey told me that last September, he and his Dad got into a fight, I think about borrowing money, and David went off. All of this was in front of Kelly, they were living in Florida and Davey said Kelly just sat there. So Davey turned to her and told her she didn't know the REAL David Perry and that she should get out of the relationship as fast as she could. Davey really liked Kelly and I don’t think he wanted to see her get hurt or worse. Davey said he tried to warn her couple of times, telling her ‘You don’t know who he is or what he’s done.’ Even Brittany told Kelly Dave was playing her.”

According to Luana, Perry was very abusive during their marriage and would often pretend he was going to hit her. That, she said, was what Perry called “keeping you in check.”

“He would raise his hand and I never knew if he was going to actually hit me or not. He wanted to see me cringe. He’s all about the power.I’ll bet he did the same thing to Kelly. Maybe that's why she just sat there when Davey and Dave had that fight."

Luana said that Perry threatened to kill her so many times that she used to say “Fine, go ahead and kill me then and get me out of this nightmare! Dave would just laugh in my face… he didn’t care. He was just pure evil.”

Luana said that the most trivial things would send Perry into a blind rage. A picture not turned the right way, something a little out of place, would all be noticed by Perry, who exhibits severe OCD tendencies, and he would start screaming. His constant vacuuming and obsession with uber-cleanliness made his whole family paranoid. After Perry and Luana split up, and Perry started dating Ann Morris, Luana said that Ann was so scared of Perry that she would lock the kids out of the house so she could clean the house to his specifications. She didn’t want them they to track in any dirt on the perfectly-vacuumed rug. Perry liked to see the lines in the rug.

“Once, poor Brittany tried to get into the house to go to the bathroom, and Ann wouldn’t let her in because she wasn’t finished cleaning. She locked the kids out! Brittany was about 13, I think and she had to go to the bathroom outside! THAT’S how scared he made people feel.”

Where is Kelly’s Antique Diamond Ring?

In talking to Mrs. Rothwell, she said that a few years ago Kelly had been given an antique diamond ring that had belonged to her great-grandmother, Nancy Rothwell’s mother. The ring was a thin band of gold with an approximately ½ carat diamond inset into the band, with smaller stones on either side of the diamond. Kelly’s sister Lauren said Kelly would wear it on special occasions; it had great sentimental value to her. And its missing.

“That ring was my grandmother’s and was passed down through my family, first to my mother, then me, then ultimately Kelly, as the oldest daughter ,” Nancy Rothwell told me. “Kelly loved it and always took such good care of it, having it cleaned and always having the diamond checked. The gold was wearing very thin on the underside of it because it was so old. I know she loved that ring.”

When Nancy Rothwell came down to Florida the week that Kelly disappeared, she sadly had to collect her daughter’s possessions from the condo that Kelly and David Perry, the only suspect in her disappearance had shared. The very same condo that in all possibility was where Kelly Rothwell was murdered March 12th when she came home to break up with David Perry, who was becoming increasingly paranoid, jealous and out of control emotionally.

When Nancy Rothwell returned home to Maryland, Kelly’s things, boxes of clothes and other possessions sat in the living room; Nancy was just too overwhelmed to go through them. The smells, the little things that were so Kelly were just too much for the family to handle. So they sat for quite a while until finally Nancy and Kelly’s sister Lauren summoned the courage to open some of the boxes up.
“I think I knew that if or when I opened up those boxes, it would prove that Kelly was really gone, taken from us … and she wouldn’t be coming home,” Nancy Rothwell said. “It’s all just still too much to handle.”
With Lauren’ s help, the boxes are slowly being opened up and Kelly’s other sister Lindsay, Lauren’s fraternal twin is finding great comfort in wearing some of Kelly’s things.

“I feel like it brings me closer to her,” Lindsay said. “There are some things that I recognize that Kelly wore when we were growing up; they bring back good memories for me. But I miss her so much… it just hurts ...” she said, her voice trailing off in obvious sadness and pain.

When Nancy Rothwell was finally able to go through Kelly’s jewelry box, she couldn’t find the family heirloom anywhere… the ring was missing. Nancy was very upset; she wanted to at least have it back so she could have a piece of her daughter back. But the ring is nowhere to be found.
Could Kelly have been wearing it the night she ‘disappeared’ and was probably murdered? If so, is the ring still with her, wherever she is? Or did David Perry steal it or worse yet, use it as the engagement ring for his new wife, Melissa Walker, all the while knowing it was Kelly’s, the self –professed “love of his life”, the one he never went searching for when she went “missing”?. Is Melissa the one wearing it now? Does it sit on her left hand, in some twisted, sick way so Perry can maintain his contact with Kelly? It is now widely believed that Perry was seeing or maintaining contact with Melissa Walker well before his claims that he met her AFTER Kelly’s disappearance. Indeed, remember that two weeks PRIOR to Kelly going missing, he has cancelled his gym membership, telling everyone that he was moving to Hawaii. Could it be coincidence that his then secret girlfriend, now wife, is now stationed in Hawaii at Tripler Army Medical Hospital? I hardly doubt it.
Luana, Perry’s ex-wife, whom Perry abused repeatedly during their marriage, said that Perry likes to keep little mementos, likes to keep something of those he has been involved with in his life. For example, he frequently used Luana’s birthday as his own, making himself a year younger than he was. He had used her name as his middle name as well. There is even speculation that he may have married on Luana’s August birthday. His ex-wife said that he does things like that a lot.. It helps to make him feel in control, something Perry’s narcissistic personality constantly demands.
Could Perry have used Kelly’s ring for his new bride’s engagement band? Perhaps with some story, close to the truth, that it was a family heirloom passed down to him as a way to keep Kelly “close?” Did he say it was his mother’s perhaps? The same mother who refused to have him at her own funeral? In his sick and twisted mind, he may feel justified doing so. After all, she was going to leave him; in his mind, NO ONE leaves him, he does the leaving. If Perry kept the ring, it is his excuse to maintain a connection to a woman he supposedly loved and probably fatally harmed.
As this Christmas evening winds down, Kelly Rothwell is not with her family and friends, she is not celebrating the holiday season with loved ones. She is missing and presumed dead. Now her precious family heirloom ring, inherited from her great-grandmother is missing as well.

Someone should check Melissa Walker Perry’s left hand……

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

David Perry Under Investigation by Social Security Administration

Leigh Clifton

An anonymous source, who did not want to be identified for fear of reprisal by David Perry, said today that they called the United States Social Security Administration in May, to tell them that David Perry, currently a suspect in the disappearance of Police Cadet Kelly Rothwell, was collecting SSID Disability benefits illegally.  This source, who had first-hand knowledge of Perry’s activities while he was living in Florida with Rothwell at their Indian Rocks Beach condo, told a Social Security investigator that they had seen Perry running regularly, wind-surfing and kite boarding on the beach in front of the condo, and biking around the neighborhood among other actions that a supposedly –injured person should not be able to do.

 The source also confirmed that the investigators also talked to the manager of GetFitness, the gym that Perry belonged to, and that the manager confirmed that Perry often worked out there strenuously. Another source, who also did not want to be identified for fear of reprisal from Perry, said that he used to kite and wind-surf with Perry on the beach. He was also questioned by Social Security investigators and confirmed that Perry would often work out on the beach and did in fact wind and kite surf there. This source, when first approached in March with the info that Kelly Rothwell was missing, said instantly that he thought David Perry had killed Rothwell, citing the many times that he had seen Perry’s irrational and often violent behavior when the source and a friend would hang out with Rothwell and Perry.

“He would turn on a dime,” the source said. “One minute he was all charming and sweet; he would reach over and touch Kelly on the shoulder or something nice. But put a wet glass down on the table and he got instantly annoyed, really pissed, and he would jump up to get a towel to dry it off right away.”

 The source continued. “At dinner, he would do all the talking; Kelly rarely said anything, other than to agree with something he said. It was really weird. But if she’s missing, he did it. I’ve seen his rages first-hand. Once I told him, as a joke, that I did a criminal background check on him and he went ballistic. He started screaming and yelling at me; I thought he was gonna hit me. I was only kidding him. We never spoke again after that.”

Windsurfing or kite sailing is a water sport that combines elements of sailing and surfing. It consists of a board usually two to four feet long, powered by the effect of the wind on a sail. The rig is connected to the board by a free-rotating universal joint and comprises a mast, wishbone boom and sail. The sail area ranges from less than 3 feet to more than 12 feet, depending on the conditions, the skill of the sailor and the type of windsurfing being undertaken.

A kite- surfer or kite-boarder uses a board with or without foot-straps or bindings, combined with the power of a large controllable kite to propel the rider and the board across the water. Both of these sports require a tremendous amount of upper body strength and coordination, and should be extremely difficult to do if one was disabled or injured in the manner that Perry has claimed to be.

Meanwhile, Perry is living back in Elmira, New York and has been seen by many up there biking and jogging around town. When approached by a local TV crew after his Grand Jury indictment, Perry took off running and easily avoided the cameraman. The footage clearly shows Perry capable of running. He did not appear to limp or seemed to be in pain.
Perry, who was indicted by a Grand Jury in Broome County, New York earlier this winter on felony grand larceny and fraud charges, is currently out on bail. The charges stem from an alleged Work-Comp injury sustained while he was working as a prison guard at Elmira Correctional Facility, in which Perry claimed to have been injured in an inmate-related scuffle. Perry claimed to have injured his back and in October of 2003, was able to successfully obtained permanent disability benefits from both Social Security and the New York State Insurance Fund, which pays Workman’s Comp benefits.

It was recently revealed that he married Melissa Walker, an Army Specialist who is based at Tripler Army Hospital in Hawaii. In an inexplicable move, Judge Martin Smith of Broome County allowed Perry to go to Hawaii in late July for a month. It was then that Perry applied for a marriage license and appears to have married Walker in August of this year. Perry claims to have met Walker on Craig’s List after Kelly went missing, although people who frequent Perry’s Florida gym told authorities that two week PRIOR to Kelly’s disappearance, Perry cancelled his gym membership, telling everyone he was moving to Hawaii.

Perry’s action is at the least, suspect, at the most, actionable. He has refused to speak to police and is taunting Kelly’s friends, supporters and family on FaceBook pages that have been set up in support of Kelly. He has made “anonymous” comments to this blog, saying heinous things about Kelly that make absolutely no sense. He has ridiculed the efforts to find Kelly Rothwell yet was recently heard to say that Kelly “was the love of my life.” He has never looked for Kelly, nor helped nor volunteered any reason for her disappearance and his sudden flight to New York the day she went missing, March 12th.

In a recent break in the Florida case, a local news station reported that a witness came forward to say that she had seen Perry acting strangely at Eagle Park, hiding behind a tree when she tried to catch his eye. She recognized him from a recent story done on his marriage to Walker. The witness, who was walking her dog at the time, said that when she saw the recent news story, she remembered seeing him in the park, which is about 7 miles from the condo that Perry and Rothwell shared.  She remembered his odd behavior as he tried to hide behind the tree, thinking it was very strange.

Meanwhile, Kelly Rothwell is still missing….
Kelly Rothwell (back to photographer) watches Perry practice with the kite sail.
Perry was advised to learn to control the kite before trying to get on the surfboard with it. 

Perry and Kelly Rothwell on the beach in Indian Rocks Beach.
 Perry who was learning to kite surf, was told to practice with just the kite sail before getting up on the board.
Here he is holding the kite, which measures about 8-12 feet across.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

On the Road to Remember: C.U.E Center for Missing Persons Road Tour Visits Florida to Commemorate Missing Police Cadet Kelly Rothwell.

Executive Director and C.U.E. Center for Missing Persons Founder Monica Caison and several member of her search team visited the Courtney Campbell Causeway in Clearwater Thursday morning, stopping to commemorate missing police cadet Kelly Rothwell and bring awareness to her case as well as the many other missing cases throughout the United States. Rothwell has been missing from her Indian Rocks beach condo since March 12th, the same day she went to break up with her live-in boyfriend David Perry after having lunch with a friend. David Perry left Florida abruptly the same day of her disappearance and has refused to cooperate with law enforcement. He is currently under indictment for felony insurance fraud in New York.

 Perry has been described as controlling and over-possessive, prone to violent rages and is a documented domestic abuser. Rothwell, a St. Petersburg Police cadet was a month from graduation and was ready to start a new life as a law enforcement officer. She was said to have wanted to work in the domestic violence field.

Monica Caison first heard about the Rothwell case after being contacted by a friend of Kelly’s who suggested they call her after Kelly’s disappearance. She and her search team came to Florida, spending almost two weeks searching for Kelly, including a concentrated effort at the Courtney Campbell Causeway, where the Road Tour stopped Thursday morning.
 Caison has repeatedly said that she feels Kelly’s body is not too far from her home.
“I have always said that I think she is located somewhere close to here,” she indicated that the Causeway is a probable place. “I really feel that she is here somewhere between this area and Tampa. We will be coming back sometime in December after the weather has cooled off. We’ll bring the cadaver dogs and this time I think we’ll bring submersible or drop cameras to search the deeper waters around the area. Hopefully we can get a lot of people with kayaks or small boats to help with that.”
Caison and her On the Road to Remember Tour have been stopping in some of the many cities and towns where the missing have been reported.
“There are hundreds of people that go missing every day,” Caison said. “So many of them don’t get the press or media coverage that could really help with their recovery, especially in the first days they go missing. You’ll notice that the people that are found had a lot of attention from the media from the beginning which really helped. It can jog someone’s memory; maybe they saw something or someone suspicious. Any information like that can really be helpful. This tour is to bring awareness to those who haven’t gotten that much publicity, those cold cases that haven’t gotten the attention they deserve. We plan on traveling roughly 4,000 miles and make 20 pre-planned rally stops in seven states.
Members of Kelly Rothwell’s family are grateful to Monica Caison for her tireless efforts to help find their sister and daughter. Living in Maryland, Kelly’s younger sister Lauren, who works and goes to school full time, was studying for a nursing final for Friday and was unable to attend the rally stop for her sister. But she is so appreciative of everyone’s hard work in the search for Kelly.
“Some people think that just because we (my family) don’t attend the public vigils and couldn’t be there for Thursday’s event, that we are indifferent to all of this. Nothing could be further from the truth. At our house, we speak of Kelly every day; we have a memorial to Kelly in our dining room, with some of her rocks and candles we light every day for her. We mourn her every day and it’s sad to think that some people don’t think we’re being proactive enough with her case,” Lauren said.
She continued with a catch in her voice, “They just don’t understand that on the 12th of every month, it feels like we’re attending a funeral for my sister, over and over again. The pain is pretty unbearable to take and it’s very hard on my family when people say we aren’t doing enough. Trust me; we miss Kelly more than words can say. It just breaks our hearts and we want her back with us.”
Caison will continue her tour, moving on to Ft. Pierce and Jacksonville, Florida, then three stops in South Carolina before returning to their home base in Wilmington, North Carolina this Saturday, October 29th.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

David Perry Pleads NOT GUILTY in Work Comp, Insurance Fraud.

David Perry, the only suspect in St. Pete Florida Police Cadet and ex-girlfriend Kelly Rothwell’s missing persons/ presumed dead investigation has pleaded NOT GUILTY to two counts of insurance fraud /grand larceny. Perry made his appearance in a Broome County courtroom, and is still free on his original $25,000.00 bond, posted after his initial arrest in July. The Grand Jury indicted Perry last week on the charges that he obtained over $100,000.00, including Social Security Disability benefits for his claimed injuries. He was represented by Elmira attorney Tom  Reilly who argued the favorable outcome.

Perry is accused of lying about a work-related injury he said he sustained during an inmate fight at the Elmira Correctional Facility, where he worked as a Corrections Officer. Perry claimed to have been injured when wrestling an inmate to the ground, but eye witnesses who appeared before the Grand Jury last week dispute that.

According to WENY News, Perry current attorney, John Scanlon, had no comment.

Monday, October 17, 2011

David Perry, Suspect in Kelly Rothwell's Disappearance and Probable Homicide is Indicted on Grand Larceny Charges

David Perry, the only suspect in Kelly Rothwell's  disappearance and probable homicide has been indicted by a Broome County Grand Jury on Grand Larceny and Fraud charges. These charges stem from an Oct 2003 incident in which Perry claimed he was injured  at the Elmira Correctional facility  stemming from an inmate-related fight at the prison. As the news of a "RED DOT" came across the prison radio, Perry reportedly turned to his fellow CO's  (Corrections Officers) and said words to the effect: 'That's my ticket boys, I'm outta here and I won't be coming back."
Perry then retained Elmira lawyer Thomas Reilly,who represented him in a Work-Comp related claim against the State of New York Insurance Fund. He successfully defended Perry's claim and extended it to include Federal Social Security, which Perry also received and continues to do so as of this writing.
Perry, 47, who has been a suspect in his then-girlfriend Kelly Rothwell's disappearance in March, has continuously taunted and ridiculed family and supporters of Kelly Rothwell on Facebook since her disappearance, writing heinous and horrendous things about Kelly, her family and her friends. Perry even went  so far as to accuse Kelly's friend Donna Scharrett of harming her,  a charge that is both false and unimaginable
Now Perry has a new girlfriend, Melissa Walker, who is an Army Specialist at Tripler Army Medical Center in Hawaii. Walker,who is in psychiatry, has apparently been warned about Perry's past, which includes multiple domestic violence and  abuse issues and has decided to ignore the warnings from local Florida law enforcement.
What is very strange is that Perry, who met Walker on a Craig''s List ad, seems to have overlapped his women;  it seems that Perry was already involved with Walker when Kelly Rothwell drove home from lunch with her girlfriend Donna Scharrett to break up with Perry. Two weeks before Kelly drove home to her Indian Rocks Beach condo for the last time, Perry had already told people at his gym that he was "moving to Hawaii"....Rothwell was just getting ready to graduate from the St. Pete Police Academy and had NO plans to move anywhere. In fact, she had two local interviews lined up with police departments the week after she went "missing."
Could this be a motive for Perry to  murder  Kelly Rothwell? Could jealousy  have been the motive? Did Perry sense that Kelly was ready to move on from him, that she was tired of his constant stalking, controlling behavior? Could Melissa Walker be the key? Did she tell him that it was either her or Kelly? What does she know?
Or did David Perry just not want to take NO for an answer? A bully, used to getting his own way, striking down anyone who got in his way, Perry has a known history of violence, O.C.D. and narcissism.

Now Perry at least has to face a jury about his fake claims of injuries, injuries he says he sustained  during an inmate violence related incident in 2003.  But Perry has been seen, indeed PHOTOGRAPHED enjoying kite sailing kayaking, biking and hiking, ALL  activities that should be prohibitive with his type of claimed injuries.

Said Kelly's mother Nancy Rothwell of David Perry's indictment, " At least he'll pay for some of the many things he's done wrong, including hurting my beautiful daughter. He's done so many other things wrong to so many people that it's time he pays for at least some of them. If we never find Kelly, at least we know that he'll pay for some of the hurt he's caused in this world."
Who knows where this will lead. One thing is for certain.
Kelly Rothwell is STILL missing and her family needs justice. They need to bring their daughter and sister home.

What to Expect from A Grand Jury Indictment

If the Grand Jury last Thursday voted to indict David Perry on fraud and Grand Larceny 
charges, there will be procedures that will be followed. A lot of people are asking what's next so here is some information about the procedures that will be followed:
Most people know what happens during a criminal trial, but very few understand what happens during grand jury indictment proceedings. The purpose of a grand jury is to decide whether or not to indict a suspect for the charges that the prosecution wants to bring.
Grand juries are "secret" proceedings during which witnesses can give testimony without the presence of the suspect or his defense attorney. It is more informal than a trial, and witnesses are allowed to tell "stories" or give long explanations rather than simply answering the prosecutor's questions.
First, the prosecutor will give an opening statement to the grand jury and give reasons why he or she feels there is sufficient evidence to indict. The grand jury will be given a "bill", which details the charges against the suspect, and will explain any extenuating circumstances that give him or her reason to request an indictment.
Usually, prosecutors present only the minimum amount of evidence to secure an indictment. Since the defense attorney will have access to the grand jury transcript after an indictment has been returned, the prosecutor will not want to show his or her "full hand" until a trial date has been set. In most cases, evidence presented before a grand jury consists of testimony from witnesses and, in some cases, expert witnesses.
Before the grand jury indictment proceedings begin, the prosecutor will have notified all witnesses who must appear. Witnesses who fear that they might be under investigation have the right to refuse any questions the prosecutor asks. However, most prosecutors are smart enough to call only witnesses who can truly help their cause for indictment.
Although the suspect and his or her defense attorney will not be present while the prosecutor delivers evidence, he or she can claim the right to testify in front of the grand jury. This is usually not favorable for the defense, but if they believe that the suspect can inspire sympathy from the grand jury, they may decide that it is a viable option.
The suspect will give his or her account of what happened leading up to the crime, and will give reasons why he or she should not be indicted. The defense attorney is not allowed in the grand jury during this testimony, but the suspect can leave the grand jury room at any time to request the counsel of an attorney. Once the testimony has been given, the prosecutor can cross-examine the suspect to try and refute his or her statements.
The grand jury is given as much time as they need to indict, and when they have concluded their discussion, they will return a "true bill" or a "no-bill". A true bill means that the grand jury has recommended indictment, while a no-bill means that they do not feel that there is sufficient evidence to indict.  (Reprinted with credit to Steve Thompson, Associated Content/Yahoo)

In the United States, a federal indictment is written statement formally accusing a person of a crime. This is usually handed down by a grand jury after they have reviewed evidence and decided that there is sufficient to try a person for the crime. After a federal indictment, the accused person is arrested and detained, unless he can pay his set bail. He will then plead not guilty or guilty. In the case of a not guilty plea, the case will usually proceed to trial.
After a federal indictment, if an accused person has not already been detained, law enforcement officials will attempt to locate and arrest him. In many cases, an arrest warrant will be issued. This is a document officially stating that police officers can and will arrest him. When the accused has been arrested, he may then go before a judge for a bail hearing.
During the bail hearing, a judge will look at the details of the case and determine whether the accused is a serious flight risk. In cases involving particularly violent crimes or repeat offenders, the accused may be denied bail. Other times, the judge will set an amount that the accused must pay to get out of jail, known as a bail amount.
The next step after a federal indictment and bail hearing is usually a preliminary hearing known as an arraignment, or a post federal indictment arraignment. This is a short hearing in which the defendant is formally read the details concerning the crimes of which he is accused. He is then given a chance to plead guilty or not guilty.
A person may choose to plead guilty because of an overwhelming amount of evidence against him. Sometimes, federal prosecutors may also offer him a plea bargain, or plea agreement. With a plea agreement, prosecutors typically offer to charge the defendant with a lesser crime or impose a lighter sentence in exchange for him pleading guilty.
Defendants who choose to plead not guilty will typically go through a criminal trial. During this trial, prosecutors will present the evidence against the defendant, including any eyewitness and forensic evidence. A defendant's attorneys will also be allowed to state their case, presenting evidence in defense of the accused.

When both parties have presented all of their evidence, a jury will then deliberate before making a decision whether the defendant is guilty. If found guilty, a judge will then decide on a sentence. This can include stiff fines, along with incarceration. Defendants who have been found not guilty are free to leave.

Reprinted with credit to:
Written By: Christina Edwards     
Edited By: W. Everett   from Wise Geek ©

Monday, October 3, 2011

Forty Three Sign Federal Affidavits in Perry Fraud Case

 It has been reported today that forty three former and current Correctional Officers from Elmira Correctional Facility, in Elmira, New York have signed federal affidavits to the Division of Social Security. They are attesting that David Perry, the named suspect in then-girlfriend Kelly Rothwell’s disappearance and probable homicide, did willfully defraud the Federal Government when he made an alleged false Workman’s Comp injury claim in October of 2003. Perry is scheduled to face a Grand Jury in Broome County New York on October 13 at 12:45 P.M. to answer allegations at the state level.
There has been no word yet on when possible Federal charges could be levied against Perry for Social Security fraud. However, it can be assumed that if the Broome County Grand Jury comes back with an indictment, a Federal charge could not be far behind.
Perry has been writing on both his Facebook page and a blog, using my name to post the following post. Please be assured that I did NOT write this; David Perry has been pretending to be me, writing that I am his advocate. He started several Facebook pages using my name to spread lies and innuendo. Below is the actual text with noted spelling mistakes..

·         Leigh Clifton
you are getting excited about nothing. Of course the grand jury will find cause. They always do. thats not a reason to celebrate. i repeat the grand jury will find cause. the real triumph will come when the deal or no deal is made. no one cares about the grand juries thumbs up to proceed. you guys got to better read and understand the basics. will david be found guilty of fraud? I dont think he wi...ll. will he be sent to prison for 15 years . no of course not my best guess if a deal is made or he is found guilty 12 months with restitution . thats all.
its best he put this behind him so he can move to hawaii and start his new life with his lovely girlfriend. we are all very excited for him to get past this. its a speed bump thats well over due wish him luck. Sincerely Leigh

As you can clearly see, this, as well as many other statements purportedly made by me, was in fact written by him.

On October 13th, the Grand Jury of Broome County New York will hear evidence against David Perry for two counts of Felony Grand Larceny and Insurance Fraud.

Meanwhile, Kelly Rothwell is still missing…….

Saturday, October 1, 2011

David Perry to Face Broome County Grand Jury for Fraud, Grand Larceny Charges

David Perry, the named suspect in the case of missing and presumed dead Police Cadet Kelly Rothwell, of Indian Rocks Beach Florida will face a Grand Jury in Broome County, New York on Thursday, October 13th at 12:45 on charges of Felony Grand Larceny and Insurance Fraud. The charges stem from a Workman's Comp case in October of 2003, in which Perry alleges that he injured himself in an inmate -related incident at the Elmira Correctional Facility in Chemung County, New York, where he worked as a Correctional Officer.   

Several retired and current Correctional Officers have come forward about Perry’s supposed injuries after a review of Perry’s initial documenting of the incident did not jive with officers who were on the actual scene of the prison incident Perry alleges occurred. Also, several officers have heard Perry brag about the amount of money he was able to obtain from both the New York State Insurance Fund as well as Social Security Disability from the U.S.  Perry turned up in New York in March the same week his girlfriend Kelly Rothwell went missing after going home from a lunch date to break up with him. Perry has been totally uncooperative with Pinellas County Sheriff’s, and refused to give his where-abouts the night Kelly went missing and has since eluded the police and any efforts to help find the missing woman. Perry, who has documented incidents of domestic abuse of both his ex-wife and his three children, son Davey, and two daughters Britney and Brandi, was apparently abusive to Kelly Rothwell as well, controlling her bank accounts, computer access and cell phone.

Perry, 47, met Rothwell when he vacationed in Florida shortly after he successfully attained the disability claim against Work Comp, and moved in to her condo within a month of their meeting at a Sweet Tomatoes Restaurant. Rothwell, in Human Resources for the hotel industry, was described as a kind, trusting woman who only saw the good in everyone. This trait, some of her friends felt, blinded her judgment when it came to Perry, who has been described as manipulative, obsessive, controlling and dangerous.

In May, Perry was arrested on Felony Grand Larceny charges, served five days in jail, and then bonded out, using his home on 1708 W. Church Street in Elmira, New York as collateral. He was officially named a suspect in Kelly Rothwell’s “disappearance” on June14th. He is now reportedly engaged to Melissa Walker, an Army Specialist in Psychiatry at Tripler Medical Army Base in Hawaii who he met on Craig’s List within a month of Kelly Rothwell’s disappearance.  Perry spent a month with Walker in late July/mid August.

Kelly Rothwell has been missing since March 12th of this year and has never been found. Her cell phone, still in Perry’s name, still remains an active number. Perry and his “supporters” have been taunting the Rothwell family and friends on Facebook with claims that “Kelly will never be found”.

But in two weeks, David Perry will face a Grand Jury on felonies that, if convicted, could land him in jail for at least 15 years.

Kelly Rothwell’s mother, Nancy, said this tonight;” I thank God that at last there might be some sort of justice for Kelly’s murder. I think David Perry knows what happened to my daughter and I hold him responsible for it. But only God can judge what will be his fate.  If he is in jail for this other crime, then at least he will be off the streets so he can’t hurt anyone else.”

Meanwhile, for almost seven months, Kelly Rothwell has been missing…. And her friends will never give up looking for her and trying to bring her murderer to justice.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Orange Skies of September 12th...

As the sun set Monday night, September 12th, the sky took on the most exquisite color of deep orange, pink and purple hues that melted into the horizon line. The colors were so intense and as the wind picked up, a hint of fall blew by the water’s edge. The orange sky was the kind of color that Kelly Rothwell loved best, only she wasn’t there to see it. The people who stood on the beach Monday night were the friends and supporters of Kelly Rothwell, there to speak for her when she could not.

 Because she’s missing….

 Missing the full Moon rising above the roof behind the condo she lived and most likely died in March 12th, the day she went missing.  Missing six months of sunrises and sunsets, moonlight and stars sparkling on the water as the waves wash onto the shore.

Monday was six months gone, six months of fun with friends, parties with family, and birthdays missed. Six long months while the suspect in her disappearance is still taunting her family, friends and supporters with disgusting, base comments about Kelly. The lone suspect in the case, David Perry, has been enjoying a life of tormenting Kelly’s supporters in a narcissistic attempt to reign in the attention back to him.
He has started a campaign of character assassinations which are laughable at best, despicable at the least.
But no one is listening , no one cares about his meager, paltry verbal attacks; using other people’s names to castigate Kelly’s friends, who search for her in every face, hoping to find her and bring her home. Perry has taken to perpetrating an attack on Kelly’s character; he must be so low to do that to the woman whom everyone believes he killed that Saturday night, March 12th, right before he left suddenly for New York. 

The sky tonight was a glorious color orange Kelly… you should have been here to see it and many others too. But someone cruelly took your life and now jokes about it.
Perhaps you saw the sky tonight from wherever you are… the Angels made the color just for you~~~

Saturday, September 10, 2011

What Does Davey Perry Know about Kelly Rothwell's Disappearance and (probable) Death and WHY Would His Father Put Him Through This Anguish?

FB conversation between Lindsay Rothwell and Davey Perry… April 3rd
Lindsay Rothwell April 3 at 2:42am
Hello this is Kelly sister I don't blame anyone but if you could plz ask your dad to talk atleast to help fond her weather he did something or not what if this was your sister my mom won't even get out of he'd plz I know this is hard for you just as it is for you
Dave Perry April 3 at 4:27am Report
Lindsay I'm glad you contacted me. I have talked to him many times and tell him to sit down and talk to the police. I really wish he would I'm so lost and feel like I've lost everything. I love Kelly so much alls I think about is Kelly I want her here to tell me this nightmare isn't real. I'm so sorry for you and your family I'm lost and I want you to know Kelly was the most amazing women I've ever had met, I love her so much. I wish he would just talk. 
Lindsay Rothwell April 4 at 4:26am
im really glad you have something good to say cuz patrick has nothing nice to say from what i see talk to your dad please i know this is hard for you and i am sorry. if you know anything please talk... it would be horriable for you to do that to your dad but its the right thing to do.. this is somebody life, body, my sister and i know my sister and its not like her just to go missing like this and NOT tell anyone 
Dave Perry April 4 at 4:38am Report
I don't know who Patrick is? I speak to the police almost everyday, I have nothing to hide. I love Kelly, I would never keep anything secret. My family's torn as your is, I can't cope with the idea that this is real. He won't tell me anything I've tried I really have. I'm all alone out here in Florida, my father and Kelly got me to come put here three years ago.
I didn't even know they were advising till the news. Alls I do is get harrassed and reminded of what the situation is every morning I don't know what to do. 
Dave Perry April 4 at 4:47am Report
I'm sorry 
Lindsay Rothwell April 4 at 4:47am
oh my im sorry i know that this has got to hard for you just as it is for me its not fair for you to be harrassed but i also can kinda understand this is a very seriouse thing your dad is putting you through and media and the police i really feel for you and Patrick is your uncle thats what i see hear idk 
Lindsay Rothwell April 4 at 4:50am
i didnt know that much about your dads family but im not trying to be rude but the few times i met your dad he was very off to me and ocd and quick to anger
like stricted sorry 
Dave Perry April 4 at 4:51am Report
I just want her back 
Lindsay Rothwell April 4 at 4:55am
So do i thats what everybody wants
But keep trying to talk to your dad please
everyday if you have to
remember if he did do something to her he did it not you 
Dave Perry April 4 at 4:57am Report
I know I wish he would tell the truth 
Lindsay Rothwell April 4 at 5:01am
If you dont feel comfortable to answer this that's ok i understand but what do you think happened? 
Lindsay Rothwell April 4 at 5:02am
i wanna know your honest opion it will stay between us I promis 
Dave Perry April 4 at 5:03am Report
I think what we all think 
Lindsay Rothwell April 4 at 5:04am
and whats that ? 
Dave Perry April 4 at 5:09am Report
I play it through my head all the time and feel like maybe they were argueing and something happened it got physical and she hit her head or something. This makes me sick talking about this. 
Lindsay Rothwell April 4 at 5:11am
What happen to your mother couldnt you go back up there to live if your all alone ? you seem young and i feel for you your in a bad sisustion everyday 
Dave Perry April 4 at 5:13am Report
I don't speak to my mother 
Lindsay Rothwell April 4 at 5:15am
Dave Perry April 4 at 5:15am Report

Friday, September 9, 2011

Six Months Missing and Still No Arrest in the Kelly Rothwell Missing Cadet Case

Six long months have gone by and Pinellas County Law Enforcement still has not made an arrest in the Kelly Rothwell missing cadet case. Kelly has been missing since March 12th, 2011 and is presumed dead. She went home from a lunch date with friend Donna Scharrett to break up with her then-boyfriend David Perry and was never heard from again. It seems that the case is at a standstill and one wonders where are all the law enforcement graduates are that Kelly, a cadet at the St. Petersburg Police Academy had gone to the Academy with. Don’t they care about one of “their own?” Have any of them helped in the search for Kelly?
There have been no organized searches, no cadaver dogs offered from the Academy personnel to search for Kelly Rothwell. The only people searching for her, it seems, are her friends and the C.U.E. Center for Missing Persons, run by Monica Caison, who spent over a week in Florida searching for Kelly at the request of the Rothwell family. The C.U.E . Center searchers will be coming back to Florida , hopefully next month. Caison has received very little cooperation from the Pinellas County Sherriff’s Office who is handling the investigation. On her last visit, there were items that the searchers found; possible evidence that they may have belonged to Kelly, found at the water’s edge by the Courtney Campbell Causeway. The Causeway is one possible route that David Perry, Kelly’s then- boyfriend, may have traveled as he left Florida abruptly for New York the same day Kelly went missing. The police were called, and a water search was conducted around the area where the items were found. There was some evidence that the items could have been Kelly’s. But then the police LEFT the items there, for some unknown reason, sitting on the rocks that make up the bulkhead of the shoreline. They did not bag and tag the items, except for a makeshift wooden item they found stuck in a tree that was directly in front of the area where some if the items had washed ashore with the tide. When I visited the area three days later the items were gone. An antique VW orange and white bus with antique blue Florida tags  was sitting at the exact spot marked by police and two young scruffy guys were picking things up … it looked liked the items the police had left.  They had a skull in the back of the bus, sitting on a black box. They insisted that it was old and not something newly found. They acted very suspiciously and left abruptly when approached. Could they have been friends of Davey Perry, Perry’s son? They looked to be his age. Did Perry have his son, who lives in Clearwater,call them to take the items the police left?

On June 14th, earlier this year, David Perry was finally (and RIGHTLY most people feel) named a suspect in Kelly’s “disappearance.” But there the invest has stood since then. No new leads have been made public; there have been NO searches or divers in the water especially in the area around the bridge that spans the Causeway where Kelly’s things may have been found. Why haven’t there been more searches? Where are Kelly’s fellow cadets, where is the outrage that law enforcement SHOULD feel about one of their own being harmed or worse? Why hasn’t Perry’s son Davey Perry been questioned more thoroughly? It’s widely believed that he knows something. Why haven’t the detectives at least checked out some leads that were given to them about areas that could be searched based on knowledge of where Kelly and Perry used to visit?

Kelly’s family members have been kept in the dark; the Pinellas County detectives have not bothered to update them in months. When Kelly’s mother Nancy came to Florida in May, she had to go TO the Sherriff’s office and INSIST on speaking to someone on the case. Kelly's sister Lauren said that Det. Amy Plourde called her this week to update the family; it was the first time any of the Rothwell's have spoken to Law Enforcement since May, according to Lauren.
What is going on here? How can it be that Perry can get away with what he has been doing… taunting the family and friends of Kelly on Facebook, saying vile and disgusting things like;

 “Maybe because David is such a handsome man, maybe Kelly committed suicide because she couldn’t be with him” …. Really?
Or how about.. “Hope the dogs from CUE can sniff through water..lmao”…
Or how about this gem: “Fuk Kelly, Fuk her friends and family and Fuk you” (that’s how it was spelled)
Or this: “Kelly was a crack whore who liked black men”.. REALLY? Are you kidding me?
Perry has been sending comments to this blog that I will not publish; they are incredibly contemptible and abusive to Kelly, her family and her supporters. He has created multiple Facebook pages, including copying and pasting MY copyrighted material to his page, which is illegal, of course. He has created multiple “Kelly Rothwell” Facebook pages, so that people interested in her case will have to sift through anywhere from 8-25 different pages,, all with no information, just Kelly’s name. He has used names like Freddy Fudpucker and Betty Hogglesnort to send disgusting comments to the pages that are dedicated to bringing Kelly home, forums where her friends and loved ones can vent and speak of her. He has sent threats to various people and actually called an employer of one of Kelly’s friends. He has posted the name of the school that a child of one of Kelly’s supporters goes to; a not so subtle threat. He has sent viruses via Facebook pages and regular email to Kelly’s supporters. He has desecrated Kelly’s memory and is now engaged to another woman, Melissa Walker, an Army specialist in PSYCHIATRY of all things, and it seems that they will marry. He has skirted around felony Grand Larceny fraud charges, even with AMPLE evidence that he did in fact commit that fraud. People have come forward, good honest people, to corroborate those facts. And STILL the A.D.A. of Broome County, Sandra Cardone, has YET to call a Grand Jury to indict Perry on the charges. She says that his lawyer is “trying to decide if Perry will testify or not” at a Grand Jury hearing. It is a classic stall tactic; no lawyer in his right mind would let their client testify. John Scanlon, Perry’s attorney, is just buying Perry time to get out of New York, sell his house and move to Hawaii where it will be difficult and expensive to bring him back to face charges.

 He is currently out on bail and seems to be making plans to get away with murder. He has posted on his Facebook page strange songs and videos, as if he is leaving clues to what he did to Kelly. He seems to think he is much smarter than everyone else and enjoys the game of cat and mouse with his postings and taunting.

How can he be allowed to get away with all this? How can it be that Pinellas County can’t just haul him back to Florida and question him? Everyone seems to be asking these questions yet the detectives have no answers.
One thing is for sure.. David Perry is a KNOWN domestic abuser who will stop at nothing to hurt someone. He is ruthless, soulless and dangerous. He has put guns to people’s heads and abused and tormented his children and his ex wife, as well as several ex girlfriends. He is a danger to those around him, an unpredictable, manic, obsessive/compulsive who thinks he is much smarter than everyone else.
But it is that arrogance that will trip him up. It is his egotism and overconfidence that will be his downfall.

Let’s just hope it’s sooner rather than later.

Because someone saw something or heard something…someone knows where Kelly Rothwell is and where to find her….. and that person could be David Perry…

Meanwhile, Kelly is still missing…. Six months now..
Too long, people, too long…

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Broome County D.A. Mum on Perry Grand Jury Convening and Possible Federal Charges Pending

Broome County D.A. Sandra Cardone said earlier this week that she has yet to convene a Grand Jury in the felony fraud case against David Perry, the Elmira man who is also listed as a suspect in the case of missing police cadet Kelly Rothwell of Indian Rocks Beach, Florida. Rothwell, 35, went missing after returning home from lunch with a friend to break up with Perry, who has a history of prior domestic abuse. Perry, who was Rothwell’s live-in boyfriend of almost three years, has been characterized as “overbearing, abusive and possessive” by Rothwell to her friend Donna Scharrett, who witnessed firsthand some of Perry’s abuse and jealous rages. Rothwell, who was set to graduate from the St. Pete Police Academy in April of 2011, went missing March 12th, 2011, the same day she went home to break up with Perry. She has not been heard from or seen since. Perry abruptly left Florida that same day for Elmira New York, where he has a home and still maintains residency.

Now Perry has a new girlfriend, Melissa Maris Walker, an Army Specialist at Tripler Army Medical Center, in Honolulu, Hawaii where she was recently stationed after leaving Las Vegas. She is a member of the Nevada National Guard, having joined in 2009. She is in psychiatry at the hospital. Perry, who is out on bail stemming from the Workman’s Comp fraud case was recently allowed to visit Walker in Hawaii. Originally, one of the conditions of his bail was that he not leave the State of New York. But Perry and his attorney, John Scanlon, appeared before Judge Martin Smith, of the Broome County 6th Judicial Court, and requested permission to visit Walker in Hawaii for approximately one month. Judge Smith granted the request, a move that surprised the Broome County D.A.’s office, Florida Law Enforcement, the press and many of Kelly Rothwell’s family and supporters, who consider Perry a dangerous man capable of more violence. Perry is listed as a suspect in Kelly Rothwell’s disappearance and probable homicide.

Perry went to Hawaii sometime in July and it is now rumored that he may have applied for a marriage license for Walker and himself. Walker was approached by her superior officers and questioned as to her involvement with Perry. The question was raised as to whether her conduct in engaging in contact with a suspect in a criminal activity and who is out on bail for two counts of Felony Grand Larceny and Insurance Fraud would constitute a breach of Army protocol. According to Army regulations, there are no consequences that Walker’s involvement with Perry would preclude her from her duties as an Army soldier. According to a JAG military lawyer, soldiers are not punished in a criminal sense for the actions of their significant others. However, it could be taken into consideration when that soldier is renewing her clearance. If there is any proof of conspiracy, assistance or anything of that nature, then possible criminal charges could be filed against the soldier.

According to Cardone, she is waiting to hear from Perry’s attorney as to whether he may choose to testify at the Grand Jury and also if there are possible Federal charges to be filed against Perry for Social Security fraud as well. Perry receives Social Security disability benefits monthly, in addition to his Work Comp benefits. However, Cardone seems confident that eventually there will be justice served.

“The time that David Perry spent in Hawaii will not be charged against us (D.A.’s office). We normally have 6 months to convene the Grand Jury, but his time away will not count toward that. Obviously, the more time we have to work on this case, the stronger the case can be,” A.D.A. Cardone said. “Perry’s lawyer said that Perry might testify at the Grand Jury, so I suppose they are working on their case. Perry’s lawyer intimated that they might be waiting to see if Federal charges are pending as well. The next few months could certainly bring about some interesting developments.”

In a Grand Jury appearance, the attorney is not permitted to be present and most attorneys would advise the defendant not to testify. Everything a defendant says can be used against them. A Grand Jury is simply there for the prosecutor to make his or her case against the defendant and it is not a determination of guilt or innocence. All they need is probable cause to indict and nothing the defendant says will assist in keeping them from their goal. Most Grand Juries do what the prosecutor asks and issues an indictment.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New "Bring Kelly Rothwell Home" Facebook Page a Scam.. Beware~

It was brought to our attention today that there is a "new" Facebook page with the listing "Bring Kelly Rothwell Home". There is no profile photo and there are only 2 "likes" on it. Please be aware that this is, in all probability, a page created by either David Perry and/or his brother Patrick. They are both probable admins on Perry's other FB page and may have created the new page in an attempt to divert attention AWAY from the real page and also possibly to embed a virus on your computer if you click on it. There are also several blank profiles newly made on Facebook in the name of Kelly Rothwell; these also have no profile photos and have also probably been created by them as well, as a diversion measure when anyone wants to look for information on Kelly's ongoing case.
Once again it is a sad attempt to control a situation that Perry, who has extreme O.C.D. and manipulation issues, has no control over.The fact that he is SO adamant about thwarting ANY efforts to help find Kelly only further reveal his complete and utter disregard for human life. He has made no attempt at either discussing Kelly's "disappearance" or his involvement and has moved on to another person. Could Melissa Walker be his next victim? Time will tell...
 Meanwhile, Justice is coming for Kelly Rothwell and for the person who harmed her.
Trust me....

Friday, August 19, 2011

David and Patrick Perry's Theft of Copyrighted Material

It was brought to my attention today that my blog posts are being reproduced in their entirety without my permission by David and Patrick Perry on a similar blog.
According to renowned First Amendment Rights attorney Patricia Anderson, of Anderson and Brodersen, ALL material I have written is copyrighted , not only as a common law copyright, but I have an embedded copyright in any and  all of my written and photographic material.
Any reproduction is expressly forbidden by law and prosecuteable. I have no problem with filing a charge of copyright infringement and Perry would do well to call his attorney on this matter. Even "Suck a Rock" Tom Reilly should know THAT much about the law and copyright infringement.

I have also informed Google, which is the facilitator of Blogspot, and any reproduction of copyrighted material without express consent of the maker is a violation of Google's policies and is actionable.

It seems that this is the only way David Perry and his brother Patrick are able to "protest" Perry's innocence and their are using an illegal way to do it. No one reads Patrick's innocent page that he and his brother created to facilitate their lies and castigate the Rothwell family and Kelly Rothwell's memory. The Perrys further insult and denigrate any efforts to locate Kelly Rothwell's body and have posted despicable replies to my blog posts that only only point to Perry's guilt , not  his 'innocence."

Go figure... a Perry, doing something illegal. What are the odds?

The facts are indisputable that David Perry IS a suspect in the disappearance of Kelly Rothwell.
It is a FACT that David Perry physically, mentally and emotionally abused  not only his ex-wife Luana but their three children.
It is a FACT that David Perry stalked, followed and abused Kelly Rothwell during their 3+year relationship.
It is a FACT that he refuses to help in any way  in solving the mystery of Kelly's "disappearance."
It is a FACT that comments sent to my blog were so derogatory and vile, they could not be printed.

I would suggest to the Perrys et al that they find their OWN material to write about and let people comment on THAT. It seems they just aren't creative enough or have enough knowledge, education or guts to do that. ©  Now THAT'S a copyright symbol, which is NOT only noticeable and actionable if this is reprinted without my permission... My common law copyright is also applicable.
© Leigh Clifton  2011
One last thing: Google terms of service:11. Content license from you
11.1 You retain copyright and any other rights you already hold in Content which you submit, post or display on or through, the Services.


David Perry mug shot