Kelly Rothwell

Kelly Rothwell
Much Loved Sister, Daughter, Friend

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Last night, April 24th at 10:01 pm, an alert came out that David Perry was arrested for violation of parole. Apparently Perry was picked up at his home at 1708 Church Street in Elmira, NY as his car is still sitting in his driveway.
It couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy...  oh wait.. yes it could...

For months, David Perry has been giving the law the middle finger, violating his parole by constantly leaving the city limits and going to not only the gym at the YMCA in Corning, but ALL over Horseheads and the surrounding areas.. areas where he isn't supposed to be visiting, according to the terms of his parole. He was even  hear that he was working at Hobby Lobby, unloading trucks.. kinda hard to do, wouldn't you say, with his badly injured back and all... His parole officer must have been blind or else was looking the other way..regardless, SOMEONE finally paid attention and Perry's little freedom sprint has hopefully come to an end.

Perry still has 3 1/2 years on his sentence for fraud and grand larceny. With this parole violation, it is still a bit unclear whether he will go directly back to Clinton in Dannemore, NY for the violation or just get more parole time added. NY judges are notorious for declining to put a parole violator back in the system and Perry's judges have been notoriously lenient before ..(remember Perry being allowed to go to HAWAII WHILE awaiting trial on fraud charges?) One can only hope that he goes back to jail and stays there for the remainder of his sentence. Right now he sits in CCJ, Chemung County Jail. It seems now in all likelihood that he will be returned to Clinton to finish out his sentence in jail up there

Apparently at intake, Perry had to give urine and blood samples. It would stand to reason that if he had blood tests, it would show the presence of  narcotics in his system, which the parole officer, Eric Winkie would  let go because they were prescribed by doctors. Because he is getting disability from Social Security for a supposed back injury, he has been prescribed those narcotics for the pain. However, according to his ex- wife Luana, Perry didn't take the pills but instead used to stockpile his drugs.. Luana said that he just kept getting the drugs for free and keeping them, instead of taking them.

" He was never really injured in the fight at the prison,"  Luana told me several years ago in an interview. "He just kept getting the pain meds from his doctors to make his claim look real. He used to keep the bottles of pain meds all over the house. He would only take them when he knew he had to give a urine sample, so he could get more."

If Perry DIDN'T have any opioids, you know, the PAIN MEDS he took "everyday " to manage his pain, could that show that he was lying about all of it?  Who knows.. I hope they explore that angle.. it needs to be looked at.

Sources tell me that the arrest took place with the cooperation of the West Elmira Police Department. Usually when the police are involved in addition to the parole officers, thats usually something a LITTLE  more  serious than a jaunt to the Y in Corning as a violation.

As of now, I have no information if his home was searched for any evidence of the stockpiled drugs, but I hope they did.  Perry has been running his own show for FAR too long. He has lied and hurt SO many people, he SHOULD be back in prison , where he belongs.

 I spoke with Nancy Rothwell, Kelly's mother earlier today and told her about Perry being back in jail and asked her how she felt about it.

"I believe that him being back in jail is exactly where he is supposed to be, " she said. "He is an evil person and he will NEVER reform or follow the rules if he's let out. This (jail time) may not be what we're hoping for, but any day in jail is a small amount of justice for Kelly. In my heart," she said,
"I know that one day there will be justice for Kelly, I truly believe that... it WILL happen. For now, this will have to do."

I called Kelly's father Tom. He, too, is a grieving parent. Tom doesn't give any press interviews at all, but he gave me one two years ago, I thought I owed him to tell him about Perry being back in jail.
Tom doesn't pull any punches.

"Good," he said about Perry's arrest. "He belongs in the grave."

I will be updating this post as new info comes in. Please keep Kelly Rothwell and her family in your heart. They deserve justice for Kelly.

Meanwhile Kelly Rothwell is STILL missing. She needs justice. Let's get her some...

Link to Unfound Podcast on Kelly's Case.. My interview with Unfound producer Ed Dentzel

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  1. We need justice for Kelly...
    That would trump the fraud charges...and keep him forever.

  2. What about the Karams?

  3. A scumbag that has gotten over on the system for years... Hope he goes back to Clinton to serve out the remainder of his time while they end up solving what happened to Kelly. In the mean time hope he becomes the prison bitch he has always been!



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