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Kelly Rothwell
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Friday, August 19, 2011

David and Patrick Perry's Theft of Copyrighted Material

It was brought to my attention today that my blog posts are being reproduced in their entirety without my permission by David and Patrick Perry on a similar blog.
According to renowned First Amendment Rights attorney Patricia Anderson, of Anderson and Brodersen, ALL material I have written is copyrighted , not only as a common law copyright, but I have an embedded copyright in any and  all of my written and photographic material.
Any reproduction is expressly forbidden by law and prosecuteable. I have no problem with filing a charge of copyright infringement and Perry would do well to call his attorney on this matter. Even "Suck a Rock" Tom Reilly should know THAT much about the law and copyright infringement.

I have also informed Google, which is the facilitator of Blogspot, and any reproduction of copyrighted material without express consent of the maker is a violation of Google's policies and is actionable.

It seems that this is the only way David Perry and his brother Patrick are able to "protest" Perry's innocence and their are using an illegal way to do it. No one reads Patrick's innocent page that he and his brother created to facilitate their lies and castigate the Rothwell family and Kelly Rothwell's memory. The Perrys further insult and denigrate any efforts to locate Kelly Rothwell's body and have posted despicable replies to my blog posts that only only point to Perry's guilt , not  his 'innocence."

Go figure... a Perry, doing something illegal. What are the odds?

The facts are indisputable that David Perry IS a suspect in the disappearance of Kelly Rothwell.
It is a FACT that David Perry physically, mentally and emotionally abused  not only his ex-wife Luana but their three children.
It is a FACT that David Perry stalked, followed and abused Kelly Rothwell during their 3+year relationship.
It is a FACT that he refuses to help in any way  in solving the mystery of Kelly's "disappearance."
It is a FACT that comments sent to my blog were so derogatory and vile, they could not be printed.

I would suggest to the Perrys et al that they find their OWN material to write about and let people comment on THAT. It seems they just aren't creative enough or have enough knowledge, education or guts to do that. ©  Now THAT'S a copyright symbol, which is NOT only noticeable and actionable if this is reprinted without my permission... My common law copyright is also applicable.
© Leigh Clifton  2011
One last thing: Google terms of service:11. Content license from you
11.1 You retain copyright and any other rights you already hold in Content which you submit, post or display on or through, the Services.

Army Medical Base Commander in Hawaii to Speak to Melissa Walker about Her Involvement with David Perry.

 Specialist Melissa Walker may soon have a sit-down with her superiors about her relationship with David Perry.
Sgt. Major Sloan, of the Tripler Medical Center in Hawaii where Melissa Walker works said via phone interview that he intended to speak to Walker about her involvement with Perry after learning that Perry is a suspect in the disappearance of Kelly Rothwell in Florida and has also been charged with two counts of Felony Grand Larceny in a Work-Comp claim from October of 2003 in New York. The two cases are unrelated.

Perry has shown a distinct pattern of abuse with the women in his life; physically and verbally abusing his ex-wife and their three children,often threatening  that he would kill the children to make his ex-wife suffer. He was controlling and manipulative of Kelly Rothwell, his then-girlfriend in Florida, following her, monitoring her phone calls and hacking her computer. He was overly possessive, jealous and had a violent temper. Rothwell went missing March 12, of this year, after going home to break up with Perry. Downstairs neighbors heard loud thumping noises right at the time Kelly would have been walking in the door of their shared condo on Indian Rocks Beach. The thumping was followed by silence, then vacuuming, something Perry did four-five times a day.

Kelly Rothwell was never seen again; Perry left that same day for Elmira, New York,where he owns a home. He has consistently refused to answer any questions about Kelly's disappearance, refusing to give a DNA sample nor has he helped in any way for the search for Kelly.    

Now Perry is involved with Army Specialist Melissa Walker, who is currently stationed in Hawaii. Perry had obtained permission from Broome County Judge Martin Smith to visit Walker for a month, from mid-July to just a few days ago.
Calls to A.D.A. Sandra Cardone confirm that she noted an objection to the court in Perry’s appearance before the judge, but her protests were ignored. Perry was allowed to leave New York and go to Hawaii to visit Walker for a month.
 Perry supposedly met Walker via Craig's List two weeks after Kelly's disappearance. However, there is mounting evidence that he knew Walker before Kelly came home that night to break up with him.  Walker was warned by Pinellas County Sheriffs's detectives about Perry's violent past and possible involvement in her probable homicide.  After that initial contact, Walker has since refused to speak to detectives and claims to have "worked it all out" with Perry. But what does that mean? Does she have knowledge of something Perry did? Is she involved as well?

Sgt. Major Sloan said that while relationships such as Walker and Perry’s are more of a civil concern than a military one, he felt that speaking to her about it was part of the process a commander feels necessary to use with his troops.
“We’re not just here to give orders,” Sloan said. “We are also here as mentors, advisors and colleagues. We like to know what’s going on with our soldiers. While Walker can’t help who she falls in love with, there could be an issue if she was involved in any of his alleged activities.”

Col. Chandle, another commander on base was upset that she had not been informed of Walker and Perry’s involvement before our phone interview. I asked if there was any protocol or regulations that would preclude their relationship. 
“That is an internal matter, which we would discuss with Specialist Walker, but I believe there are certain protocols that must be maintained.”
Chandle referred me to the Protocol Office and Janet Rogers. Calls to that office have not been returned as of this posting.

What connection, if any, does Melissa Walker have in Perry’s possible involvement with Kelly Rothwell’s disappearance? If in fact she does marry Perry, then presumably she would not be able to testify to any knowledge of his possible criminal acts.

It seems that Perry, however, has kept things close to his family tree; His mother, Pamalee Walker, worked in the Psychiatric Ward in an Elmira hospital. She disliked her own son so much she banned him from her own funeral this past February.
  Likewise, according to Sgt. Major Sloan, Melissa Walker also works in Psychiatry at the Tripler Army Medical Center in Hawaii. They both have the same last name. Coincidence?  Or just lined up neatly, like Perry likes it. Like two perfect parallel lines…
Meanwhile, Kelly Rothwell is still missing…

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

An Open Letter to Melissa Marie Walker

Dear Ms. Walker,
By now I’m sure you know who I am and the many others that comprise the family, friends, colleagues and advocates of Kelly Rothwell. She is the woman who has been missing since March 12th, with a high probability that it was her then-boyfriend David Perry who it is widely believed has killed her and moved on to you.

I heard that you refused to listen to law enforcement when they initially told you how dangerous a man David Perry is and I am very surprised that you not only have maintained a relationship with him, but are actually thinking of marrying him, if you haven’t already. I can think of several reasons NOT to be doing this, which I will enumerate:
Could it be that you and Perry already had a relationship going on behind Kelly’s back and she found out about it, wanting to confront Perry. Were you aware of that?
Are you just a pawn in his game of lies and deceit?  I find it extremely difficult to comprehend how a woman like you can NOT see what Perry is really all about.
There is documented proof, in graphic detail, of how abusive Perry was to his wife Luana and their three children. Yes, the records are sealed, but CAN be opened in a military enquiry, if Law Enforcement is so compelled. There is also proof that Perry stalked Kelly, followed her around, hacked her computer and phone records, (the phone by the way, was in HIS name)… and generally exerted a gradual control over her life.

He did this with Luana, and several OTHER women he was with; ask him about Ann Morris, who he left after almost 13 years when he met Kelly. He told his friends he had met a “rich bitch with money” and was moving to Florida. Ask him about another Kellie ,a woman with who he had an affair AND a child while he was still married to Luana. He got fired from the Outback Steakhouse for trying to choke out a cook who didn’t cook his food right. Luana said that he would often choke her so tight that she would lose consciousness. He also told her he could kill her and they would never find her body.

Doesn’t it bother you at all that he is a SUSPECT in Kelly’s disappearance AND has been charged with 2 Felony Grand Larceny counts of Work Comp fraud? Since you work in healthcare yourself, I would assume that any negative mark on his record would also reflect poorly on yours as well.

I hear he’s quite the charmer… has he tried to “teach” you how to iron yet? Has he done the laundry “for you” to be nice? Has he picked out what he wants you to wear?  Has he shown up with flowers at the hospital or when he comes home to your place? Has he called you MANY times a day “just to say he loves you”?  Have you seen him vacuum until he can see the lines in the rug? What about his car? Or yours? Is it meticulous? Can you eat a French fry in it if you want without him getting paranoid? What about the linen closet? Has he folded everything perfectly and lined the colors up just so? What about the kitchen cabinets? All the food labels facing forward and lined up like ducks in a row?  How about the bathroom?  Shower curtain just so as well?

I ask these things because abusers and sociopaths almost always start out like this; they make you think they are indispensable to you and little by little you lose yourself, until you are under his control and can’t get out. Then you may end up like Kelly “missing” and presumed dead. Because that is what may happen to you. I could almost lay money on it.
But perhaps you have some intimate knowledge of Kelly’s disappearance….Maybe you know something? Maybe you like the rush of the “bad boy” image.. Is it exciting to lay next to a man who may have killed his girlfriend, thinking there’s no way he would EVER hurt you like that… Think again... again I say there is documentable proof of his prior abuse.

We heard that he applied for a marriage license, perhaps so you couldn’t testify against him in a court of law? Interesting how things are working out, eh? What does your family think of all this? Do they even care about you? David Perry only thinks about himself, let’s be clear on that. It will only be a matter of time before you start to see the real abuser he is known to be… again.. DOCUMENTED PROOF. Because trust me.. He WILL show his true colors and you will be blindsided by it. Be careful; you could be his next  potential victim.

Doesn't the military frown on their soldiers being involved with people of questionable moral character?

Perhaps you are a nice person; I don’t know you and can’t judge your character. But I DO know that YOUR military salary is being paid for with OUR tax dollars. I don’t think I should have to pay for you to enjoy a life with a man who possibly took  one.
Leigh Clifton,
 The Rothwell Family and
Friends of Kelly who Demand Justice.


David Perry mug shot