Kelly Rothwell

Kelly Rothwell
Much Loved Sister, Daughter, Friend

Monday, December 26, 2011

According to David Perry, Re-gifting Isn’t Just for Christmas Anymore

It seems that David Perry has a history of “re-gifting” all KINDS of things to the women in his life and engagement rings seem to be the most popular.

According to Perry’s ex-wife Luana, David Perry used to go out with a girl named Wendy Reagan at Southside High School in Elmira, New York. During the course of their two year courtship, Perry bought Reagan a small diamond solitaire engagement ring. When they broke up and Perry started dating Luana, he tried to give Luana the same ring he had previously given to Reagan as an engagement ring.

But Steve Redner, an ex-Perry friend, told Luana that the ring had been Perry’s old girlfriend’s and Luana made Perry buy her one of her own.

“It didn’t surprise me one bit,when I heard about Kelly’s ring,” Luana said. “He tried to do the same thing to me. But when I found out it was Wendy’s ring, I gave it back to him. He got me another one, but it must have been cheap, because it broke after a while. The diamond fell out of it. So we actually got another wedding set altogether.”

Luana Greenfield had some other interesting insight into Perry’s psyche. She feels bad that Kelly wasn’t able to see Perry for what Luana says is the evil that he is.

“Davey told me that last September, he and his Dad got into a fight, I think about borrowing money, and David went off. All of this was in front of Kelly, they were living in Florida and Davey said Kelly just sat there. So Davey turned to her and told her she didn't know the REAL David Perry and that she should get out of the relationship as fast as she could. Davey really liked Kelly and I don’t think he wanted to see her get hurt or worse. Davey said he tried to warn her couple of times, telling her ‘You don’t know who he is or what he’s done.’ Even Brittany told Kelly Dave was playing her.”

According to Luana, Perry was very abusive during their marriage and would often pretend he was going to hit her. That, she said, was what Perry called “keeping you in check.”

“He would raise his hand and I never knew if he was going to actually hit me or not. He wanted to see me cringe. He’s all about the power.I’ll bet he did the same thing to Kelly. Maybe that's why she just sat there when Davey and Dave had that fight."

Luana said that Perry threatened to kill her so many times that she used to say “Fine, go ahead and kill me then and get me out of this nightmare! Dave would just laugh in my face… he didn’t care. He was just pure evil.”

Luana said that the most trivial things would send Perry into a blind rage. A picture not turned the right way, something a little out of place, would all be noticed by Perry, who exhibits severe OCD tendencies, and he would start screaming. His constant vacuuming and obsession with uber-cleanliness made his whole family paranoid. After Perry and Luana split up, and Perry started dating Ann Morris, Luana said that Ann was so scared of Perry that she would lock the kids out of the house so she could clean the house to his specifications. She didn’t want them they to track in any dirt on the perfectly-vacuumed rug. Perry liked to see the lines in the rug.

“Once, poor Brittany tried to get into the house to go to the bathroom, and Ann wouldn’t let her in because she wasn’t finished cleaning. She locked the kids out! Brittany was about 13, I think and she had to go to the bathroom outside! THAT’S how scared he made people feel.”

Where is Kelly’s Antique Diamond Ring?

In talking to Mrs. Rothwell, she said that a few years ago Kelly had been given an antique diamond ring that had belonged to her great-grandmother, Nancy Rothwell’s mother. The ring was a thin band of gold with an approximately ½ carat diamond inset into the band, with smaller stones on either side of the diamond. Kelly’s sister Lauren said Kelly would wear it on special occasions; it had great sentimental value to her. And its missing.

“That ring was my grandmother’s and was passed down through my family, first to my mother, then me, then ultimately Kelly, as the oldest daughter ,” Nancy Rothwell told me. “Kelly loved it and always took such good care of it, having it cleaned and always having the diamond checked. The gold was wearing very thin on the underside of it because it was so old. I know she loved that ring.”

When Nancy Rothwell came down to Florida the week that Kelly disappeared, she sadly had to collect her daughter’s possessions from the condo that Kelly and David Perry, the only suspect in her disappearance had shared. The very same condo that in all possibility was where Kelly Rothwell was murdered March 12th when she came home to break up with David Perry, who was becoming increasingly paranoid, jealous and out of control emotionally.

When Nancy Rothwell returned home to Maryland, Kelly’s things, boxes of clothes and other possessions sat in the living room; Nancy was just too overwhelmed to go through them. The smells, the little things that were so Kelly were just too much for the family to handle. So they sat for quite a while until finally Nancy and Kelly’s sister Lauren summoned the courage to open some of the boxes up.
“I think I knew that if or when I opened up those boxes, it would prove that Kelly was really gone, taken from us … and she wouldn’t be coming home,” Nancy Rothwell said. “It’s all just still too much to handle.”
With Lauren’ s help, the boxes are slowly being opened up and Kelly’s other sister Lindsay, Lauren’s fraternal twin is finding great comfort in wearing some of Kelly’s things.

“I feel like it brings me closer to her,” Lindsay said. “There are some things that I recognize that Kelly wore when we were growing up; they bring back good memories for me. But I miss her so much… it just hurts ...” she said, her voice trailing off in obvious sadness and pain.

When Nancy Rothwell was finally able to go through Kelly’s jewelry box, she couldn’t find the family heirloom anywhere… the ring was missing. Nancy was very upset; she wanted to at least have it back so she could have a piece of her daughter back. But the ring is nowhere to be found.
Could Kelly have been wearing it the night she ‘disappeared’ and was probably murdered? If so, is the ring still with her, wherever she is? Or did David Perry steal it or worse yet, use it as the engagement ring for his new wife, Melissa Walker, all the while knowing it was Kelly’s, the self –professed “love of his life”, the one he never went searching for when she went “missing”?. Is Melissa the one wearing it now? Does it sit on her left hand, in some twisted, sick way so Perry can maintain his contact with Kelly? It is now widely believed that Perry was seeing or maintaining contact with Melissa Walker well before his claims that he met her AFTER Kelly’s disappearance. Indeed, remember that two weeks PRIOR to Kelly going missing, he has cancelled his gym membership, telling everyone that he was moving to Hawaii. Could it be coincidence that his then secret girlfriend, now wife, is now stationed in Hawaii at Tripler Army Medical Hospital? I hardly doubt it.
Luana, Perry’s ex-wife, whom Perry abused repeatedly during their marriage, said that Perry likes to keep little mementos, likes to keep something of those he has been involved with in his life. For example, he frequently used Luana’s birthday as his own, making himself a year younger than he was. He had used her name as his middle name as well. There is even speculation that he may have married on Luana’s August birthday. His ex-wife said that he does things like that a lot.. It helps to make him feel in control, something Perry’s narcissistic personality constantly demands.
Could Perry have used Kelly’s ring for his new bride’s engagement band? Perhaps with some story, close to the truth, that it was a family heirloom passed down to him as a way to keep Kelly “close?” Did he say it was his mother’s perhaps? The same mother who refused to have him at her own funeral? In his sick and twisted mind, he may feel justified doing so. After all, she was going to leave him; in his mind, NO ONE leaves him, he does the leaving. If Perry kept the ring, it is his excuse to maintain a connection to a woman he supposedly loved and probably fatally harmed.
As this Christmas evening winds down, Kelly Rothwell is not with her family and friends, she is not celebrating the holiday season with loved ones. She is missing and presumed dead. Now her precious family heirloom ring, inherited from her great-grandmother is missing as well.

Someone should check Melissa Walker Perry’s left hand……


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