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Kelly Rothwell
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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Darlene Woo Speaks Out About David Perry

In January of 2016, Darlene Woo was shopping at her local store when a guy walked up to her and said Hi. He told her his name was Dave Walker, casually asked if she was married as he perused her left hand and then slipped her his phone number. "Text me sometime," he said. A few weeks later she did.

Darlene was getting ready to take a continuing education class in Corning and Dave Walker told her he went to Corning every day to the Y to work out. She dreaded the drive  up the formidable 'Corning Hill" so they made an arrangement that he would drive her to her class in her car,  he would go work out for the three hours while she was in class and then bring her home. It was an arrangement that really helped Darlene, as she hated driving to Corning. The classes ended and "Walker" started hanging around more and more., eventually making himself indispensable, so much so that he was eventually doing almost everything around her house for her.

"He shopped, he cooked, he cleaned, he made my front yard look beautiful, he walked my dog and was nice to him at first. ," Darlene said.  "His domestic and organizational skills were awesome, probably because of his OCD. He had amazing strength that was brought into play when laying landscaping bricks in the yard, mowing and weed wacking..things that would take me two days to do he would do in one- he was a machine. He was driven and would keep the vehicles immaculate. What single female wouldn't want a man doing that for her?"

But she began to notice some strange things that "Walker" was doing. He started to keep the dog from interacting with them. She caught him snapping the dog's nose with a towel. He began to call the dog a" mangy mutt" and seemed jealous of her attention to him.

"He always wanted me to sleep.(she works nights)and he would put dark towels or sheets over the windows. It made my house look so dark, like a cave. I did't really think too much of it; he told me it was to help me sleep. Many people questioned why the windows were draped as if he were afraid he was being watched He was in total control of what I ate and drank- he even packed my lunches for work... I hated them! He's go through my work bag ans question everything he found. I walked on eggshells in my own house so as not tuo enrage him...he would go from calm to rage in 0.7 seconds" 

But while she was sleeping, David "Walker" was using her computers,deleting texts from her friends and even sending  emails to her ex-husband, Dennis, who still remained good friends with her.
"Dennis and I have a nice close friendship so imagine my surprise when he asked me one day if I had sent these emails to him, saying that I had "married David Walker and to leave me alone!" I assured him that I did NOT send them and I definitely was NOT married to David. Dennis and I have stayed good friends even after our divorce and we talk all the time. Dennis just thought that was really weird."

Things started getting stranger and more controlling then for Darlene.

"Walker" took over ALL of the chores, doing dishes by hand, even though she had a nice dishwasher.  Soon he was ironing all of her clothes and doing all the shopping. He also cleaned .. everything.
"He was VERY OCD.. he vacuumed 2-3 times a day," she said.
She started to get a weird feeling about him, like something just wasn't right.He wouldn't let her do anything, including drink coffee. He told her it was bad for her and would make her tea instead.

"It seemed that all I had to do was sleep and breathe," she said.

What Darlene didn't recognize were the classic symptoms of a controlling personality disorder.
This "David Walker" was not only NOT who he said he was, he was David Perry, the suspected murderer of Kelly Rothwell from Indian Rocks Beach in Florida. And Darlene had no clue.

It wasn't until they went looking for pumpkins in late October of 2016 that everything came to a head. They were ambushed by the film crew of Crime Watch Daily, who had been working on a feature of Kelly Rothwell's disappearance and were hoping to get a reaction from Perry. Perry told Darlene to get in the car and took off, very agitated. Darlene asked him what that was all about and he fumbled saying it was all lies. Then he took out his cellphone, called the cell company and changed his cell phone number right there.

"He thought they might have tracked him by his GPS so he turned it off, " Darlene said.
Darlene ex husband Dennis got wind of the pumpkin patch  incident and started digging. What he came up with was shocking and he became very concerned for Darlene's safety.

"Dennis came over to the house the first week of November with all of these printed articles about David Perry and Dave was there. Dennis and I both asked him point blank  if he was the same guy in the articles about Kelly's murder. I couldn't believe it that I was THAT close to a murder suspect! Dennis told him to gather his things and then threw him out of the house. We had the locks changed right away. I told him to leave me alone and stay away from me."

Although she did hear from him by text after that, supposedly looking for some of his belongings, Darlene has NOW put that chapter behind her.She saw Perry's famous anger and abusive side several times and it scared her.
"I looked the Devil right in the eye,' she said.  "I have never seen someone get so angry so fast."

Darlene Woo is lucky.. she didn't become a "victim" of David Perry. But he was well on his way to controlling her life, much as he did with Kelly, sequestering her from her family and friends, even from her dog, ..doing everything for her so she would become dependent on him and then erupting in a rage when challenged. Darlene was the lucky one....  She got away alive.  It could have been very a  different ending for her.  Very different indeed...

Meanwhile Kelly Rothwell is STILL missing and her murderer walks free. She deserves justice.

Please listen to the Podcast on Kelly's case,it is my interview with my friend Ed Dentzel, the owner and producer of the podcast "UNFOUND " It's a two part series. Thanks,  Leigh   

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Sunday, March 12, 2017


Six years ago, a bright, beautiful. talented and kind woman, Kelly Rothwell was murdered in her Indian Rocks Beach condo by a man she thought she knew. A man she thought she loved and who loved her back. But David Perry's love was the killing kind... and Kelly never stood a chance... or saw it coming.

Kelly Rothwell, by all accounts from friends, family and co-workers, was a funny, intelligent woman who followed many paths during her short 35 years on this earth. She was a passionate animal lover, a Human Resources specialist, an artist, a geologist with a love of crystals and all things spiritual. Her most recent career objective at the time of her murder, was that of Police Officer. Kelly's foray into the world of law enforcement was a departure from her usual interests, yet she excelled in her law enforcement curriculum as she did with ALL of her career choices, because of her innate sense of right and wrong and in this case,  her empathy for the victim. Unfortunately, we will never really know if this sense of justice came from her first hand experience with David Perry's controlling, manipulative and increasingly abhorrent behavior towards her. Or did Kelly  jump into this new career BECAUSE of what David Perry was doing to her at home? Did she fight back the only way she could, by putting him on notice that as a cop, she would be much less of a victim of his vindictive and progressively suppressive behavior?

 But IF Perry HAD planned Kelly's murder, he had the element of surprise on Saturday afternoon March 12, 2011. Kelly was coming home to "talk" but I believe Perry laid in wait for her to get into the front door, attacked her from behind as she went into their bedroom, and strangled her there. I think he then wrapped her up in the inner shower curtain (which was missing), put her body in a sail bag, stuffed her in the trunk of his blue Honda and drove all night, WITH HER BODY IN THE TRUNK, back to Elmira, New York, where he had a home, where he felt safe, where he KNEW that Florida law enforcement would NEVER look or suspect that someone would be so brazen. And where Perry had friends; friends he KNEW would help him dispose of Kelly's body, because he had INFORMATION on those "friends" that could put them both in jail. Perry knew all this and counted on it.

It has always been my firm belief that David Perry planned to kill Kelly Rothwell that Saturday afternoon. He had hacked her phone and her emails and knew she was leaving him; for a new career path that would possibly jeopardize his 'business" interests and for a new person in her life . Kelly was making room for new people and new experiences and Perry was not part of the equation. To a man so Obsessive/Compulsive and with major anger issues including domestic abuse (documented by Elmira law enforcement ) a woman leaving him would have wounded his fragile ego. I also felt that he saw Kelly as a threat; Kelly had told her sister Lindsay that she "caught" Perry at something illegal and that he had "promised" to stop. According to Perry's ex-wife Luanna, during their tumultuous 10 year marriage, Perry had regularly run marijuana and other drugs from Elmira, New York to Florida, picking up contraband to take back to New York. Also according to Perry's ex-wife, he was funded by some well-connected "businessmen", possibly in the restaurant business in Elmira.
Which brings me to this next interesting piece of information....

 In November of last year, Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen  picked up Kelly's story and produced a segment on it; it aired on Election day, November 8th, 2016.  For that story, veteran Crime Watch Daily reporter Andrea Isom and her film crew flew up to Elmira, New York to interview David Perry about Kelly Rothwell's "disappearance". They tracked Perry down; he was seen with a woman in an SUV at a pumpkin patch in late October  2016 when the show was filming Kelly's segment. When they tried to speak with them, he ran away like a little girl.He screamed at the woman to get into the car and threatened Isom and the film crew, before angrily driving away. Perry has a history of running like a coward  from law enforcement and anyone else who wants to ask him about Kelly, so that wasn't out of character for him.

Its now believed that that woman was Darleen Woo, who divorced Simon Woo's brother in 2015. Simon and his brother had owned a very well-known Chinese restaurant in the Elmira/Horseheads area and there has always been talk around town that Perry was somehow involved with some sort  of "business" with the owners. Now Perry is living with Darlene Woo, in a cozy home on Meadowbrook Parkway, (a home Darlene got in the divorce) on a quiet suburban street where people play with their kids in the yard, feet from a suspected murderer. I wonder if they know who he is? Does she realize that she too could be in danger if she crosses him? How could ANY woman sleep next to a suspected murderer, the ONLY suspect in the disappearance and probably murder of Kelly Rothwell? How could she IGNORE all of the strange signs and weird behavior. Maybe the relationship is still in the early lovey- dovey stages, and she just hasn't seen the real Perry yet.

I find it appalling that this man is living the high life, while Kelly Rothwell,the #1 "love of his life "
 ("Yummy wife" #2 Melissa Walker was the 'love of his life' until she divorced him after the pressure on him about Kelly's case became too much for her to deal with). AND he's living with the ex-wife of someone who law enforcement have speculated was possibly involved in a shady business, not related to the restaurant his family then owned.  (It has since been sold.)

Perry has always seemed to find women with property, money or both, that take him in and prop him up. He charms them, buys them pretty things like flowers and clothing, cleans their homes. Eventually, he begins to sequester them, from their friends, their family and their social media. He wants them to depend on HIM, no one else. He becomes increasingly controlling, manipulative, demanding.  Of these women, only Kelly was murdered by him, we think. Could he have done this before? He told his ex-wife Luanna that if she left him, he would put her in a wood-chipper and dump her body parts in the Chemung River. He told Kelly if she ever left him, he would throw her body in the Gulf of Mexico. But what if he DID throw her body in water?

A source has recently come forward that may have information on that very premise. I have always maintained that Perry killed Kelly, put her body in the trunk of his car and drove it up to Elmira , New York the night he killed her. I also suspect that he contacted at least TWO friends, one is Sammy Karam, a retired prison guard who had a house on Seneca Lake. The Karams and Darlene Wu are also good friends as are their kids.. Go figure. Such a tangled web Perry has woven...

The information involves a boat with an inboard and a trolling motor, a very heavy bag containing Kelly's body and three people; two of Perry's friends, one possibly a fisherman who knows the lake very well, another friend and Perry himself, who loaded Kelly's body onto the boat and motored out onto Seneca Lake. Perry may have originally pondered dropping Kelly's body by the dam but felt it wasn't deep enough. He chose the deeper Seneca Lake instead.
The boat used was pushed from the shore right into the water.. and traveled for about 25-30 minutes up towards Watkins Glen State Park, where there is a boat ramp, From there, the source says that Perry and his accomplices traveled an additional 15-20 minutes up the lake from the park's lake entrance. They rolled a very heavy bag (remember I always said that Kelly's geodes, those heavy crystal rocks that she collected were NEVER found) which I believe contained both Kelly's body and the crystals off of the boat which sunk in some of the deepest water of Seneca Lake. One thing that Perry didn't figure that night, was that someone possibly saw him and  may have the coordinates of where Kelly's body is.
This spring, Nancy Rothwell has decided that the lake should be searched, using those coordinates.
A well-known Sonar company has offered to do the search and recovery; more information will be available about that in the coming months...

Nancy Rothwell is determined to find justice for her daughter Kelly. She is encouraged by this new information and  feels David Perry is a dangerous and malignant threat to society.
"I hope that anyone involved with him understands the darkness and depravity that is David Perry.  In fact, I was thinking this morning, why did he have to take  my daughter's life when all he could have done was just leave. If she had something on him, why didn't he just leave and go back to New York,? Kelly would have never pursued anything against him and would probably never even held any ill will against him. That just wasn't her. He totally took advantage of her generous nature and beautiful soul. She had a kind heart and loved life. If you met her once, she touched your life forever. And he took that away.  But what he can't take away is her gentle and peaceful spirit."

So on this day, the sad anniversary of a promising young life snuffed out by a  controlling, manipulative coward, we wait and hope for Spring and the search of Seneca Lake, Maybe the lake will give Kelly up and put David Perry, her killer, behind bars forever. We can only hope so. Meanwhile, I hope that Darlene Woo watches her back... she's living with a suspected murderer. I hope that she cares enough about herself to get away from him like Melissa Walker did.. Kelly tried, but he wouldn't let her go.



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