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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

David Perry to Remain in Steuben County Jail, Charges Stick!

David Perry was arraigned this afternoon in Steuben County NY on Grand Larceny charges stemming from allegations that he collected Work Comp and Pension benefits from a fraudulent injury in October 2003.
A secret Grand Jury met in February to hear several witnesses testify to charges that Perry, an ex Corrections Officer at the Elmira prison, faked his injuries from an alleged struggle with an inmate. Perry was then able to obtain Workman’s Comp benefits as well as a larger portion of his pension, as he was out on disability and not retirement. It is the NY State Pension Fund, located in Steuben County that charged him in this matter. He is also facing almost identical charges in Broome County, where the NY State Insurance Fund is located.

Perry was arrested last Tuesday afternoon and arraigned before a judge. However, Perry stopped the proceedings, refused the offer of a Public Defender and instead said he would hire his own attorney. Today’s hearing was the first available on Judge Latham’s docket. Consequently, Perry has spent 8 days in jail.

How Perry would have been able to pay for an attorney remains a mystery. He was served with forfeiture of asset papers, which means that his bank accounts were to be frozen, the deed to his house held (and the pending sales contact negated), with a $200,000 lien bond placed on the property and his other assets, including a brand new car and a motorcycle were to be confiscated.

Apparently frozen assets put a serious crimp in Perry's spending habits;Perry was assigned Public Defender Jason Vichinsky. He has pleaded NOT GUILTY to the Grand Larceny charges and will remain in jail until April 9th when a bail hearing will be set. I mean, even a blind man can see he's guilty....

David Perry to Face Judge Latham, District Attorney Brooks Baker at 2 PM Wednesday in Steuben County, N.Y.

David Perry rolls the dice again today at 2 PM when he faces Judge Joseph Latham of Steuben County to answer a second set of charges of Grand larceny. Initially given a bail of $100,000 cash and a $200,000 bond on his property, Perry appeared at his arraignment last Tuesday after his arrest by New York State troopers and assisted by the West Elmira PD at his home in Elmira, NY. But he stopped the proceedings and insisted on hiring an attorney before the arraignment was finished. So Perry has sat in jail for over a week, waiting for his day in court.

This SHOULD be getting to feel like “old hat” for Perry, as this is his second arrest for Felony Grand Larceny charges; the first time was in June of last year, when he was arrested in Broome County on the same set of charges. Then Perry used his home on West Church Street in Elmira as collateral for the bail bond. Now it has come to light that he was also served with asset forfeiture papers; his assets are supposed to be frozen and his car, home and motorcycle seized. One wonders how he could possible even get out of jail, even if his present bond is reduced; since the home he lived in was seized as an asset, shouldn’t that make his first bail revocable, as it was used to secure his bond? And if he got out tomorrow, would Broome County take another shot at him and put him back in THEIR jail?

Perry was trying to sell his house; indeed there was a rumor that a contract was imminent. Now there is a big bond on the home and his shiny new car, bought with cash, as well as his motorcycle, should all become part of those assets being frozen, as well as his bank accounts in several counties.

So where will Perry GET the money to buy a lawyer for his arraignment tomorrow? Rumors were swirling that his (ex) wife Melissa Walker was to have been back in his life and that she might be the one to bail him out. Certainly she has denied this in posts to this blog. Indeed, I received one this afternoon; it was in response to someone asked for her to give an antique diamond ring back to the Rothwell family. Here is what she said:

“Dave did not give that ring to me, nor did I ever see such a ring or any other for that matter. Of course I would have returned it to her family. I would have gone to detective Bailey If I had received it. I would have gone to detective Bailey had Dave behaved suspiciously or given me any information about this case. This is something I can promise you. Dave would know this because he knows the type of person I am.
Thank you all for your encouraging words and prayers. I will not return to Dave.
I have a couple words about my sister. She has been going through a lot lately. I think her health matters may be contributing to her actions. My sister and I are not the concern here. This is about Kelly. She is in my thoughts and prayers. Her family and friends are in my prayers.”
Melissa Walker

One wonders what can be going on … will she show up in court tomorrow? Does he have stacks of money hidden somewhere that he can use to bail himself out? Anyone who helps him will become suspect, I believe, as authorities would want to know the origin of any money used for bail.

Stay tuned for updates on the case as they become available.

David Perry, the only suspect in the case of missing Police cadet Kelly Rothwell was arrested last Tuesday on Felony Grand Larceny charges stemming from an alleged injury at work. Perry, who worked at the Elmira Correctional Facility, in Elmira, NY, claimed to have been hurt during an altercation with an inmate in October of 2003. He began receiving work Comp benefits and his pension from the State of New York in 2005. He was originally arrested in June of last year in Broome County of Felony Grand Larceny charges for receiving those benefits while kite surfing, running , kayaking and biking his way through Florida and New York.

I have Comment Moderator on this blog, and no one can see comments left for or by another until I publish them personally. Melissa, I know you’re reading the blogs I’m posting; send me a comment and a way to get a hold of you. It seems that you’ve been answering people’s questions here, so why not here? Tell your side of the story so people can understand it. Let me know.... as I said, anything you write in here is private until I publish it and I am the ONLY one with access to the blog.

One can only hope that David Perry will continue to sit in a dirty, dank jail cell AFTER tomorrow‘s proceedings.

Now THAT would be justice…

Meanwhile, Kelly Rothwell is still missing…...

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Melissa Walker Answers Her Family, Critics Today

Melissa Walker, the Army Specialist working in Hawaii and who married David Perry, wrote a response to my blog post today. In my post, I was incredulous that, according to her sister Cassie Williams, Melissa was going BACK to David Perry, possibly bail him out of jail and then ‘maybe go on the run with him.’ I expressed my shock and dismay that such an intelligent woman would do something so stupid; to stick by a man who in all probability murdered Kelly Rothwell, defrauded the government of thousands of dollars, severely abused his ex wife and their children and could possibly be mixed up in other nefarious enterprises, based on his constant traveling from Florida to New York and then back again.

Today I received this response from Melissa Walker: QUOTE:

I have heard so many angry words toward me. Any harsh words toward me are not any worse than what I tell myself. Although I have made many pathetic, idiotic choices I have not hurt anyone and would never intend to. Those who are in my life know this and would never question it. With the exception of my older sister, my family and friends are helping me through this. Thank you so much to my loved ones who stand by me through good and bad choices. I will not comment on my older sister. She has to live with herself same as I do. I am haunted by my poor decisions. Since Dave was put back in jail it has given me time away from his words that continuously feed into my insecurities. It is no excuse. I am upset, very regretful, sad, angry, humiliated, and extremely sorry to say the least. Because I realize my weakness in this situation I have changed my number and will do what it takes to keep him out of my life entirely. I thank those of you who are not bashing me. Those who do, it does add to my pain. Despite all of this I will stand back up, because that is what I do. I am so sorry for Kelly (RIP). I will continue to pray for her family and friends as I have done from the beginning. Another thing, none of the above speculations are true. None! Melissa Walker END QUOTE

It seems as if Melissa and her sister Cassie are not seeing eye to eye as to what Melissa’s real intentions are towards David Perry. It seems pretty clear by the above statement that Melissa will NOT be bailing Perry out. But it also seems pretty obvious to me that Melissa Walker would not have written to me if she didn’t believe what she was writing. And it is also abundantly clear that women who meet up with men of Perry’s diabolical intellect DO find it extremely difficult to extricate themselves from these types of relationships.

But I want to answer one critic who said I was blaming Melissa for what I called her incredible stupidity. Melissa was WARNED about David Perry, as one of my viewers commented… the other women were NOT. And I am not blaming Melissa for anything OTHER than not heeding those warnings. I did question whether she knows more than she’s telling about what happened to Kelly. I wouldn’t be a responsible journalist if I didn’t look at EVERYONE connected with this case. I mean EVERYONE.

And I will continue to investigate until Kelly Rothwell is home in Baltimore, Maryland with her family.

After the last blog, I received what I perceived to be a threat from Cassie Williams :
Maybe my sister is makn a horrible horrible mistake ,
However u Lo e the Drama and everything everyone said about you is also true
You can day what u want about my family thrill yourself. But I will also say this a sin is a sin, and GOD don't Luke ugly and he ain't to fond of pretty
either,so keep up ur drama if u like u will meet your maker just as Dave

My response:
Cassie I am not "thrilling" myself “by writing denigrating things about your family. According to your own words you said you couldn't stop your sister from making this grave mistake. How can you really direct your anger at me for what your sister is doing? I acknowledged that you tried to
help your sister. Please don't wish ill on me because of her irresponsible actions. Instead perhaps your family should focus more on why Melissa continues to head down an obvious path of destruction. I feel bad for your family; I reached out to you to help you and her. Instead you told me
half-truths. Please do not blame me for your family's pain. Leigh

Not half truths it was my truth believe me or not I don't care
Like I said giddy don't ugly period
U are blocked don't waste ur time, but u lied to le to ... you know u and Melissa are similar u Both ate SELFISH u don't care who u HURT as long as u get
a story I pitty you
Start writing about me now....

What I want to know is why Cassie, who herself called in to a TV station to do a phone interview that blasted her sister would now blame ME for it? It’s obvious that Melissa’s response is not what her sister thinks…

What I do know is the Kelly Rothwell is still out there somewhere.

Because Kelly Rothwell is still missing…

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