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Kelly Rothwell
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Saturday, October 1, 2011

David Perry to Face Broome County Grand Jury for Fraud, Grand Larceny Charges

David Perry, the named suspect in the case of missing and presumed dead Police Cadet Kelly Rothwell, of Indian Rocks Beach Florida will face a Grand Jury in Broome County, New York on Thursday, October 13th at 12:45 on charges of Felony Grand Larceny and Insurance Fraud. The charges stem from a Workman's Comp case in October of 2003, in which Perry alleges that he injured himself in an inmate -related incident at the Elmira Correctional Facility in Chemung County, New York, where he worked as a Correctional Officer.   

Several retired and current Correctional Officers have come forward about Perry’s supposed injuries after a review of Perry’s initial documenting of the incident did not jive with officers who were on the actual scene of the prison incident Perry alleges occurred. Also, several officers have heard Perry brag about the amount of money he was able to obtain from both the New York State Insurance Fund as well as Social Security Disability from the U.S.  Perry turned up in New York in March the same week his girlfriend Kelly Rothwell went missing after going home from a lunch date to break up with him. Perry has been totally uncooperative with Pinellas County Sheriff’s, and refused to give his where-abouts the night Kelly went missing and has since eluded the police and any efforts to help find the missing woman. Perry, who has documented incidents of domestic abuse of both his ex-wife and his three children, son Davey, and two daughters Britney and Brandi, was apparently abusive to Kelly Rothwell as well, controlling her bank accounts, computer access and cell phone.

Perry, 47, met Rothwell when he vacationed in Florida shortly after he successfully attained the disability claim against Work Comp, and moved in to her condo within a month of their meeting at a Sweet Tomatoes Restaurant. Rothwell, in Human Resources for the hotel industry, was described as a kind, trusting woman who only saw the good in everyone. This trait, some of her friends felt, blinded her judgment when it came to Perry, who has been described as manipulative, obsessive, controlling and dangerous.

In May, Perry was arrested on Felony Grand Larceny charges, served five days in jail, and then bonded out, using his home on 1708 W. Church Street in Elmira, New York as collateral. He was officially named a suspect in Kelly Rothwell’s “disappearance” on June14th. He is now reportedly engaged to Melissa Walker, an Army Specialist in Psychiatry at Tripler Medical Army Base in Hawaii who he met on Craig’s List within a month of Kelly Rothwell’s disappearance.  Perry spent a month with Walker in late July/mid August.

Kelly Rothwell has been missing since March 12th of this year and has never been found. Her cell phone, still in Perry’s name, still remains an active number. Perry and his “supporters” have been taunting the Rothwell family and friends on Facebook with claims that “Kelly will never be found”.

But in two weeks, David Perry will face a Grand Jury on felonies that, if convicted, could land him in jail for at least 15 years.

Kelly Rothwell’s mother, Nancy, said this tonight;” I thank God that at last there might be some sort of justice for Kelly’s murder. I think David Perry knows what happened to my daughter and I hold him responsible for it. But only God can judge what will be his fate.  If he is in jail for this other crime, then at least he will be off the streets so he can’t hurt anyone else.”

Meanwhile, for almost seven months, Kelly Rothwell has been missing…. And her friends will never give up looking for her and trying to bring her murderer to justice.


  1. All I can say is WOO HOO!!

  2. Great job once again Leigh!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Lets pray he is convicted and goes where he belongs!! -Lauren



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