Kelly Rothwell

Kelly Rothwell
Much Loved Sister, Daughter, Friend

Friday, May 13, 2011

David Perry Granted $25,000 Bail Bond

Binghamton,New York.

 David Perry, arrested on Felony Grand Larceny and  Insurance charges for the alleged defrauding of Workman's Comp for an injury has been released on a $25,000 Bail bond Friday afternoon,according to Clerk of the Court Sallie Young.

Perry, who was in court wearing an orange prison jump suit, was released  with a bond provided by Anthony Roberts, a local bail bondsman in Binghamton, New York.

The bond used Perry's property at 1708 W. Church St. in Elmira as collateral but the bond was a cash bond, not a property bond. Perry's property has no mortgage and was used a guarantee for cash payment.
Perry was admonished by Judge Martin Smith about jumping bail and to appear for any court dates mandated by the County Court.

The next step will be for the Broome County D.A.'s office to convene a Grand Jury, if it feels it has enough evidence to prosecute Perry on the felony charges. Perry may also enter a plea which could be accepted by the A.D.A. Sandra Cardone, who is assigned to the case.

If Cardone feels a Grand Jury is warranted, Perry is allowed to be present and can be questioned by the jurors but his attorney will not be allowed in the proceedings. The Grand Jury proceedings are private.

If the Grand Jury finds sufficient evidence that a prosecutable crime has occurred, they will convene and hand down an indictment. Perry also has the option of pleading to the charges. The Grand Jury may also send the case to be heard in a lower court, with a reduced charge considered.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Court Appearance Required By David Perry for Bail Hearing Friday

Just in:
David Perry will be appearing in County Court in Binghamton, New York on Friday at 1 p.m. for a bail hearing.
His attorney, John Scanlon and ADA Sandra Cardone held a conference with County Court Judge Martin Smith Thursday, May 12th. Judge Smith is responsible for setting bail in felony cases. Bail will be determined tomorrow at that time.

David Perry's girlfriend Kelly Rothwell has been missing since March 12th, 2011. Today is the two month anniversary of her disappearance after heading home from a lunch date with her friend Donna Scharrett to break up with David Perry. She has not been seen since.

Perry left Florida abruptly and went to Elmira , New York where he has a home
He is currently in custody at the Broome County Jail in Binghamton, New York on Felony Grand Larceny and Insurance Fraud charges. These charges are unrelated to the  Kelly Rothwell disappearance.

 Perry has maintained his silence about Rothwell's going missing thus far and Florida detectives consider him a witness in her disappearance.

He remains uncooperative at this time.

Kelly Rothwell is still missing.

Dave Perry Bail Conference

As we speak, David Perry's attorney  John Scanlon and ADA Sandra Cardone are in a conference with Judge Martin Smith, County Court Judge in charge of bail applications.
David Perry is NOT present. According to the Judge's secretary, the ADA Cardone and Scanlon are in a conference with the judge, presenting evidence from both sides. It is not an actual bail hearing per se; it is a discussion about whether bail should be set.
It will be up to ADA Cardone to present a compelling argument as to why Perry should remain in jail. For instance, if he was a flight risk, ruled a danger to himself or others, or was connected to another case in which he would be either a suspect or a witness.
The judge will make a bail ruling based on the attorney's presentation of evidence.

Will post any decision as soon as I hear anything.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bail Application Hearing set for David Perry for Thursday 1 pm.

A bail application hearing has been set for David Perry, held in Broome County jail in Binghamton , New York on felony grand larceny and insurance fraud charges for Thursday, May 12th at 1 p.m.
Perry will be represented by Binghamton New York lawyer John M. Scanlon in Judge Martin Smith's County Courthouse.Scanlon obtained a certified copy of the deed of Perry's house at 1708 W.Church St.Wednesday afternoon at the Chemung County Clerk's office.  According to the Chemung County Tax Assessor,the house currently holds no mortgage escrow and is worth  $82,000. It is not known if Scanlon will request a cash and property bond for his client tomorrow.

 It is not known if his current lawyer Thomas Reilly, who earlier this month commented on allegations  from law enforcement and media that Perry had caused harm to his girlfriend  Kelly Rothwell, will be part of the representation for the felony grand larceny and insurance fraud charges. As of this posting, a phone call to Reilly's office was not returned.

 Rothwell, a police cadet at the St. Petersburg Police Academy, in St. Petersburg, Florida, went missing on or about March 12th, 2011, the same day she went home to break up with her then live-in boyfriend David Perry. Perry left Florida abruptly and returned to Elmira, New York, where he has a home. Perry has refused to speak to Florida detectives, who consider him a witness in the case.

David Perry’s friends and family spreading hatred.. go figure.

 David Perry's family and "friends" are so desperate they have stooped to the lowest of lows... Impersonating ME on the True Crime website, saying that I am directing people to look at a page that declares DP innocent…

 I can assure you that it is NOT me nor would I EVER send people to a page that declared the innocence of a man who won't even help look for his girlfriend and has a history of domestic violence  against women. Those of you who know me, know this to be true.

 I will work tirelessly until Kelly Rothwell is found and David Perry is sitting on death row in Florida, awaiting a needle in his arm.

The fact that his "supporters" are so callous and cavalier about a young woman missing is appalling and I hope that they realize that all the tripe they write will never erase that fact that I feel David Perry KILLED Kelly Rothwell and hid her body somewhere…

and refuses to tell anyone where..

Leigh Clifton 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Still No Bail Application for Perry

As of approximately 11:30 a.m. Tuesday morning, there has STILL been NO bail application files with the County Court for David Perry. The County Court Judge is in charge of bail applications and hearings.
Nor has the court  been contacted by Perry's attorney, Thomas Reilly, who was also his council for Perry's Workman's Comp disability case.

A call to the D.A.'s office also confirmed that they are still waiting for the charges to be filed in County Court, after which the case will be assigned to an Assistant District Attorney.  A call to the Public Defender's office confirms that Perry has not contacted them  about possible representation.  It is assumed that he will use his current lawyer, Thomas Reilly, for representation in  this case.

Perry still sits in a Broome County jail, in Binghamton, New York.

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Search For Kelly Continues..

The Search for Kelly Continues…

The CUE Center for Missing Persons was out again today, in Sand Key Park in Pinellas County, searching for Kelly Rothwell, missing since March 12th. . Sand Key sits right on the Gulf of Mexico and is a popular spot for beach weddings, with its gloriously white sands and beautiful Gulf view, But today was not about celebration of a new life, but a desperate hunt for a stunning young woman with a promising career, whom most people by now fear is dead, killed by her ex boyfriend. While he has not been charged with her death, the ex boyfriend David Perry is still a witness or person of interest in her disappearance. He sits in a Broome County jail in Binghamton New York, arrested May 5th on charges of Grand Larceny and Insurance Fraud, charges unrelated to Kelly’s disappearance.

Volunteers with the Center brought their cadaver search dogs and others walked with walking sticks, checking under the thick underbrush of overhanging palm trees, foot paths, and the many small bushes along the walkways and retention ponds that service the huge park. After searching for hours with no hits on the dog’s scenting,  Caison and her team moved on to the causeways in downtown Clearwater and plan on checking the many smaller parks and boat ramp areas along the intra-coastal waterway.

What I didn’t see was ANY law enforcement, canine or sheriff presence at the search sites Monica and her team had painstakingly mapped out all week, using GPS and her own methods of calculations. Some press teams interviewed Monica and there was a TV helicopter that hovered over Sand Key for about 20 minutes. I wondered if law enforcement had already searched these areas with cadaver dogs but was unable to reach the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office as of this post.

Monica Caison and her group of SAR (Search and Rescue) volunteers hail from all over; North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, Tallahassee, Jacksonville and Tampa Florida. She is expecting more to come into town on Thursday and Friday with more search animals and plans to begin an all-out search then. The CUE Center has asked for the public’s help on Thursday and Friday but the area to be searched has as yet not been determined.
I will post as much info as I can about that as soon as the info becomes available.


David Perry mug shot