Kelly Rothwell

Kelly Rothwell
Much Loved Sister, Daughter, Friend

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Interview via Facebook with Davey Perry, David Perry's Son on March 25, 26 2011

I contacted Davey Perry on March 25th via Facebook the WEEK after Kelly went missing. As you can read, I tried to get him to meet with me to talk about what happened. This was AFTER he was caught attempting to remove a cardboard from Kelly's condo. This was ALSO after he had left Florida abruptly, going to New York, before returning to Florida a few days later. When I read his FB page while he was in  New York, he made mention that he "had to" be in New York at that time. 
I thought his FB answers then were odd and a bit rehearsed or coached. My impression was that this is what he was TOLD to say and HOW to say it. Again, this was the WEEK after Kelly went missing. NO other journalist had even contacted him yet. 
Leigh Clifton

Leigh Clifton March 25 at 11:01pm
Hey Dave,
My name is Leigh Clifton and i'm a reporter /photographer in St. Pete. I was wondering if you would feel comfortable meeting me for a drink and talking about what's been going on with your Dad and Kelly's situation. No pressure and I certainly would not want to upset you. But I heard you were back in Florida and thought maybe we could meet?
Im free Saturday, late afternoon or Sunday, anytime, (Except NOT before 11am LOL) . I could come to meet you anywhere on the beach (i used to be a bartender on the beach for a long time,) so you name the place... you can call me if you want...
Leigh Clifton 
Dave Perry March 26 at 9:45am Report
I just lost the two most important people in my life, I feel like my heart has stopped and will never work again. My father and Kelly were the most Wonderful people and always optimistic about everything that happened everyday in life. I just want kelly back and for her to tell me everythings going to be alright. Dave R Perry
Leigh Clifton March 26 at 9:49am
Oh Dave. I'm so sorry
Leigh Clifton March 26 at 9:50am
I can't imagine what ur going thru
Leigh Clifton March 26 at 9:56am
Did you get a chance to ask your Dad whats happened? All of Kelly's friends have told me how sweet she was.. I didn't know you were close with her...
Leigh Clifton March 26 at 9:59am
Her smile in her pictures is just so happy... did they seem happy together? Their pictures look like they are.
Dave Perry March 26 at 10:06am Report
I never knew they were breaking up till it was on the news. My father wasn't angry, he was a caring guy who would do anything for you at the drop of a hat. Kelly's the most amazing girl, she would talk to me all the time and help me figure this crazy world out. Biggest heart ever. They seemed perfect.
Dave Perry March 26 at 10:07am Report
They were very happy
Leigh Clifton March 26 at 10:09am
Thats what makes this all so sad!
Dave Perry March 26 at 10:11am Report
The neighbors down stairs used to argue with Kelly and my dad about the my nephews running around upstairs when they came to visit. They are 2 years old let them run. They used to yell at my dad and Kelly about having a grill on there patio deck on the top floor. They couple below them are very old and rude people, Kelly and my dad used to complain to me about them all the time.
Leigh Clifton March 26 at 10:12am
They've been together for a while, havent they?
Dave Perry March 26 at 10:13am Report
This whole thing is a nightmare and will never end
Dave Perry March 26 at 10:15am Report
Yea I think 3 or 4 years
Leigh Clifton March 26 at 10:17am
hey, I have a sports thing to cover today in Gulfport, but I'm free around 4-5 or so... Wanna meet for a drink at Daquiri Deck or someplace up your way?
Dave Perry March 26 at 10:19am Report
I'm sorry no
Leigh Clifton March 26 at 10:26am
But Dave ,
when you were young, was your Dad really tough you? You sure you don't want to talk about it?
Leigh Clifton March 26 at 10:35am
Why do you feel you've lost your Dad too?
Leigh Clifton March 26 at 10:39am
I just can't imagine how sad this is for you! I just can't imagine...but your dad is still here... is he very upset about all this? He's GOT to be...

Friday, May 6, 2011

New York State Insurance Fund Located in Broome County

New details are coming to light about the arrest of David Perry last night that might explain the reason he was arrested and held without bail in the Broome County jail in Binghamton, New York, rather than Elmira, where Perry lives. The warrant issued for his arrest was initiated in Broome County, where the New York State Insurance Fund is located. The fund is responsible for the payments of Workman's Compensation for injury claims for Region 2, which includes the Elmira area where Perry had filed a claim for a work-related injury. The New York State Insurance Fund would be the injured party to Perry's possible fraudulent claim of injury and would seek recovery of any money paid out to Perry for that claim. The charges of felony grand larceny and fraud would in all likelihood be tried in the Broome County Court system.
Perry's attorney Thomas Reilly is in Elmira and would have to travel a substantial distance to represent his client.
Perry remains in the Broome County Jail and is being held without bail.

David Perry Arrested in Allegany County on Fraud, Grand Larceny Charges

David Perry,46, the man wanted for questioning in the disappearance of  missing Florida police cadet Kelly Rothwell, was arrested by New York State Police Thursday night in Allegheny County on a  warrant issued from the New York State Police in  Broome County, Binghamton, New York. Perry, who was stopped in a traffic stop on the warrant, has been charged with Felony Grand Larceny and Fraud. 

Perry was arraigned in front of a judge at 2 a.m. Friday morning and is being held without bail in the Broome County Jail at this time, according to a Sgt. on duty at the jail. The case will go to a Grand Jury for indictment on felony charges, which can result in federal jail time. Perry is being investigated for filing a fraudulent injury report when he worked as a corrections officer at the Elmira Correctional Maximum Security Prison in Elmira , New York. He reportedly ran toward a fight among inmates, then claimed to have injured his back in the ensuing fight. Perry carried two long-term disability insurance policies from two separate insurance companies and received a disability pension from the State of New York. He also filed a successful claim with Social Security Disability.

What Perry was doing in Allegheny County is anyone's guess although  Perry was spotted last week on Rt 17, which runs across Chemung and Steuben Counties into Allegheny County. The area is known for it's great trout fishing and boating on Red House Lake, a man-made lake located in the Allegheny State Park.

News of Perry's arrest hit the local Elmira New York news station YNN and the local paper The Star Gazzette, then quickly spread on Facebook to the several sites devoted to Kelly Rothwell's disappearance.  While Perry has not been charged in Kelly's disappearance, her family and friends feel very sure that Perry had something to do with it.

"I think he killed my friend," said Kelly's best friend Donna Scharrett. "I think he put her somewhere and we just want to bring her home."

"We are just ecstatic," Kelly's mother Nancy Rothwell said by phone early Friday morning. 
"We're glad that at least he's been arrested .. now hopefully we'll get some answers. Sooner or later, when you do wrong, it WILL catch up with you," Nancy Rothwell said. 
Lauren Rothwell, Kelly's younger sister was hopeful that Perry's arrest would make him more cooperative with police about her sister's disappearance. 
"I hope if he sits in jail, he''ll decide that he wants to help us find my sister," she said by phone.

 Perry has so far maintained his verbal silence, although there have been many posts on the various Kelly Rothwell pages that have been taunting and vile about Kelly and ridicule law enforcement. These posts appear to come from fake profiles that adopt a hit and run style of abuse and are almost impossible to trace. But the sheer volume and the tone suggest that David Perry may be responsible for most of them. 

Monica Caison director of the CUE  Center for Missing Persons, a search and rescue organization from Wilmington, NC arrived in town with cadaver dogs Wednesday night. She spent most  of Thursday morning with the Pinellas County Sheriff Office's  detectives Mike Bailey and Amy Plourde, being briefed about Kelly's disappearance and subsequent ongoing investigation. Caison spent the afternoon checking out GPS coordinates and mapping out a search area. The rest of her search team and dogs are due to arrive Friday afternoon and a full-out search will begin Saturday morning, based on her GPS mapping and a famous "gut feeling" that has made her so successful in finding missing persons in the past. She plans on searching the parks and Nature preserves in and around the area where Kelly lived with Perry in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

CUE Center for Missing Persons to Help Search for Kelly Rothwell

As speculation mounts about the disappearance of Kelly Rothwell, rumors have swirled about the possible involvement of her then -boyfriend, David Perry. It is widely thought that he, at the very least, has firsthand knowledge of her movements when she returned to her condo the afternoon of March 12th. At the most extreme, it is surmised that he killed her in a fit of rage as she tried to break up with him, disposed of her body somewhere, and took off for Elmira, New York, his childhood home, where he remains to this day.

If that widely held scenario is accepted by most, it then begs to question, where is Kelly Rothwell?

The straight-line route from Indian Rocks Beach to Elmira New York is approximately 1039 miles. On Wednesday night, Monica Caisson from the CUE Center for Missing Persons in Wilmington, N.C. will be arriving with cadaver dogs and a host of volunteers to begin the search for Kelly Rothwell in the Florida area. She and her teams of searchers will develop a perimeter and work outwards from that, concentrating on cell phone tower locations along the route from Florida, north towards New York. The CUE will search only Florida at this point but may expand the search as necessary.

Kelly Rothwell’s cell phone and purse were never found and were not among her belongings left in the condo, according to her mother, Nancy Rothwell, who came down to Florida from Baltimore to recover her daughters personal effects the week after Kelly went missing.

The question still lingers... Where is Kelly Rothwell?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Town Adopts a Missing Woman as Her Ex-boyfriend Taunts on Facebook

The tiny town of Elmira, New York pulled together last Saturday night to honor missing Florida Police Cadet Kelly Rothwell.  With candles and song, poetry and love, they walked around Eldridge Park lake, with Kelly's sisters Lauren and Lindsay, to pay tribute to a vibrant, beautiful woman whose only fatal mistake was to try and walk away from her then boyfriend, Elmira native David Perry. She went home to their shared Florida condo to break up with him March 12th and was never seen or heard from again.

Perry, who has a police-documented history of domestic violence, has steadfastly remained silent, although many messages and comments to the Facebook sites and blogs started for Kelly by her friends, have been riddled with vile and disgusting comments by  bang-and -run  Facebook entries. After investigation, almost ALL of these profiles have been found to be fake, leading most to believe that Perry himself made them up. People in Elmira that knew him when he lived there have all called him 'arrogant, belligerent and egotistical',  and many have surmised that it is Perry himself that has been posting the comments and vague threats of retaliation. Admins of the Facebook pages dedicated to Kelly have been strident in capturing and deleting these posts, although not before copying them and sending them in to law enforcement. Internet stalking, know as Cyberstalking and writing threatening or malicious words to cause harm to another person is a crime in New York as well as many other states.

The postings are taunts and grisly summations of what may have happened to Kelly and are too graphic to be posted here. Suffice to say that they are, in the least, the rantings and attention-grabbing ravings of an  ego-hungry maniac. Could they be the confessions of a cold-blooded sociopath who knows what really happened to Kelly and is reveling in the publicity?

Statistics state that any "normal" innocent person would not taunt nor degrade a person with whom they had shared a life with, yet Perry has consistently berated and verbally abused  his ex- wife Luana, to this day, sending her disparaging emails and calling her unspeakable names. The posts from other sites,  purported to be from "Whoopisisobese, UKguy, Justified, Reasonable1234 and NYJRT  ALL contain virtually the same language, including the misspellings and syntax There is a discernible pattern of speech  that those who knew Perry say they recognize. The names on the different sites may be different, yet the verbiage is almost identical. Most who have read the posts on the various sites and this blog agree that the speech patterns fit Perry. It seems the entire town of Elmira has an opinion of Dave Perry.

The good people of Elmira honored a woman Saturday night who they never met, didn't know and will never  have the opportunity to meet or talk with..... because someone cruelly  took her life. A life she had worked hard for and was looking forward to, a life of service to her community and and a life with good friends and a loving family. She tried to run from a horrible situation with David Perry....
She just couldn't run fast enough.


David Perry mug shot