Kelly Rothwell

Kelly Rothwell
Much Loved Sister, Daughter, Friend

Monday, May 23, 2011

Where are Kelly's Rocks and Crystals?

Kelly Rothwell loved crystals and rocks of all kinds. Being a Geology Major, she had collected quite a few of the large geodes, rocks with formed crystals in them, collecting them on mountain hikes in Colorado and West Virginia. They were large beautiful half rocks with several different types of crystals in them; amethyst, quartz, rose quartz, calcite and agate among others. Her sisters Lauren and Lindsay both recall seeing the geodes on display; Kelly had them placed all around her condo. She believed in the healing and spiritual power of crystals.

When Nancy Rothwell went into her daughter's condo, after Kelly went missing on March 12th, 2011, she noticed things that WEREN'T there, in addition to the things that were left. And she noticed that the large geodes, as many as ten or more, were NOT in the condo..... they were missing, never found among her possessions.
 WHERE ARE THE MISSING GEODES? Each geode can weigh well over ten pounds and they are heavy and awkward to hold. 

Who would take them? The only other person who had access to them was David Perry. He lived in the condo with Kelly. Does HE know where they are? Could he have taken them with him when he left for New York in such a hurry? As of now, we don't know, because Perry has refused to answer any questions in relation to Kelly's disappearance.

What IS known is that his sadness at her disappearance is SO great, he held hands at lunch with a blond wearing a brown hoodie in  a Corning, NY deli/grocery store, cozily sitting side by side and getting  a peck on the lips as they left. 

So much for soul mates.Does the new blond  girlfriend know David was arrested  May 5th for fraud and grand larceny? That's public record. What ALSO is public record are the police reports of domestic violence reported when Perry was married to his first wife Luana. Perry also worked at the Outback Steakhouse, RIGHT after he obtained his "disability"compensation and was fired for choking a cook in the kitchen when Perry became displeased with how his food came out. Does she also know that David Perry is a "witness" in his missing girlfriend, Kelly Rothwell's, case. An uninformed mind could be a dangerous thing.

So, one wonders, where are Kelly's crystals?


  1. I think Nancy Rothwell should file a theft report with the local police in Florida regarding the missing crystals --- and name David Perry Sr as a possible suspect since he was the last known person to leave the condo when Kelly went missing. Then perhaps the authorities will be able to question him about the missing crystals--which may result in them finding information about Kelly's disappearance.




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