Kelly Rothwell

Kelly Rothwell
Much Loved Sister, Daughter, Friend

Monday, June 20, 2011

Close Friend of Kelly Rothwell's Recounts David Perry's Bizarre Behavior

Catherine Pranskatis knew Kelly when she lived in Colorado and when Kelly moved they swore to keep in touch. When she went to visit Kelly in Indian Rocks Beach for a week, she got to see first hand what Kelly was dealing with in her home life. And what she saw disturbed her... greatly.

"Kelly and I used to talk all the time; we were both into meditative issues and mental healing, " Catherine

"From the minute I got there, I could tell that Dave didn't want me there; he would grow really impatient when Kelly and I would sit and talk for hours. He didn't want us to talk; he would make noise or slam doors or kitchen drawers, just be really disruptive. It drove me nuts and I could see what Kelly was dealing with. She would try to soothe him and calm him down, but I could tell two days into my week-long stay that he wanted me gone."

Catherine said Dave vacuumed 4-5 times a day, even going into the guest room she was staying in.

"He went into the room I was staying in and moved all my stuff, so he could vacuum the floor in there. It was just bizarre. He picked my stuff up and sort of threw it out of the way."

Catherine sat with Kelly and asked her what was up.

Kelly told her that he liked to 'see the lines in the carpet.'
"I looked at Kelly and said THAT is NOT normal; this guy sounds like he has mental issues!"

Catherine told me that Kelly actually moved to West Virginia, to take a job and break up with Dave. She figured if she left Florida, she could start a new life with a new job. But Dave followed her, staying in the hotel where she worked with her, berating her the whole time about moving back to Florida. He didn't want to let go of the condo; he said he liked being so close to the beach. He was unhappy in West Virginia and told her every chance he could.

Ultimately, to pacify him, Kelly came back to Florida, giving up her hotel job in West Virginia.

"Kelly only talked to me once about Dave's behavior," Catherine said. "She told me that he was very loud and abusive and that she thought he would hit her. I said 'you have to leave him, he's just not right mentally'...
She never spoke to me about him again."


  1. all the signs were there. he needs to be stopped. go ahead and rant here dave. you know it's true - all of your past gf and ex-wife have said the same. you are a time bomb and kelly lit your fuse. justice will come and we all hope it's soon! goin' down... LisaD

  2. OMG! I get a knot in my stomach because of what she went through. Seriously he had to have stripes in the carpet. How in the hell do you walk on the carpet without him getting alll pissed off??? kc

  3. WOW!!!!! So many signs of domestic abuse and poor Kelly gave into him not because she believed him but because it was easier like calming him down when her friend stayed (we don't know what he said to her to make her go back to florida) which is a clear sign of a victim of emotional abuse... Just like his rantings about us it is a control issue....

    And just to be sure we are "all" on the same page, here is some information about Domestic Abuse and its definition:


    Domestic violence and emotional abuse are behaviors used by one person in a relationship to control the other. Partners may be married or not married; heterosexual, gay, or lesbian; living together, separated or dating.

    Examples of abuse include:

    ■name-calling or putdowns
    ■keeping a partner from contacting their family or friends
    ■withholding money
    ■stopping a partner from getting or keeping a job
    ■actual or threatened physical harm
    ■sexual assault

    Kelly was very much in a Domestic Violence Relationship.... Nancy Rodabaugh

  4. OMG i cannot believe this What kind of NUT has to see the LINES in the carpet. WOW this is totaley INSANE. Vacumming 4-5 times a day What the hell did he think could get on the floor that fast. WOW

  5. "Life is good" when...all the carpet fibers are in place, when the can labels are all neatly arranged in the cupboard, when the towels are folded and stacked ever so perfectly, when he stalked Kelly by checking her email, having her shut her FB page down, when he called her non-stop, when he text messaged her continuously, when he followed her and begged her to move back to FL (probably told her he'd change), when he already lined up the next victim Melissa before Kelly left him! Yes, "life is good" for him when he's in control!!!!! Nobody else though. He made Kelly's life a living hell!!! David Perry needs to come with a warning label...tatooed right on that balding head of his!!! kc



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