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Kelly Rothwell
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Friday, August 19, 2011

Army Medical Base Commander in Hawaii to Speak to Melissa Walker about Her Involvement with David Perry.

 Specialist Melissa Walker may soon have a sit-down with her superiors about her relationship with David Perry.
Sgt. Major Sloan, of the Tripler Medical Center in Hawaii where Melissa Walker works said via phone interview that he intended to speak to Walker about her involvement with Perry after learning that Perry is a suspect in the disappearance of Kelly Rothwell in Florida and has also been charged with two counts of Felony Grand Larceny in a Work-Comp claim from October of 2003 in New York. The two cases are unrelated.

Perry has shown a distinct pattern of abuse with the women in his life; physically and verbally abusing his ex-wife and their three children,often threatening  that he would kill the children to make his ex-wife suffer. He was controlling and manipulative of Kelly Rothwell, his then-girlfriend in Florida, following her, monitoring her phone calls and hacking her computer. He was overly possessive, jealous and had a violent temper. Rothwell went missing March 12, of this year, after going home to break up with Perry. Downstairs neighbors heard loud thumping noises right at the time Kelly would have been walking in the door of their shared condo on Indian Rocks Beach. The thumping was followed by silence, then vacuuming, something Perry did four-five times a day.

Kelly Rothwell was never seen again; Perry left that same day for Elmira, New York,where he owns a home. He has consistently refused to answer any questions about Kelly's disappearance, refusing to give a DNA sample nor has he helped in any way for the search for Kelly.    

Now Perry is involved with Army Specialist Melissa Walker, who is currently stationed in Hawaii. Perry had obtained permission from Broome County Judge Martin Smith to visit Walker for a month, from mid-July to just a few days ago.
Calls to A.D.A. Sandra Cardone confirm that she noted an objection to the court in Perry’s appearance before the judge, but her protests were ignored. Perry was allowed to leave New York and go to Hawaii to visit Walker for a month.
 Perry supposedly met Walker via Craig's List two weeks after Kelly's disappearance. However, there is mounting evidence that he knew Walker before Kelly came home that night to break up with him.  Walker was warned by Pinellas County Sheriffs's detectives about Perry's violent past and possible involvement in her probable homicide.  After that initial contact, Walker has since refused to speak to detectives and claims to have "worked it all out" with Perry. But what does that mean? Does she have knowledge of something Perry did? Is she involved as well?

Sgt. Major Sloan said that while relationships such as Walker and Perry’s are more of a civil concern than a military one, he felt that speaking to her about it was part of the process a commander feels necessary to use with his troops.
“We’re not just here to give orders,” Sloan said. “We are also here as mentors, advisors and colleagues. We like to know what’s going on with our soldiers. While Walker can’t help who she falls in love with, there could be an issue if she was involved in any of his alleged activities.”

Col. Chandle, another commander on base was upset that she had not been informed of Walker and Perry’s involvement before our phone interview. I asked if there was any protocol or regulations that would preclude their relationship. 
“That is an internal matter, which we would discuss with Specialist Walker, but I believe there are certain protocols that must be maintained.”
Chandle referred me to the Protocol Office and Janet Rogers. Calls to that office have not been returned as of this posting.

What connection, if any, does Melissa Walker have in Perry’s possible involvement with Kelly Rothwell’s disappearance? If in fact she does marry Perry, then presumably she would not be able to testify to any knowledge of his possible criminal acts.

It seems that Perry, however, has kept things close to his family tree; His mother, Pamalee Walker, worked in the Psychiatric Ward in an Elmira hospital. She disliked her own son so much she banned him from her own funeral this past February.
  Likewise, according to Sgt. Major Sloan, Melissa Walker also works in Psychiatry at the Tripler Army Medical Center in Hawaii. They both have the same last name. Coincidence?  Or just lined up neatly, like Perry likes it. Like two perfect parallel lines…
Meanwhile, Kelly Rothwell is still missing…


  1. Wow! I can't believe Melissa would just ignore all of this! Could she lose her job and possibly tar her reputation for a manipulative abusive psychopathic murderer? Maybe he is pushing her into marriage so quickly because he is desperate for some money. I bet there is something he would get from the military if this ends in divorce, sone kind of settlement. I think he's done his homework! He did with Kelly. Didn't he say he was going to "move with the rich b**** from Florida"? BRING KELLY ROTHWELL HOME!

  2. Good thing someone's going to talk to Melissa about this. They may not get information from her, but will at least have the opportunity to, once again, warn her of Perry's controlling, abusive ways. On the other hand, Perry may have told her something, her commander could talk her into breaking up with him, and THEN she could tell what she was told by Perry. Once again, thank you for posting such an informative, candid article Leigh. LD

  3. Good job Leigh! Hopefully they can talk some sense to her.

  4. Now that is what I am talking about . Lets get this ball rolling so JUSTICE can be served. Time is running out on you ( you know who you are) I can't even say your name anymore it makes me sick .

  5. I really don't get it. How can someone be THAT naive, unless she KNOWS SOMETHING?! This guy is more and more of a creep to me, the more I read. He seriously lives in DP's world, not the real world that the rest of the human species functions in. What baffles me even more though is what kind of judge LETS a probable muderer, woman beater, and government swindler go on vacation to hawaii?!?! Lord help this girl if she truly is just too stupid to see through the lines he is feeding her. And hopefully she isn't so blind that she gets an accidental death, life insurance policy with him as the beneficiary...

  6. Can't figure out what he's more upset writing about his Mommy or Melissa? I'm betting on the Mommy issue! Melissa is disposable, but he was a bad boy so Mommy dis-owned him!
    Melissa, he's damaged goods! You'll be sorry if you continue this relationship! Didn't you read that in Psychiatry 101???

  7. Oooooh Leigh, you made David Perry madder than a wet hornet with this article! So mad he started his own blog of stolen copywrited material and is posting to himself! How creative! Seriously Melissa? Has he flipped out on you yet? It won't be long!



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