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Kelly Rothwell
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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Interview via Facebook with Davey Perry, David Perry's Son on March 25, 26 2011

I contacted Davey Perry on March 25th via Facebook the WEEK after Kelly went missing. As you can read, I tried to get him to meet with me to talk about what happened. This was AFTER he was caught attempting to remove a cardboard from Kelly's condo. This was ALSO after he had left Florida abruptly, going to New York, before returning to Florida a few days later. When I read his FB page while he was in  New York, he made mention that he "had to" be in New York at that time. 
I thought his FB answers then were odd and a bit rehearsed or coached. My impression was that this is what he was TOLD to say and HOW to say it. Again, this was the WEEK after Kelly went missing. NO other journalist had even contacted him yet. 
Leigh Clifton

Leigh Clifton March 25 at 11:01pm
Hey Dave,
My name is Leigh Clifton and i'm a reporter /photographer in St. Pete. I was wondering if you would feel comfortable meeting me for a drink and talking about what's been going on with your Dad and Kelly's situation. No pressure and I certainly would not want to upset you. But I heard you were back in Florida and thought maybe we could meet?
Im free Saturday, late afternoon or Sunday, anytime, (Except NOT before 11am LOL) . I could come to meet you anywhere on the beach (i used to be a bartender on the beach for a long time,) so you name the place... you can call me if you want...
Leigh Clifton 
Dave Perry March 26 at 9:45am Report
I just lost the two most important people in my life, I feel like my heart has stopped and will never work again. My father and Kelly were the most Wonderful people and always optimistic about everything that happened everyday in life. I just want kelly back and for her to tell me everythings going to be alright. Dave R Perry
Leigh Clifton March 26 at 9:49am
Oh Dave. I'm so sorry
Leigh Clifton March 26 at 9:50am
I can't imagine what ur going thru
Leigh Clifton March 26 at 9:56am
Did you get a chance to ask your Dad whats happened? All of Kelly's friends have told me how sweet she was.. I didn't know you were close with her...
Leigh Clifton March 26 at 9:59am
Her smile in her pictures is just so happy... did they seem happy together? Their pictures look like they are.
Dave Perry March 26 at 10:06am Report
I never knew they were breaking up till it was on the news. My father wasn't angry, he was a caring guy who would do anything for you at the drop of a hat. Kelly's the most amazing girl, she would talk to me all the time and help me figure this crazy world out. Biggest heart ever. They seemed perfect.
Dave Perry March 26 at 10:07am Report
They were very happy
Leigh Clifton March 26 at 10:09am
Thats what makes this all so sad!
Dave Perry March 26 at 10:11am Report
The neighbors down stairs used to argue with Kelly and my dad about the my nephews running around upstairs when they came to visit. They are 2 years old let them run. They used to yell at my dad and Kelly about having a grill on there patio deck on the top floor. They couple below them are very old and rude people, Kelly and my dad used to complain to me about them all the time.
Leigh Clifton March 26 at 10:12am
They've been together for a while, havent they?
Dave Perry March 26 at 10:13am Report
This whole thing is a nightmare and will never end
Dave Perry March 26 at 10:15am Report
Yea I think 3 or 4 years
Leigh Clifton March 26 at 10:17am
hey, I have a sports thing to cover today in Gulfport, but I'm free around 4-5 or so... Wanna meet for a drink at Daquiri Deck or someplace up your way?
Dave Perry March 26 at 10:19am Report
I'm sorry no
Leigh Clifton March 26 at 10:26am
But Dave ,
when you were young, was your Dad really tough you? You sure you don't want to talk about it?
Leigh Clifton March 26 at 10:35am
Why do you feel you've lost your Dad too?
Leigh Clifton March 26 at 10:39am
I just can't imagine how sad this is for you! I just can't imagine...but your dad is still here... is he very upset about all this? He's GOT to be...


  1. Hmmm....looks like a trend, but hey, that's just me...

  2. Sounds to me like maybe Jr. had his dad answer you. It sounds exactly like what you would want to hear. Except for the part where he says "this whole thing is a nightmare and will never end". Why never?

  3. Exactly my thought. Why never? It is sad that his children feel the need to protect him in fear of his retaliations. They do not deserve this...
    Kelly and Dave were extremly happy at one point in their relationship... not towards the end obviously. Dave did do everything for Kelly. financialy and with material posessions, he gave her anything and everything as long as it kept her with him. Kelly loved him so much. She went through so much with him, always trying to HELP him. She never made it about herself. He always made it about hisself. So when she does finally make it about herself, this is what is given to her. It is extremly heartbreaking that he felt it necessary to end it this way. This did not have to be. ~LR

  4. Maybe once his father is sentenced for the fraud, he will feel better able to talk.

  5. Leigh, you are a GREAT REPORTER, and u have never stopped :) are they going to be able to question David Perry now about Kelly??

  6. sounds legitimately sad,but I dont buy his answers....

  7. Very interesting to say the least!! I don't understand the statement, "this whole thing is a nightmare and will never end." Sounds to me like he knows something for sure.

  8. Wow, totally sounds like his dad answering... I don't think dad would let son answer these questions. Way too controlling.

  9. Leigh~ have the police followed up on his interview with you? I agree on the comment "never end", never is a serious implication on what he knows.



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