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Kelly Rothwell
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Friday, January 13, 2012

David Perry Texts to Melissa Walker’s Sister Show Creepy Pattern of Obsession, Stalker-Like Behavior.

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With the news this evening of possible felony aggravated stalking charges being levied at David Perry in the disappearance of Kelly Rothwell, David Perry’s character (or lack of it) is coming under increased scrutiny and certainly lends credence to the stories of his stalking that other women, including his ex-wife Luana, co-workers and ex girlfriend Ann Morris have told about him.
Perry’s pattern seems to remain a constant; with all of the women he has either dated or been married to, as with Kelly, he started out charming and attentive, gradually gaining the confidence and trust of the object of his affections. But soon he graduated to subtle forms of control; as in Kelly’s case and the others, he put the cell phones in his name. Then, as in Kelly’s case, gradually the bank accounts become joint accounts and are in his hometown Elmira, N.Y. Bank of Chemung Canal. Soon he started to call, “just to hear your voice”, then he texted when the woman doesn’t answer right away. He sent flowers and presents to the woman’s work, which he did in Kelly’s case as well as other women he was involved with. He started showing up unannounced and became resentful when he wasn’t welcome. He became threatening when the woman tried to leave him. Those that did get away became objects of his anger and revenge and possibly with Kelly, the ultimate betrayal, he killed her instead of letting her walk away from him.
All of this behavior is classic stalking; a man obsessed with perfection and control, who manipulates at first by kindness and generosity, but degenerates into fear, violence and ultimately, murder. David Perry exhibited all of the classic signs of a stalker, not only with Kelly, but the many other women he was involved with over the years.
His latest “victim”, Melissa Walker, married the kind, generous guy that Perry always is in the beginning, although he was beginning to show signs of obsession and control already into their four month of marriage. The cell phones were already in his name and as Melissa was slowly starting to realize that something wasn’t quite right, her family became increasingly suspicious and fearful for her.
Older sister Cassie is very close to Melissa and she began to suspect that something was just off in the relationship. She and her family were not even told until after the wedding that Walker and Perry had married.
“I even mentioned that she should wait until he was found innocent of the charges,” Cassie said. “Then she could marry him with a clear conscience and they wouldn’t have all that hanging over their heads. But she loved him so much and he was so wonderful to her, she just wanted to be a wife and eventually have a family.”
But even as Cassie suspicions grew, Perry convinced Melissa not to read what was being written about him and not to believe anything being said about his involvement in Kelly Rothwell’s disappearance. So she didn’t.
“You have to understand,” Cassie said, “that my sister is smart, beautiful and loves people. She wants to see the good in everyone. So she ignored whatever signs there were that something wasn’t quite right and just went with her heart.”
Just like Kelly Rothwell…..
On December 27th, when a family member called Cassie in tears and told her to read a letter that I had written to Melissa on this blog, Cassie knew that what was being said about Perry had merit. She convinced Melissa to read it. On December 30th, Melissa filed for divorce. And true to form, David Perry started barraging her with texts and phone calls. When he couldn’t get through to Melissa, he started texting Cassie, trying to get her on his side. His texts were rambling and full of misspellings. But more than that, they show the mind of a man on the edge that seems poised to start stalking his latest victim. Below are the texts sent to Cassie over an afternoon/evening period. Note that he calls Melissa his “yummy wife” and makes reference to their souls being together forever. CREEPY and possibly dangerous?
If it sounds familiar, it’s because it’s the same thing he said to Kelly. And Luana… And Ann… And Wendy… He recently told a person in New York that Kelly was his “soul-mate”. He insisted he had nothing to do with her disappearance.
Below are the texts he sent, complete with misspellings and punctuation. Interesting to note is the spelling of “ happymess”, a noted misspelling that appeared in David Perry’s “Innocent” FaceBook page often as well as the spew that was written on True Crime Report, with vile and disgusting comments that many attribute directly to Perry.
You be the judge ….Read on…

cassie its dave melissa husband i just wanted to apologies for any issues i have caused melissa you and your family ........ I never meant to hurt any of you and am sorry that your family has been brought into this .. I am not the person the internet claims i am and i have never hurt anyone in any way !!!!! Always know melissa is my world and my love and life !!!! And would do anything for her including walking away so she can move forward --- my heart is crushed but her happymess is so more important to me .... Again i am truly sorry and will do anything for your sister
Melissa is my heart and soul !!!! Always has been always will be !!!!! And her happiness is all i care about ...... So if that means me being unhappy so she can find happiness so be it !!!! I know deep down our hearts and soul are one and will always be .... I would give anything including my life to make her happy --- she means everything to me ........ I love and adore her deeply and i will always feel that way no one can take that from me !!!!! Thank you for being there for her she loves you so so much ....
I struggle every second every minute every day without melissa !!!!! So lost and confused without my yummy wife this might sound stupid but i have called her phone just to hear her voice
Fwd: I have lost everything over this my friends my children are harassed and now my family melissa and little grace..... Only thing they have to take now is my life and i refused to give them that !!!!!

I am assuming that Perry is referring to his daughter Brittani’s new baby, Grace, who it is said he has not been allowed to see.
What is most frightening to me is that Melissa may think that she will be able to just divorce this man and walk away. I hope that she is not that naïve. I hope she has strong defenses and people around her that will hold her up and keep her safe.

Two other points of note:
1) Melissa wants her name back. She has told Perry that she does NOT want him to have her last name. He took her last name when they married. Did he think a name change would suddenly make him pure in everyone’s eyes? Does he have another motive, say; to get out of town unnoticed if everything goes south?
2) David Perry replied to her divorce lawyer that he will only sign the divorce papers IF Melissa gives him his ring back. Sound familiar? Guess he thinks he will need it for his next conquest…. REGIFTING again Perry? Really?

Meanwhile, Kelly Rothwell is still missing…
Ten months today… and her family is still waiting for answers~~


  1. Thank you Leigh... This guy is so creepy on so many levels. I know someone with very similar traits and track record (except for murder). It just makes you sick inside... Reminds me of the movie "Sleeping with the Enemy". What you are doing for Kelly and the family is Wonderful! What you are doing for the women of the world could be life saving. God Bless You.

  2. First I want to say that your articles concerning Kelly's case I feel have been a very important link to keeping her name in the news which is so very important. I also am glad to see all the work you have done copyrighted because you deserve to be recognized for your continual investigative reporting as well as your committment to uncovering the truth about David Perry. I commend you for your work here and appreciate what you are doing even though this is a difficult topic that is heartbreaking. The fact that you have been able to make contact with Melissa Walker's sister and have reported this shows that your steadfast concern for Kelly and her family and bringing justice to her case is something that one can see you are passionate about. Blessings to you Leigh and to Kelly's family, Melissa and Cassie and to anyone else committed to bringing the only suspect in for what he has done.

  3. Thanks for all of this information Leigh. You really put things into perspective. Let's hope and pray Melissa stays strong. She definitely did the right thing.

    Prayers to Kelly Rothwell and all of her family and friends.

  4. Does he want the ring back because it is, in fact, Kelly's missing family heirloom ring?

  5. I find the comments, by LC to be off color. Although these are supposed texts of DP I don't find them at all relevant with the Kelly Rothwell case. I can only conclude that LC has it out for DP and will stop at nothing until he has been imprisoned for "any" crime made available.

  6. Awesome information! Love how you are dissecting the behavior of the psychopath that Perry is! cannot make a deal with the devil! His "I'll do this if you do that" manipulation is just that!! Stand your ground! I really hope this will help Pinellas investigation for Kelly's case!

  7. Hey Anonymous @ 8:17 AM - you must be a Perry family member. No one else will stand by him. Leigh, good job once again. You continue to state FACTS about scumbag's behavior, and to keep Kelly's case alive. I was actually wondering yesterday, is there any chance you, Lauren, Donna, etc will contact Nancy Grace and ask/plead with her to re-visit this case and air an update? So hoping Melissa stands strong and remains safe.

  8. The bad news, for Melissa in terms of the divorce, is that I'm pretty sure she cannot force Perry to relinquish the name Walker. The good news, on the other hand, is that he cannot force her to return the ring, even by refusing to sign the divorce papers. She can get the divorce without his signature, thank goodness, it just may take a little longer. I hope she stays strong and does not let him have any control.

  9. First I want to say that your blog has been most informative and shows that your intent to bring Justice to Kelly's case is commendable ! But I would like to address one of the comments to you that starts out by saying "I find the comments, by LC to be off color". This type of comment is lacking in any knowledge of the cycle of abuse which is part of our society's problem in recognizing psychopathic behaviors BEFORE tragedy strikes. As a Domestic Violence Awareness Advocate I can support Leigh's use of information from those connected with DP as vital in showing that DP's repeated controlling and over the top proclamations of love for his partner are very relevant to Kelly's case because it shows a pattern of repeated behaviors which in my opinion appears to indicate psychopathic tendancies. I believe that the "off color" comment is questionable and very suspicious.

  10. Leigh, you should be flattered that this "anonymous" person thinks you are solely responsible for David Perry's demise! GOOD JOB! But that sounds like a person who does not take responsibility for his own actions. Keep are a great writer and everything you put out there about David Perry's behavior IS connected to Kelly's disappearance. It is my feeling that this "anonymous" person is David Perry himself!

  11. I think that comment was made by David using some elses computer or there is this strange woman who lives not to far from me Luana and she is as creepy as he is. She supports him and writes things about him that sound like this person too. I hope Melissa understands his niceness will not last and soon will turn to hate. David can't stand to be rejected like she is doing and it will get very bad for awhile. Keep holding strong because it is not over for you.

  12. Thank you for our continued work to keep all informed on Kelly's case. Your efforts (especially your letter to Melissa) may well have saved Melissa from a similar demise. Thankfully, a loved one was able to reach her in time. Keep on and God bless you.



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