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Kelly Rothwell
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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Will David Perry be Able to Afford Valentine's Gifts and Which Lucky Gal Gets the Romantic VD Dinner at Wegmans?

No one has seen David Perry lately. And nobody has seen him tooling around town in his swanky his little blue 2006 Honda lately. License plate number # BRC -5978. The same Honda he drove to New York last year, leaving the same night his girlfriend Kelly Rothwell went “missing.” The same blue Honda he refused to give up to New York authorities for almost two weeks. The same blue Honda he probably cleaned out so meticulously, clinically removing any traces of… what? Camping equipment? A large sail bag? Kelly’s body perhaps?
What with his intense OCD raging, it’s a wonder Perry even let the cops touch his little blue Honda at all. Sound familiar folks? Perry has a penchant for replacing things and people that are no longer useful to him. He smoothly glides from one object or person to another with such fluidity; it’s hard to keep up with him these days.
Look how he forgot Kelly? After a three year relationship, how could it have been so easy to hook up with someone else SO fast? And then MARRY someone, all the while the “love of his life” is missing? He never bothered to help look for Kelly, never spoke to law enforcement about her... AT ALL….Like I said, replacements always seems to be in the wings. Now he is being replaced; divorced by a woman who probably saved her own life by doing just that.
Perry has some deep insecurities, according to his ex-wife Luana that might explain his narcissistic behavior. “Dave can never be alone,” she said in an interview. “He always has to have someone around him. When we were married, he was seeing two, sometimes three other women. Once he brought a girl home to OUR home. He told me to just deal with it! He went after a good friend of mine at a party; she was married at the time. But he didn’t care about that. He took advantage of her when we were all partying and then just left her on the floor. He didn’t care. He has no conscience, no morals. He doesn’t care who it is, if they’re married or even much younger than him. He has to prove that he’s bigger and badder than everybody else. He’s so sick... it was a nightmare living with him. I’ll bet he had someone even while he was married to Melissa Walker. There’s no way he could be alone for that long with her so far away.”
So how IS David Perry paying for all of his new toys? We know that he is being investigated for fraud by the New York State Insurance Fund for claiming an injury in an inmate-related scuffle he allegedly was involved in. We also know that Social Security, which he is also collecting, is hot on his trail for fraud as well. So where is the money coming from? Luana has a few ideas…
“Dave always had a lot of money on him and he used to keep a big stash in the house. He always seemed to know guys who were known drug dealers at the time too. When we were still married, we used to drive down to Florida all the time from New York and then back up to New York. I never asked what he was taking and bringing, but I had a pretty good idea...”
Luana said that Perry smoked a lot of pot; in fact on one of the domestic abuse calls to the house while they were still married, the investigating officer found pot growing in the basement of Perry’s house and a gun on top of the refrigerator. One anonymous New York officer still can’t figure out to this day how he got away with that; the charges were suddenly dropped at arraignment.
Does Perry have a secret stash that he’s been living on? How can he afford trips to Hawaii for almost a month, an engagement ring (‘Oh, and I want that back’) and a beach wedding as well as a new apt while his house ,which is up for sale, is being shown. How is he affording the first, last and deposit? Since he has been accused of defrauding the state of New York, do you think they just MIGHT want to cut him off?? And if they have, then how is he paying for his new toys?
Perry has some Florida Keys connections too; friends with fast boats and fishing charters. Great business, with wonderful, easy access to the Gulf of Mexico from say, Islamorada. Does anyone else here go HHHMMM? Anybody?
Does anybody really believe that Perry came BACK to Florida last year for BAR STOOLS??? So what WAS in the storage unit that he had to have?
So many questions that have no answers…
Like, where is Kelly Rothwell, Dave? Did you drive her to New York in the blue Honda and dispose of her up there? UP there where you thought no one would look? Is that why you were SO cocky in your comments to this blog, claiming that no one would ever find her? Guess again... No one has given up the search; if anything, people are more determined than ever to bring Kelly justice.
Oh and enjoy Valentine’s Day, Dave….Don’t forget to wear red for all your gals…

It’s almost a year that Kelly has been gone… 11 months today
Where is the justice that Kelly and her family deserve? Time will tell...

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  1. He's a creepy POS. Can't wait for the good news that he's behind bars. Great article as usual, Leigh. Nothing but the truth. Something DP has not ever been accused of.



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