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Kelly Rothwell
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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Melissa Walker Answers Her Family, Critics Today

Melissa Walker, the Army Specialist working in Hawaii and who married David Perry, wrote a response to my blog post today. In my post, I was incredulous that, according to her sister Cassie Williams, Melissa was going BACK to David Perry, possibly bail him out of jail and then ‘maybe go on the run with him.’ I expressed my shock and dismay that such an intelligent woman would do something so stupid; to stick by a man who in all probability murdered Kelly Rothwell, defrauded the government of thousands of dollars, severely abused his ex wife and their children and could possibly be mixed up in other nefarious enterprises, based on his constant traveling from Florida to New York and then back again.

Today I received this response from Melissa Walker: QUOTE:

I have heard so many angry words toward me. Any harsh words toward me are not any worse than what I tell myself. Although I have made many pathetic, idiotic choices I have not hurt anyone and would never intend to. Those who are in my life know this and would never question it. With the exception of my older sister, my family and friends are helping me through this. Thank you so much to my loved ones who stand by me through good and bad choices. I will not comment on my older sister. She has to live with herself same as I do. I am haunted by my poor decisions. Since Dave was put back in jail it has given me time away from his words that continuously feed into my insecurities. It is no excuse. I am upset, very regretful, sad, angry, humiliated, and extremely sorry to say the least. Because I realize my weakness in this situation I have changed my number and will do what it takes to keep him out of my life entirely. I thank those of you who are not bashing me. Those who do, it does add to my pain. Despite all of this I will stand back up, because that is what I do. I am so sorry for Kelly (RIP). I will continue to pray for her family and friends as I have done from the beginning. Another thing, none of the above speculations are true. None! Melissa Walker END QUOTE

It seems as if Melissa and her sister Cassie are not seeing eye to eye as to what Melissa’s real intentions are towards David Perry. It seems pretty clear by the above statement that Melissa will NOT be bailing Perry out. But it also seems pretty obvious to me that Melissa Walker would not have written to me if she didn’t believe what she was writing. And it is also abundantly clear that women who meet up with men of Perry’s diabolical intellect DO find it extremely difficult to extricate themselves from these types of relationships.

But I want to answer one critic who said I was blaming Melissa for what I called her incredible stupidity. Melissa was WARNED about David Perry, as one of my viewers commented… the other women were NOT. And I am not blaming Melissa for anything OTHER than not heeding those warnings. I did question whether she knows more than she’s telling about what happened to Kelly. I wouldn’t be a responsible journalist if I didn’t look at EVERYONE connected with this case. I mean EVERYONE.

And I will continue to investigate until Kelly Rothwell is home in Baltimore, Maryland with her family.

After the last blog, I received what I perceived to be a threat from Cassie Williams :
Maybe my sister is makn a horrible horrible mistake ,
However u Lo e the Drama and everything everyone said about you is also true
You can day what u want about my family thrill yourself. But I will also say this a sin is a sin, and GOD don't Luke ugly and he ain't to fond of pretty
either,so keep up ur drama if u like u will meet your maker just as Dave

My response:
Cassie I am not "thrilling" myself “by writing denigrating things about your family. According to your own words you said you couldn't stop your sister from making this grave mistake. How can you really direct your anger at me for what your sister is doing? I acknowledged that you tried to
help your sister. Please don't wish ill on me because of her irresponsible actions. Instead perhaps your family should focus more on why Melissa continues to head down an obvious path of destruction. I feel bad for your family; I reached out to you to help you and her. Instead you told me
half-truths. Please do not blame me for your family's pain. Leigh

Not half truths it was my truth believe me or not I don't care
Like I said giddy don't ugly period
U are blocked don't waste ur time, but u lied to le to ... you know u and Melissa are similar u Both ate SELFISH u don't care who u HURT as long as u get
a story I pitty you
Start writing about me now....

What I want to know is why Cassie, who herself called in to a TV station to do a phone interview that blasted her sister would now blame ME for it? It’s obvious that Melissa’s response is not what her sister thinks…

What I do know is the Kelly Rothwell is still out there somewhere.

Because Kelly Rothwell is still missing…

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  1. Wow! Great article Leigh. I can't for the life of me understand how Cassie can feel ok just dumping her sister like that. Melissa is obviously in crisis. I just couldn't do that to my sister no matter how much I disagreed with her. I hope Melissa does the right thing this time and totally severs the ties with Perry. He is bad news. He is the suspect in a "disappearance", but we all know its a murder. He has lived years in this deceitful pattern. This relationship is just one more deceitful thing. Looking at the wedding pictures that were televised, I do not see him to be authentic. I see a lying, manipulative, evil man. He obviously has a deep hold on Melissa and I hope she can find her way out. Good luck Melissa!

  2. TO MELISSA: You need to get professional help to help guide you out of this darkness that David Perry has brought you into. I know you are in a position to seek that kind of help for yourself. Please, for your not let this evil man back in your life. You are better than that. He will destroy every bit of your self worth. Thats his objective. Please...please get some help. Do not just rely on family and friends. David Perry is every bit as bad as has been reported! Not this many people can be wrong about him! The only people that could support him at this time are equally as destructive as he is. Don't allow yourself to be his victim any longer! There are a lot of people that care. Cut all ties to him. That is the only way! HEED THE WARNINGS ABOUT DAVID PERRY, YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT!

  3. Obviously Cassie has her own demons to deal with to be able to dump Melissa the way she has. I am shocked at the message that was sent to you Leigh! How classy is that? Keep up the good work. I find your blog extremely informative.

  4. This is unbelievable! I'm appalled at the lack of intellect coming from Cassie and the downright disrespect towards you Leigh. Melissa seems to be articulate, the exact opposite of her sister! I really hope Melissa can see this is not a healthy relationship for her to be in. I understand it is possible to be manipulated by an evil person, but now is the chance to run! Not many women get this easy of a chance. He's in jail and she lives 1000's of miles away! He will be going to prison. The federal charges for Social Security have not even hit. That will be additional prison time as well! Melissa, this is your time! GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN AND DON'T LOOK BACK!

  5. As a survivor of domestic violence I can understand that Melissa is probably going through a horrible crisis right now. When you are with a psychopathic controlling man they can turn your life upside down. You can find yourself doing things you would never have thought of doing before. This is what happened to me and most women involved with a maniac. After leaving my ex over a dozen times in 4 years I was finally able to make the break stick for good but it was not easy and it has taken some extreme therapy to get through it. Abusers have a way of manipulating their victims in ways that you pretty much don't even know what has hit you. But eventually you find your head spinning and you are desperate to get out. Some of us are lucky and become survivors. No one should judge someone that is involved in an abusive relationship and no one can understand what it is like and you can't make assumptions that someone should just leave. It is just not that simple. When I saw that Melissa's sister had cut off ties with her I was so sick inside because this is exactly what a victim of an abuser does not need. She talks about Melissa being selfish but frankly her decision to dump her sister is the most selfish act a family member can do. It takes alot of strength to continue supporting someone in a relationship crisis but if anyone needs help it is at this time !! To turn her back on her sister is not an easy act to forgive and I hope that her decision to shun Melissa doesn't backfire on her. As far as your blog I think you have done an excellent job once again you are an excellent writer and come across as a professional. You are a smart woman and you have certainly proven your talent as a journalist. Afterall Melissa came to you to divulge the fact that she IS NOT with Perry !! I think it is dispicable that there have been many nasty comments made about you from Cassie as well as people that say they are more concerned about love and light. Someone has told Cassie hurtful and spiteful things about you because she is quoted saying that everything people have said about you is true. I have my guesses who she is talking about and it is total rubbish as far as I am concerned. I don't think we can take anything serious that this women has written because I found it vulgar and I think the way she is talking about you and her own sister is disgusting !! P.S. I am concerned about the comments made to you by Cassie as well. They seem like some kind of back handed threats as if she is trying to bully you or something. I don't like it at all so please take care of yourself !!

  6. Melissa, you can do this. DO NOT open emails from him or any of his friends/family who you know to be backing him. Don't share your new phone number with anyone who may relay that to him...for your own protection and peace of mind. It won't be easy. Please forgive any of us who may have had harsh words this past week after we were informed that you and Dave were back together. It did seem crazy that you were taking him back, given the situation, but he is a known manipulator, liar, etc. Please keep yourself and your family safe. He doesn't deserve your help, your love, or your devotion. He is a twisted individual who only has his own goals and satisfaction in mind. Sadly, Cassie isn't there for you right now. Maybe that will change in the future and your family can be whole again.

  7. I too have been apalled at the treatment of Leigh by Cassie and some seriously misguded individuals. What did you print that wasnt true? Your article spawned a response from none other then Melissa. I wont be quick to judge Cassie in that what she told that reporter had some truth to it. David was obviously wiggling his way back into her life. The article made her take notice and is an important issue in this case, and she appears to want to break ties. Melissa--Even if he gets out on bail, he is still thousands of miles away and not able to leave the state. His trial for the first case is probably coming in next eight weeks and he will start his first sentence and then stand trial for this new case. He cant get to you!! He will likely serve 12-15 years in state prison and I am told social security is after him too, another 8-12 years federal prison. You are obviously bright, beautiful and a caring person. You could get any guy you want, but not this evil man. Cassie--You were obviously told negative things about Leigh. They arent true. Some misguided self preserving individuals have steered you wrong. Remember, Leigh didnt make this story up, You called Melanie and went on TV. Regardless of how you may feel, didnt the means justify the end in this case for your sister? She needs you now, life is too short. Dont blame Leigh. If she printed half the stuff she knows (but refuses to write) she'd expose a hell of alot more, but she is too classy for that. To any indivdual degrading Leigh----I cannot begin to think what the hell you are thinking. The world aint all sunshine and rainbows, it can be a mean and nasty place. Like this case. murder is murder. Sometimes, you have to get down in the mud with the evil people in this world to get the answers that all of us desire. I for one will never like that new page. There wasnt anything wrong with the original. one idiot ranted and degraded Leigh and then some left and formed a new page. Thats their choice. But Leigh didnt post her blog, she posted a link to it, a link that may have kept Melissa away from David Perry. Leigh didnt get negative on the page. THEN, the person who gets negative is made an ADMIN of the new page and calls the other page toxic?? Really, the 1100 of us? We arent true Kelly Supporters? Really? What is a true Kelly Supporter? Her family who has suffered a severe loss and should be making all decisions and are the real spokesmen for Kelly? Yes. The Cue Team? Yes. The people who donated their time for fundraisers? Yes. The people who held vigils in Florida and New York? Yes. The 43 guards who came forward about the other crimes David has committed? Yes. the hardworking police of Florida and New york? Yes. Anyone who said a prayer for Kellys coming home? Yes. Leigh Clifton and any other reporter who told Kellys story? Yes. There's only one person who has few followers that isnt a True Kelly Supporter, and he aint talking. Keep up the good work Leigh. murph

    1. This aligns with what a lot of people are thinking. God Bless all those that are tirelessly involved in this case! Justice for Kelly Rothwell. Prayers, peace and hugs go out to the Rothwells!

  8. MURPH !! Thank you thank you for writing this because I have wondered what the heck was going on for some time now !!

  9. I was thinking the same thing. I took offense to that womans rantings too. To stereotype 1100 people who support Kelly is unthinkable to me. I was wondering about what a true supporter was also. You make alot of sense Murph. How do you alienate all the people on a site and call it toxic? She also spoke of integrity and loyalty? I dont think she even knows what they mean. Then posts from Kelly's sister are deleted when the Rothwells wishes are expressed? What!! A disgrace, pure and simple. Lisa

  10. Leigh great article as always.. Murph thanks for writing this wonderful post in response to Leigh's article. Many of us including the ones that have never had the pleasure to meet Kelly are true supporters of the Rothwell family because we all want the same thing, and that is for Kelly to be found and the POS that did this to her to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. There are many people that are working behind the scenes to ensure that all information has been accredited. Leigh has been compiling all the credible facts and using them in her blogs. A true Kelly supporter would NOT delete anything that Kelly's family has stated and when that happened I couldn't help but think to myself that whoever was responsible for that cannot be a supporter of the Rothwell family, but is a person who has their own agenda and I for one found that very sad and a major disgrace to the Rothwell's. With David Perry facing another court proceeding and given the fact that all of his assets have been frozen it does make one wonder if he has hidden assets somewhere to pay for a lawyer and get a possible reduction in bail. I pray he doesn't and that he sits in jail for a very long time. I pray that some major break in the case comes very soon that leads to Kelly. I pray for the Rothwells everyday that this nightmare can finally be over.

    In reading the responses from Melissa I pray that you have the strength and courage to rid yourself of David Perry's evil clutches once and for all. Melissa you appear to have a level head on your shoulders and all this stuff that has been brought forth is more than likely tearing you up inside, somewhere along the way David did something that opened your eyes to the type of person he is, whether it was his obsession to control every aspect of his and your life, or something more serious, regardless something opened your eyes and I pray that they stay opened and I also agree with another person that says you need to get some help to help you deal with this entire situation. You are a victim in the scheme of David Perry who has manipulated his way into your life. You state that you will never go back to him and that you have changed your phone numbers so he cannot call you that is one step, you state that you have made a mistake and that you should have listened but you were in love, Melissa that is the first step admitting that you made a mistake however, in order for you to move forward you really need to talk to someone that has experience in situations like this. I pray that you Melissa can find something positive in this terrible situation, whether it be reflecting on your entire relationship with David as I am sure the warning signs are there and use them to help and educate others. NLH



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