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Kelly Rothwell
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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Kelly Rothwell's Story Featured on Podcast "Unfound" by Ed Dentzel/ Our Interview

Several  weeks ago I was approached by a man named Ed Dentzel about Kelly's case. Dentzel has a Podcast called "Unfound" which focuses on missing persons in the US. Dentzel, who moved to Florida from Las Vegas in late 2011,after Kelly's disappearance, found Kelly's case after he started doing research on missing persons in Pinellas County. Dentzel has had a fascination with missing persons cases and remembers at the age of 6 watching "In search Of" with the late Star Trek star Leonard Nimoy. That started his lifelong passion with Star Trek, science fiction and disappearances.He is also a self professed student on plane crashes, something he admits is a bit morbid but still can recite what year a crash happened, the make and model of the plane, area where it crashed and the number of fatalities.He's a self published author on Amazon and has 4 science fiction novels. His latest is Distant. He also has written a trilogy, Govicide, that you should check out.

 In April of 2016, Dentzel co-founded a radio show called Americas Missing Podcast with another researcher, but creative differences made him realize that he wanted to do his own show.He wanted to have a different approach. He added a theme to every show and whenever possible, interviewed people who were actually close or part of the case. He toned down speculation and sensationalism  that a lot of crime shows use to titillate the audience. He was looking to create more of a  "news magazine" that was a less-conjectural and more interactive- type news medium engaging the listeners in the hope that they might help with these unsolved cases.The show "Unfound" was born. It is unscripted, although he does do an outline of questions. The questions are generally open ended and allow for a great discussion of a case. Then he found Kelly Rothwell's case.

"I found your blog and was impressed that there was an actual site that was dedicated to a case like Kelly's," Dentzel told me. "This case felt very personal to me; I live about 4 miles from where Kelly did in Indian Rocks Beach ( he's in Madeira Beach) and the bridge where they found her car is right around the corner from my house. I  had started to research Pinellas County missing cases and Kelly's was the first one I saw. It really touched me and I wanted to work on it. You had a ton of information and I wanted to showcase all the research that's been done on Kelly's case to date."

When Dentzel contacted me, he had already done 8 shows shows for 7 cases, ( one show was split into two parts) and has received great feedback from Itunes and Podomatic, where the show can be accessed. I will provide the link at the bottom for both, PLEASE go and listen and leave feedback, on either Itunes, Podomatic or BOTH.

Kelly's case is still ongoing and I have always said that I will never stop looking for her and bring her home to her family, That has ALWAYS been my main objective. It is also a promise I made to her mother Nancy. I also have said that I will NEVER STOP trying to bring David Perry, the ONLY suspect in her "disappearance" and probable murder to justice.
Please listen to this podcast.. It's a bit long but well worth it.

My sincerest gratitude goes to Ed Dentzel for giving Kelly's case another platform to get her story out to the public. I want to thank him for the chance to be interviewed and tell the public what's been happening on the case and what I've been trying to do to help put David Perry in jail.  My interview with Ed was a long one but there is a LOT of information after 5 years of researching Kelly's "disappearance" and probable murder. I'm still looking.....

Someone knows something.
Meanwhile, Kelly Rothwell is STILL missing.'
Lets's bring her home.

 Links to the broadcast:


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  1. Dear Leigh Clifton,
    I have just finished listening to Ed Dentzel's pod cast on Kelly. I really enjoyed it despite crying through the whole thing. I just wanted to remind you of how much you are loved by Kelly's friends and family. Angels are smiling on you lady!
    Amy Wroblewski
    friend and college roommate of Kelly Rothwell



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