Kelly Rothwell

Kelly Rothwell
Much Loved Sister, Daughter, Friend

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

She Would Have Been 41 Today......

While other people all over the world celebrated the Christmas and the New Year holidays with their loved ones, families and friends, Kelly Rothwell didn't.  She couldn't.... because she's "missing" and presumed dead, and her loser ex-con  ex-boyfriend David Perry is and HAS been the ONLY suspect in her disappearance.  While Kelly's family and friends still grieve her monumental loss, Perry walks around a free man. There is such little justice in that.

Kelly would have been 41 today.. she would have probably been working as a police officer, doing what she did best...helping and protecting people. But there was no one to protect her from David Perry.
Although I never had the pleasure of meeting Kelly Rothwell, I have learned so much about her, from her mother Nancy, her sisters Lauren and Lindsay and her friends from all Maryland, Colorado, Montana and beyond.
I talked with Nancy Rothwell, Kelly's mom, today. I call her on this day every year and on holidays and sometimes just to say Hi. She was naturally sad but she has such a kind spirit and loving way, it's easy to see how Kelly must have been just like her.

"It's always there, you know," she answered when I asked her how she was today.. this day.. Kelly's birthday.
 "You start to think back, about her birth, different birthdays and the things we did. But I try and remember the good memories.. and nobody can take that away. But it's never easy..." her voice trailed off for a moment.

Nancy told me about something that happened yesterday. She got a note in the mail with a post card attached from a woman she used to work with at the school board. It was a post card that Kelly had written to Nancy many years ago, when she was in Montana for work. The card was a photo of Yellowstone with a nice message from Kelly and Nancy had pinned it up on the wall at her desk where she worked. She has since retired and her colleague found it stuck between a cubicle wall.
It made Nancy think about the timing of it all..
"Think about that," she told me. "I get this postcard from Kelly in the mail the night before her birthday. To me it was like she was telling me don't forget about me.. I'm still here and I love you.
It was like a gift from Kelly.."

Nancy also told me that while she was grateful for the show Crime Watch Daily that featured Kelly's case in early November, she was very disappointed that they never showed David Perry's face.
"They should have shown him running away when they ambushed him at that pumpkin patch. I was really hoping that they would have shown what a coward he is. He ALWAYS runs when he sees the cops or a camera."

Perry was seen with a woman in an SUV at a pumpkin patch in late October when the show was in Elmira, NY filming Kelly's segment. When they tried to speak with him, he ran away like a little girl, screaming at the camera crew and threatening the show with a lawsuit.

So today we have one birthday wish for Kelly Rothwell; that we can bring her home to her family.

Actually make that TWO wishes.. that David Perry be tried and convicted for her murder. He knows he did it; WE know he did it and yet he still walks around a free man. I would just say, possibly not for long though  Perry.. watch your back, you low rent, scum sucking chicken shit piece of excrement...we haven't forgotten and we won't give up.

Meanwhile, Kelly Rothwell is still missing.

Happy Birthday Kelly Rothwell. You deserve Justice.

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