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Kelly Rothwell
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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

David Perry Now At Downstate Correctional Facility in NY

David Perry, the ONLY suspect in the disappearance of Indian Rocks Beach Police Cadet Kelly Rothwell on March 12, 2011 NOW has a NEW number!! 14A0084.. THAT'S his new INTAKE number at the Downstate Correctional Facility in Fishkill, NY, where Perry was taken today.
It's probably NOT the new phone number that he thought he would have.. (sources have told me that he used to change his phone number ALL the time...) and it's not the number for a new victim( er girlfriend/boyfriend) from Craig's list  or Plenty of Fish dating sites. ( Perry was allegedly trolling both women AND men for "dates" on Craig's List and included photos of his genitalia in some of the messages.) But it IS the number he will be known as until September 30, 2021.

Perry was to answer charges today in Painted Post Village, in Steuben County New York on misdemeanor criminal impersonation charges.  Originally scheduled last month, Perry's lawyer was a no show and the case was rescheduled for this evening's court. Painted Post has court at night-two evenings a week. But the info of Perry's removal from Steuben County jail and subsequent re-booking into the Downstate Correctional Facility would suggest that Perry may have just pled guilty to the misdemeanor charges. What is not known at this time is whether Perry has received additional time to his sentence for both the Violation of Parole and the misdemeanor. A source at intake gives Perry's "conditional release date", the date that he can be let out is September 20, 2021. This would suggest that Perry will AT LEAST have to finish his original sentence of 4-15 for the felony grand larceny and fraud charges and that there was an additional year or more added to his sentence.


A call to the Broome County DA for information about any extra sentencing time was not returned this afternoon as of this writing.

I placed a call this afternoon to Nancy Rothwell to give her the news about Perry's jail term and while she was happy, she was also very reflective.
"He is right where he should be, " she said. " He thinks he's intimidating. He's such a manipulator that he thinks he is untouchable. While he was out (of jail) he just kept doing the same thing, lying and finding other victims for his schemes. Who knows if anyone else would have ended up like Kelly, (murdered by Perry). I'm very glad he's going away for a longer time."

Plans are ongoing to schedule the Search and Recovery operation for Kelly's body at Seneca Lake, where I have always stated that David Perry dumped her body after he killed her, drove her body to Elmira NY and enlisted the help of at least two friends to help him dump her body in the lake.

Perry may not stay at Downstate Correctional Facility; he may be transferred back to Clinton, where he was place originally when he was convicted. Prison intake officials said there was no way to know until Perry is evaluated today, where he would have gotten an all new mugshot.

I will be updating this post as more info becomes available.

But for Kelly and her family's sake, I'm glad he's BACK BEHIND BARS.

Kelly Rothwell has been missing since March 12, 2011 and is presumed murdered by David Perry, her then- boyfriend. Her body has never been found. Please keep Kelly's family and friends in your prayers. 
Thank you~
Leigh Clifton


  1. Leigh, I think you and I were to of very few people who thought he took Kelly to NY. I hope they do search and find her soon! He's guilty as sin and I think even his family knows it. He's cocky and boastful. I pray for Kelly and the Rothwell all the time. I was in Pinellas County 2 weeks ago and thought about her and how great her life could have been. LDever

  2. You are doing a great job at keeping the information flowing. Perry is a narcissist and his behavior is textbook bizarre. Back when Perry fled a.s.a.p. to NY after Kelly's disappearance he was stopped by police on I86 West of Bath NY. I often wondered just exactly what he was doing out there but there's a casino destination a couple hours from Elmira via this highway and he could have given that excuse for his traveling in that area. That could easily be proven but I felt his presence in such a remote area soon after he came back to NY to be extremely suspicious.



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