Kelly Rothwell

Kelly Rothwell
Much Loved Sister, Daughter, Friend

Monday, January 10, 2022

Another Birthday Goes By as Kelly Rothwell Remains "Missing"

 Kelly Rothwell WOULD have been 46 today.. she SHOULD have celebrated her birthday with family and friends, with her niece and nephew Holly and Alex, her sister Lauren's new babies, her wonderful mother Nancy, sisters Linzy and Kristen and the rest of her family. But she isn't...  she is out there, somewhere, killed by an angry narcissistic  murdering bastard named David Perry. 

Why is this case over 10 years old and no arrests? Pinellas County Sheriff's office says they "can't make an arrest without a body".... that's bullshit.. there have been convictions for murder without a body, especially with as much circumstantial evidence against Perry as there seems to be.... first hand evidence of him stalking her, missing computer, Police Academy materials found dumped in a dumpster by their shared condo on Indian Rocks Beach... Perry cancelling his Gym membership, telling the guys there he was "moving to Hawaii", his online dalliance with Melissa Walker, who he later married IN HAWAII...after he killed Kelly and dumped her body, his TOTAL lack of remorse or sadness at her "disappearance" and his refusal to be interviewed by police... I think he dumped her in Seneca Lake.. he had access with TWO friends who had both houses AND boats on the lake, he used to spend time there EVERY summer and he knew the area very well. Kelly's geodes are missing... at least 15 of those heavy half cut crystal rocks  were never found, even though she had them at the condo. His kite sail was found in the storage locker Perry and Kelly had beneath their condo but the kite sail canvas bag, approximately 68 inches or  a little more than 5 1/2 feet was missing and never found. Kelly was only about 5'2" and her body could have easily fit into that kite sail bag. Those kite sails also come with weights, that look much like divers belts.

 In Florida courts,  per statute 731.103 a  person can be legally declared deceased if they have been "absent from the place of his/her domicile for a period of 5 years after their last appearance" And it should be noted that Florida law prohibits someone from inheriting from their murder victim, according to Kuhn Law Firm, PA.

David Perry was listed as Kelly's beneficiary on one of her accounts and I have written about the one that I found in Corning in both of their names. But without a body and positive proof or conviction, that money is frozen at this time. 

There is also the issue of closure... how can you attain closure for your daughter/sister's / friends death when the man who killed her walks free? When he blatantly flaunts his freedom when he jogs around Elmira and actually stops in front a of mirrored building to admire himself and snaps a few selfies while he  preens like a peacock? 

So, tonight as Kelly's family and friends continue to mourn her loss, another birthday of Kelly's comes and goes.

Nancy Rothwell, Kelly's wonderful mother sent me a comment tonight that  I'd like to end this post with...

" The love and light that Kelly projected will always be missed; but continues to live on in everyone that she touched."

Meanwhile, Kelly Rothwell is STILL missing.... and her killer David Perry walks around free....

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