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Kelly Rothwell
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Monday, May 9, 2011

The Search For Kelly Continues..

The Search for Kelly Continues…

The CUE Center for Missing Persons was out again today, in Sand Key Park in Pinellas County, searching for Kelly Rothwell, missing since March 12th. . Sand Key sits right on the Gulf of Mexico and is a popular spot for beach weddings, with its gloriously white sands and beautiful Gulf view, But today was not about celebration of a new life, but a desperate hunt for a stunning young woman with a promising career, whom most people by now fear is dead, killed by her ex boyfriend. While he has not been charged with her death, the ex boyfriend David Perry is still a witness or person of interest in her disappearance. He sits in a Broome County jail in Binghamton New York, arrested May 5th on charges of Grand Larceny and Insurance Fraud, charges unrelated to Kelly’s disappearance.

Volunteers with the Center brought their cadaver search dogs and others walked with walking sticks, checking under the thick underbrush of overhanging palm trees, foot paths, and the many small bushes along the walkways and retention ponds that service the huge park. After searching for hours with no hits on the dog’s scenting,  Caison and her team moved on to the causeways in downtown Clearwater and plan on checking the many smaller parks and boat ramp areas along the intra-coastal waterway.

What I didn’t see was ANY law enforcement, canine or sheriff presence at the search sites Monica and her team had painstakingly mapped out all week, using GPS and her own methods of calculations. Some press teams interviewed Monica and there was a TV helicopter that hovered over Sand Key for about 20 minutes. I wondered if law enforcement had already searched these areas with cadaver dogs but was unable to reach the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office as of this post.

Monica Caison and her group of SAR (Search and Rescue) volunteers hail from all over; North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, Tallahassee, Jacksonville and Tampa Florida. She is expecting more to come into town on Thursday and Friday with more search animals and plans to begin an all-out search then. The CUE Center has asked for the public’s help on Thursday and Friday but the area to be searched has as yet not been determined.
I will post as much info as I can about that as soon as the info becomes available.

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  1. You mentioned not seeing law enforcement there. Have they done any ground searching? I am curious as to why there weren't officers assisting in the search? Not as a judgment, only wondering if there was a reason.



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