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Kelly Rothwell
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Friday, May 20, 2011

Missing Mail, Utah Job and Other Thoughts

There are many unanswered questions about Kelly Rothwell , the supposed job in Utah, the invites to her graduation and missing mail. I spoke again with Mrs. Rothwell today, Friday, May 20, 2011 and she gave me some more information, which you will read below. Leigh Clifton

In an interview I had with Mrs., Rothwell both last week and today, she told me that David had tried to push Kelly to interview in Utah. He was becoming increasingly aware that she was drifting from him; she had wanted to break up with him and wanted to start a new life.  He wanted to get her as far away from friends as family as possible. As far Mrs. Rothwell knew Perry had tried to convince Kelly to interview for a Human Resources job.

 Mrs. Rothwell said there WERE tickets purchased to Utah for the following weekend AFTER Kelly went missing.
In addition, there is the question someone asked about the invites to the Cadet graduation on April 13, 2011. As to the invitations, Mrs. Rothwell was NOT specific about whether they were filled out, although she doesn't think they were. Kelly went missing mid March; the graduation wasn't until April 13th, a month away. Mrs. Rothwell thinks the invites were NOT addressed; perhaps not as it was almost a month away at that point. They were found in among her papers. 
When Mrs. Rothwell spoke to Academy Coordinator Joe Smith, who knew Kelly well, he had told her that Kelly had mentioned that she had some people she wanted to invite to the graduation in April.  

 Kelly WAS going to interview with both/either Pinellas Park or Largo PD. I wrote the article about it. That info came straight from Police Academy Director John Dressback, in an interview I did with him on or about March 18th. In it he stated that Kelly was a leader among her fellow cadets and that he had recommended her to both departments. He was certain at that time she would have been hired by one of them.

  Mrs. Rothwell told me that at first David was OK with Kelly going to the Academy. But she had started at the Academy in November. It was after she began to see, via training videos, especially domestic violence issues that she herself was in a toxic relationship and realized that she had to get out of it. She tried several times to talk to him and then break up with him as well. He begged her to stay with him. It is my belief that as she grew stronger and began to hear her OWN voice, that he grew more and more panicked at the thought of losing her. He grew more obsessive and started checking up on her, texting her constantly and leaving her endless voice mails. I think he may have looked the job up in Utah himself and she may have said she would think about it in an effort to appease him in the short run. Mrs. Rothwell said Kelly DID have a phone interview and that the resort liked her so much they invited her out for a face-to face interview. But with Kelly's vast experience and wonderful personality it would make sense that ANY resort would want to hire her.Mrs. Rothwell said there WERE tickets purchased to Utah for the following weekend AFTER Kelly went missing.

 It is Mrs. Rothwell's thought that Kelly only did this to appease him and that she had no intention of taking the job OR going to the interview the following week because she was going to break up with him before the interview ever took place.  Could he have "planned” it for her? Maybe. Could it have been a diversion for when she went missing? Possibly. THAT of course would mean that if Perry DID murder her, it was a PREMEDITATED act of violence. It shows he had a plan. It shows he started to create a scenario of plausible deniability. She had been actively seeking a place to move to so she COULD leave him; it appears that was partly the holdup to her leaving him earlier. If he knew this somehow, then he would have tried to circumvent that outcome. Remember, he was obsessed and a control freak. Her leaving would have meant he had lost control of the situation. I’m sure to someone like him that was unthinkable. Again, I get this from several different interviews with friends, colleagues and family members. Some of it we will never know. Only one person knows the whole truth and he isn't talking.

One other issue is troubling to Mrs. Rothwell. When she came down to Florida the week after Kelly went missing, she had stopped at the Post Office to transfer Kelly's mail to be sent to the Rothwell home in Maryland. For almost two weeks after that, Mrs. Rothwell continued to receive a lot of Kelly's mail. Then is stopped. She STILL received junk mail and a bill from Allstate for Kelly's car insurance, but credit card and bank statements were missing. Mrs. Rothwell thinks that is very strange and wonders where that mail is. When she was here last week, she checked in with the Post Office again, who assured her that everything was as it should be on their end. They still had the forwarding address notice for the mail to be sent to Maryland. So where is the other mail? Where are the bank statements? Did Kelly have credit cards? If so, where are those statements? Was there an IRS refund check due to Kelly? If so, where is it?

While Perry is under investigation, the money he receives from his Work Comp claim will be suspended; he will not receive it. He MAY still be receiving his Social Security Disability Claim money, as they probably have either not been notified yet of his status OR they are still slow in processing the information. COULD Perry have called the credit card companies and told them to send Kelly's mail up to Elmira, as well as her bank statements? COULD he have convinced her to have a joint back account or joint credit cards and that is what he is using to live on? I do know that some credit cards offer a life insurance policy; usually $25,000 with the premiums rolled into the monthly payments.  Did he have himself named as such?  Would he risk stealing Kelly's mail? 
There are confirmed reports that Perry's daughter HAD been going to the Post Office every day to pick up his mail. For some reason, these visits have stopped. No one knows why.

There are so many small details to this case; details that when put together might complete a complex and disturbing puzzle that was Kelly's relationship to David Perry. Answering some of these questions may be a key to unlocking some of the answers to her disappearance. EVERY bit of information, no matter HOW small may be relevant.

Only time will tell.


  1. Okay, so if the credit card statements and banking statements are missing then is there not a way that Mrs. Rothwell could find out what cards she had and with whom and call these places to put a stop on them or something? Same thing with the bank? As for any refund due her from the IRS.....pretty easy to call them and discuss the matter with them and find out if it has been sent/cashed etc. However, this is something that her Mom has to do. Nobody else can do it. If all the mail was to be forwarded to her home and she has checked with the postal service and they say that everything is fine on their end and it is being sent then she should be getting everything. Also, here is a thought, maybe with the news of this all being nationwide, could it be possible that they have stopped sending anything due to the situation? Just some things to think about I suppose.

  2. Thanks Leigh for another well written article. I am wondering whether those plane tickets to Utah were ever used for the dates in question -- and if so, by whom. Perhaps they were canceled-- but it would probably be hard to find out. If the tickets were canceled, it would be interesting to know the date and time they were canceled and by whom. Regarding the invitations, I am curious to know when they were given to Kelly to fill out and mail to friends and family. Specifically, did she receive them prior to March 12, 2011? If she got them on or about the 12th, that means she got back to the condo after having lunch with her friend, Donna. I have more to say, but will do it in another posting after I do a bit more research. I am determined to help find Kelly.

  3. It might help for Nancy to contact common credit card companies and explain that her daughter is missing, and her boyfriend is probably the reason. Ask them to please check their records, and if she did have a card with them, to please cancel cards and have bills sent to her. I'd think she could get a statement verifying this from Pinellas Co police if the card companies need it (Sears, JC Penney, Bank of America, CitiBank, Wells Fargo, etc.) or at least the police report. Good luck Mrs Rothwell. Life insurance on those? wouldn't have a claim since she's just missing so he can't be getting money from them thankfully. and I have another question... did Kelly every come to Elmira with him? Did she mention it or anything about it, where they went, etc. May be more clues there.

  4. I have heard that LexisNexis is a good tool to find out information about credit and other information. Lawyers and government agencies use it all the time to find data on individuals. I have heard that it is so sophisticated, that it even knows data if you received packages to your home. Of course there are the 3 credit reporting agencies that will give you free data. I don’t know if they would release data on someone who is missing. If they do release the information, at least it would show what credit cards Kelly had when she went missing.

  5. Would Mrs. Rothwell be able to somehow contact the NY post office and ask if they process mail with Kelly's name on it? dp may have contacted the bank and credit card companies and told them there was a change of address (?). I'm not sure but I think you can do that online if you have the acct number, a user name and a password (which dp would have). I hope things get straightened out.




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