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Kelly Rothwell
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Monday, July 11, 2011

Judge Martin Smith Allows David Perry to Travel to Hawaii to Visit Latest “Soul-Mate”

While David Perry’s first “soul-mate” Kelly Rothwell remains missing and presumed dead, her abusive ex-boyfriend David Perry has moved on … to a NEW “soul-mate”, Melissa Walker, an Army  Medical Specialist stationed in Honolulu, Hawaii. Although warned by police of Perry’s prior domestic abuse and current charges of New York Workman’s Comp fraud, Ms. Walker will apparently be welcoming her new beau for almost a month. Perry was granted leave by Judge Martin Smith of Broome County to leave the state of New York, where he is currently being charged with Felony Grand Larceny, charged with faking an injury to receive Work Comp benefits. It seems that Ms. Walker doesn't feel overly concerned about the fact that Perry’s girlfriend in Florida, Kelly Rothwell, is missing and that Perry has been named a suspect in her “disappearance.” She has been warned by police about his possible complicity in Rothwell’s disappearance and his continued lack of cooperation with authorities in Florida. Doesn't she see the pattern of documented abuse he has been perpetrating his whole life? Perry’s own mother didn't even want him at her funeral.

It seems Perry likes to find strong, successful women…. And then he crushes them, with over-possessiveness, paranoia, physical and emotional abuse and intense jealousy. One wonders how he’ll feel with his new girlfriend being around so many Army soldiers… MALE Army soldiers.

I suppose Judge Smith thinks that the fraud charges are of such minimal scope that Perry can be trusted to return from his little surfing safari to face charges if and when a Grand Jury is called to indict him for Felony Grand Larceny and Fraud. But why hasn’t the Government and the Social Security Administration, whose benefits Perry ALSO allegedly fraudulently received brought their Federal charges against him as well? Could it just be that the wheels of justice are turning slowly, per usual? Could it be that they have already filed that paperwork so that Perry would be charged with additional crimes? Social Security would have a strong case if it is determined that he allegedly bilked them for thousands for dollars as well.

There have been rumors of safe deposit boxes in Chemung Canal Bank in Elmira that contain thousands of stashed dollars ; perhaps THIS is how Perry will pay for his month in Hawaii? Doesn’t anyone else wonder how he is paying for all of this? WHERE is the money coming from? A suitcase? Loans from friends? The State of New York Insurance Fund? And WHY would a judge  let him leave the State of New York when he is ALSO a suspect in a young woman’s “disappearance”? I suppose the good judge thinks one is not connected to the other. But he could be wrong… dead wrong.

It is said that David Perry had a plan back in October of 2003, to get out of working for a living. He heard a radio call, about an inmate fight on I Block, a location that was all the way on the far side of the jail, opposite of where Perry, a chart worker, was stationed. Witnesses said that when Perry heard the call, he jumped up, told his superior that he was leaving and that he wasn’t coming back. In order for Perry to even get to the area where the fight broke out, he was required to come off the Cage Floor gate, which was locked and had to be opened by another C.O., through F Block, then H Block then another locked door, where another C.O. had to let him through.  He would then have had to go up a flight of stairs, then proceed to I Block, and go past at least 30-35 cells to even GET to the fight.

Witnesses who were in the cell with the two inmates, (one was a porter, an inmate, who served food and cleaned up the galleys, as the rows of cells are called) said that Perry never even made it to the fight. Perry claims that he was injured when he tackled an inmate and then fell back onto the inmate’s bed, hurting his back. In that approximately 8x10 ft cell were THREE large C.O.’s and TWO inmates, who were subdued quickly.  Also in a statement by Perry’s Chart Sergeant, he was ordered NOT to go, with the Sgt. telling him to get back to his post. Another C.O. also heard Perry say that he wouldn’t be back.
So with all of this evidence, including witnesses who directly refute Perry’s claim of the chain of events surrounding his injury, WHY would Judge Smith let Perry leave New York, especially with not one but TWO Felony counts of fraud leveled against him? And WHY hasn't Sandra Cardone, the Broome County A.D.A. convened a Grand Jury yet?

The police in Florida better get moving and make a case soon for Kelly Rothwell… otherwise someone will be surfing it up,  “bad back” and all...

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  1. Great job as usual Leigh. We're all still praying that Kelly is found soon and Perry is squashed like a cockroach. Even he gives them a bad name. Just asked an Army Sgt. in Hawaii to get word out about him and to let Melissa know again too, should they run into her. someone needs to scare or knock some sense into that girl before she's her next victim.



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