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Kelly Rothwell
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Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Torment Continues for the Rothwell Family as Perry Supporters Taunt and Jeer Them On Facebook

The family of  missing Police Cadet Kelly Rothwell has been waiting for almost 4 months for any sign of Kelly Rothwell, following her disappearance March 12th of this year. David Perry, Kelly's then live-in boyfriend fled to New York sometime shortly after she was to tell him she was breaking up with him. He has consistently refuse to speak or help in any way in the search for Kelly. Now, 4 months later he has been named a suspect in her disappearance.

 Concurrently he is charged with  Insurance Fraud and Felony Grand Larceny by the state of New York, for filing a fake injury claim after an alleged back injury stemming from a fight at the Elmira prison where he was employed at the time. He has also been collecting Social Security benefits for his injury as well. . His NY insurance fraud and grand larceny charges are separate from the  federal government charges that could be filed, if his claim of injury is found to be false. Congress and  the SSA have collaborated to make fraud against the Title II programs( programs of paid  benefits to injured persons) punishable as a felony, resulting in penalties of imprisonment up to five years and a fine of as much as $250,000. ( according to the SSA website)  
After a five day stint in the Broome County jail, Perry has now  been living in his 1780 W.Church St. house in Elmira, New York, with his daughter and her children. He has been seen mowing the lawn and biking along local streets, often stopping  in mornings at a local gas station/convenience store. He was also seen unloading a red kayak from the top of a dark gray truck.  All this from a man with an injured back.
 A normal kayak, can weigh anywhere from 34 to 50 lb.

The case of missing Kelly Rothwell has garnered international attention; the Associated Press, the London Daily Mail, and several hundred newspapers and online media outlets have all been covering the story. Kelly's case was featured on CNN's Nancy Grace several times and other respected true-life television documentary shows are also very interested.

The Rothwell family has offered a $25,000.00 reward to anyone with knowledge of Kelly's whereabouts and for her safe return to her family. They all feel that Kelly is dead and have no illusions of bringing her home alive. They all firmly believe as do a multitude of people, that David Perry killed her in their Indian Rocks Beach condo and disposed of her body , then fled to New York. He has remained silent and uncooperative. He and his relatives and "supporters" have been taunting the family through the social network, Facebook, creating a page that was peppered with insults and attacks on Kelly's character and that of her family and friends. Those same people posted such vile and disgusting remarks on a story written in an online publication, words so crass and remarks so disparaging that the writer of the piece removed them. This is the man who told people Kelly was his "soul mate".. This is the man that never helped with the search for her when she went "missing" .. this is the man who already has a girlfriend, supposedly just two weeks after Kelly "disappeared". This is also the man that cancelled his gym membership, two weeks before Kelly went missing, telling his friends that "he and his girlfriend were moving to Hawaii." He never SAID it was Kelly that was going with him... And now that NEW girlfriend , Melissa Walker, a Specialist in the army and stationed IN HAWAII, is patiently and naively waiting for a man who cares SO little for the woman that he "loved" before her, that he can't find the time to help look for her.  
Melissa Walker has been warned by police about David Perry's documented incidents of domestic violence. In a letter posted in Facebook, his own brother Patrick apologizes for his brother's "possible" actions, calling him pompous, arrogant and a conceded (sic) ass. How can a family who knows this man's propensity for violence continue to defend him and at the same time taunt the family on a Facebook page declaring his innocence  without any way to clarify?

Time will tell and Kelly Rothwell WILL be found. Meanwhile the slow wheels of justice are turning on Perry's fraud case. The case has several witnesses and appears to be a strong one against him. 
 Something tells me that he better not pack his surfboard just yet....

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