Kelly Rothwell

Kelly Rothwell
Much Loved Sister, Daughter, Friend

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Orange Skies of September 12th...

As the sun set Monday night, September 12th, the sky took on the most exquisite color of deep orange, pink and purple hues that melted into the horizon line. The colors were so intense and as the wind picked up, a hint of fall blew by the water’s edge. The orange sky was the kind of color that Kelly Rothwell loved best, only she wasn’t there to see it. The people who stood on the beach Monday night were the friends and supporters of Kelly Rothwell, there to speak for her when she could not.

 Because she’s missing….

 Missing the full Moon rising above the roof behind the condo she lived and most likely died in March 12th, the day she went missing.  Missing six months of sunrises and sunsets, moonlight and stars sparkling on the water as the waves wash onto the shore.

Monday was six months gone, six months of fun with friends, parties with family, and birthdays missed. Six long months while the suspect in her disappearance is still taunting her family, friends and supporters with disgusting, base comments about Kelly. The lone suspect in the case, David Perry, has been enjoying a life of tormenting Kelly’s supporters in a narcissistic attempt to reign in the attention back to him.
He has started a campaign of character assassinations which are laughable at best, despicable at the least.
But no one is listening , no one cares about his meager, paltry verbal attacks; using other people’s names to castigate Kelly’s friends, who search for her in every face, hoping to find her and bring her home. Perry has taken to perpetrating an attack on Kelly’s character; he must be so low to do that to the woman whom everyone believes he killed that Saturday night, March 12th, right before he left suddenly for New York. 

The sky tonight was a glorious color orange Kelly… you should have been here to see it and many others too. But someone cruelly took your life and now jokes about it.
Perhaps you saw the sky tonight from wherever you are… the Angels made the color just for you~~~


  1. My heart breaks for this beautiful girl and her family. I pray that St. Jude and St. Anthony will help you find her.



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