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Kelly Rothwell
Much Loved Sister, Daughter, Friend

Saturday, September 10, 2011

What Does Davey Perry Know about Kelly Rothwell's Disappearance and (probable) Death and WHY Would His Father Put Him Through This Anguish?

FB conversation between Lindsay Rothwell and Davey Perry… April 3rd
Lindsay Rothwell April 3 at 2:42am
Hello this is Kelly sister I don't blame anyone but if you could plz ask your dad to talk atleast to help fond her weather he did something or not what if this was your sister my mom won't even get out of he'd plz I know this is hard for you just as it is for you
Dave Perry April 3 at 4:27am Report
Lindsay I'm glad you contacted me. I have talked to him many times and tell him to sit down and talk to the police. I really wish he would I'm so lost and feel like I've lost everything. I love Kelly so much alls I think about is Kelly I want her here to tell me this nightmare isn't real. I'm so sorry for you and your family I'm lost and I want you to know Kelly was the most amazing women I've ever had met, I love her so much. I wish he would just talk. 
Lindsay Rothwell April 4 at 4:26am
im really glad you have something good to say cuz patrick has nothing nice to say from what i see talk to your dad please i know this is hard for you and i am sorry. if you know anything please talk... it would be horriable for you to do that to your dad but its the right thing to do.. this is somebody life, body, my sister and i know my sister and its not like her just to go missing like this and NOT tell anyone 
Dave Perry April 4 at 4:38am Report
I don't know who Patrick is? I speak to the police almost everyday, I have nothing to hide. I love Kelly, I would never keep anything secret. My family's torn as your is, I can't cope with the idea that this is real. He won't tell me anything I've tried I really have. I'm all alone out here in Florida, my father and Kelly got me to come put here three years ago.
I didn't even know they were advising till the news. Alls I do is get harrassed and reminded of what the situation is every morning I don't know what to do. 
Dave Perry April 4 at 4:47am Report
I'm sorry 
Lindsay Rothwell April 4 at 4:47am
oh my im sorry i know that this has got to hard for you just as it is for me its not fair for you to be harrassed but i also can kinda understand this is a very seriouse thing your dad is putting you through and media and the police i really feel for you and Patrick is your uncle thats what i see hear idk 
Lindsay Rothwell April 4 at 4:50am
i didnt know that much about your dads family but im not trying to be rude but the few times i met your dad he was very off to me and ocd and quick to anger
like stricted sorry 
Dave Perry April 4 at 4:51am Report
I just want her back 
Lindsay Rothwell April 4 at 4:55am
So do i thats what everybody wants
But keep trying to talk to your dad please
everyday if you have to
remember if he did do something to her he did it not you 
Dave Perry April 4 at 4:57am Report
I know I wish he would tell the truth 
Lindsay Rothwell April 4 at 5:01am
If you dont feel comfortable to answer this that's ok i understand but what do you think happened? 
Lindsay Rothwell April 4 at 5:02am
i wanna know your honest opion it will stay between us I promis 
Dave Perry April 4 at 5:03am Report
I think what we all think 
Lindsay Rothwell April 4 at 5:04am
and whats that ? 
Dave Perry April 4 at 5:09am Report
I play it through my head all the time and feel like maybe they were argueing and something happened it got physical and she hit her head or something. This makes me sick talking about this. 
Lindsay Rothwell April 4 at 5:11am
What happen to your mother couldnt you go back up there to live if your all alone ? you seem young and i feel for you your in a bad sisustion everyday 
Dave Perry April 4 at 5:13am Report
I don't speak to my mother 
Lindsay Rothwell April 4 at 5:15am
Dave Perry April 4 at 5:15am Report


  1. All I can say IS WOW. What this poor kid is going thru . How could a dad do this to his child??? He is probably better off here and not in NY near his dad. I feel for the daughter that has to live there with him SO SAD . just write an anonymous letter to the police or someone and tell us where she is . WE do not care what happens to you as long as we get KELLY home .

  2. hmmmm.... yeah he thinks what everyone thinks. but i guess without his dad confessing, young Dave is searching for answers too. such a shame.

    If you don't talk to your mom, it's probably your dad's fault. He took you from her or he made you believe lies about her. You really should give her a call. I'm sure it's killing her not to have her only son in her life. I know someone who worked with her and he told me she used to come to work bruised, marks on her neck where he had choked her. How can you stand behind him? Someone who hurt and abused your mom. She brought you into this world, and loves you. Yet your controlling father controls even that - keeps you from her. I feel sorry for you and your sisters. I hope you can all break free of his hold one day.

  3. There are some comments made from Dave Perry Jr. that seem he knows more than he is telling the police. If he doesn't come forward he may be considered an accomplice. David Perry is so selfish he would let his son take the blame!




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