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Kelly Rothwell
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Friday, September 9, 2011

Six Months Missing and Still No Arrest in the Kelly Rothwell Missing Cadet Case

Six long months have gone by and Pinellas County Law Enforcement still has not made an arrest in the Kelly Rothwell missing cadet case. Kelly has been missing since March 12th, 2011 and is presumed dead. She went home from a lunch date with friend Donna Scharrett to break up with her then-boyfriend David Perry and was never heard from again. It seems that the case is at a standstill and one wonders where are all the law enforcement graduates are that Kelly, a cadet at the St. Petersburg Police Academy had gone to the Academy with. Don’t they care about one of “their own?” Have any of them helped in the search for Kelly?
There have been no organized searches, no cadaver dogs offered from the Academy personnel to search for Kelly Rothwell. The only people searching for her, it seems, are her friends and the C.U.E. Center for Missing Persons, run by Monica Caison, who spent over a week in Florida searching for Kelly at the request of the Rothwell family. The C.U.E . Center searchers will be coming back to Florida , hopefully next month. Caison has received very little cooperation from the Pinellas County Sherriff’s Office who is handling the investigation. On her last visit, there were items that the searchers found; possible evidence that they may have belonged to Kelly, found at the water’s edge by the Courtney Campbell Causeway. The Causeway is one possible route that David Perry, Kelly’s then- boyfriend, may have traveled as he left Florida abruptly for New York the same day Kelly went missing. The police were called, and a water search was conducted around the area where the items were found. There was some evidence that the items could have been Kelly’s. But then the police LEFT the items there, for some unknown reason, sitting on the rocks that make up the bulkhead of the shoreline. They did not bag and tag the items, except for a makeshift wooden item they found stuck in a tree that was directly in front of the area where some if the items had washed ashore with the tide. When I visited the area three days later the items were gone. An antique VW orange and white bus with antique blue Florida tags  was sitting at the exact spot marked by police and two young scruffy guys were picking things up … it looked liked the items the police had left.  They had a skull in the back of the bus, sitting on a black box. They insisted that it was old and not something newly found. They acted very suspiciously and left abruptly when approached. Could they have been friends of Davey Perry, Perry’s son? They looked to be his age. Did Perry have his son, who lives in Clearwater,call them to take the items the police left?

On June 14th, earlier this year, David Perry was finally (and RIGHTLY most people feel) named a suspect in Kelly’s “disappearance.” But there the invest has stood since then. No new leads have been made public; there have been NO searches or divers in the water especially in the area around the bridge that spans the Causeway where Kelly’s things may have been found. Why haven’t there been more searches? Where are Kelly’s fellow cadets, where is the outrage that law enforcement SHOULD feel about one of their own being harmed or worse? Why hasn’t Perry’s son Davey Perry been questioned more thoroughly? It’s widely believed that he knows something. Why haven’t the detectives at least checked out some leads that were given to them about areas that could be searched based on knowledge of where Kelly and Perry used to visit?

Kelly’s family members have been kept in the dark; the Pinellas County detectives have not bothered to update them in months. When Kelly’s mother Nancy came to Florida in May, she had to go TO the Sherriff’s office and INSIST on speaking to someone on the case. Kelly's sister Lauren said that Det. Amy Plourde called her this week to update the family; it was the first time any of the Rothwell's have spoken to Law Enforcement since May, according to Lauren.
What is going on here? How can it be that Perry can get away with what he has been doing… taunting the family and friends of Kelly on Facebook, saying vile and disgusting things like;

 “Maybe because David is such a handsome man, maybe Kelly committed suicide because she couldn’t be with him” …. Really?
Or how about.. “Hope the dogs from CUE can sniff through water..lmao”…
Or how about this gem: “Fuk Kelly, Fuk her friends and family and Fuk you” (that’s how it was spelled)
Or this: “Kelly was a crack whore who liked black men”.. REALLY? Are you kidding me?
Perry has been sending comments to this blog that I will not publish; they are incredibly contemptible and abusive to Kelly, her family and her supporters. He has created multiple Facebook pages, including copying and pasting MY copyrighted material to his page, which is illegal, of course. He has created multiple “Kelly Rothwell” Facebook pages, so that people interested in her case will have to sift through anywhere from 8-25 different pages,, all with no information, just Kelly’s name. He has used names like Freddy Fudpucker and Betty Hogglesnort to send disgusting comments to the pages that are dedicated to bringing Kelly home, forums where her friends and loved ones can vent and speak of her. He has sent threats to various people and actually called an employer of one of Kelly’s friends. He has posted the name of the school that a child of one of Kelly’s supporters goes to; a not so subtle threat. He has sent viruses via Facebook pages and regular email to Kelly’s supporters. He has desecrated Kelly’s memory and is now engaged to another woman, Melissa Walker, an Army specialist in PSYCHIATRY of all things, and it seems that they will marry. He has skirted around felony Grand Larceny fraud charges, even with AMPLE evidence that he did in fact commit that fraud. People have come forward, good honest people, to corroborate those facts. And STILL the A.D.A. of Broome County, Sandra Cardone, has YET to call a Grand Jury to indict Perry on the charges. She says that his lawyer is “trying to decide if Perry will testify or not” at a Grand Jury hearing. It is a classic stall tactic; no lawyer in his right mind would let their client testify. John Scanlon, Perry’s attorney, is just buying Perry time to get out of New York, sell his house and move to Hawaii where it will be difficult and expensive to bring him back to face charges.

 He is currently out on bail and seems to be making plans to get away with murder. He has posted on his Facebook page strange songs and videos, as if he is leaving clues to what he did to Kelly. He seems to think he is much smarter than everyone else and enjoys the game of cat and mouse with his postings and taunting.

How can he be allowed to get away with all this? How can it be that Pinellas County can’t just haul him back to Florida and question him? Everyone seems to be asking these questions yet the detectives have no answers.
One thing is for sure.. David Perry is a KNOWN domestic abuser who will stop at nothing to hurt someone. He is ruthless, soulless and dangerous. He has put guns to people’s heads and abused and tormented his children and his ex wife, as well as several ex girlfriends. He is a danger to those around him, an unpredictable, manic, obsessive/compulsive who thinks he is much smarter than everyone else.
But it is that arrogance that will trip him up. It is his egotism and overconfidence that will be his downfall.

Let’s just hope it’s sooner rather than later.

Because someone saw something or heard something…someone knows where Kelly Rothwell is and where to find her….. and that person could be David Perry…

Meanwhile, Kelly is still missing…. Six months now..
Too long, people, too long…


  1. Absolutely too long without answers. I cannot believe Pinellas County has just forgotten about Kelly. I thought with her being a cadet, her case would have been front and center. I'm outraged!

  2. Seriously, I say we just beat the answers out of the boyfriend. No cops; no court. Just fists and and the answers.
    I'll do it. Where is he?

  3. I dont understand....if it were someone else they would be i jail...his actions alone the day Kelly disappeared, spek volumes to me. And then him taunt family and friends, as if he is a child sticking his tongue out, thinking he got away with it. OBVIOUSLY, HE DOES NOT FEEL THE HURT OTHERS DO ABOUT kELLY, AND THAT WAS HIS SIGNIFIGANT OTHER ...PLEASE...THERE IS ALOT WRONG WITH ALL OF THIS...ON HIS PART...PLAIN DOWNRIGHT is time for Law enforcement, the DA, to do something about this. Still praying for Kelly, family and friends..may peace be with you. cww

  4. Thank you Leigh! Again, great article. I believe that David Perry and Melissa Walker know exactly where Kelly is. You cant hold on to something like that with out eventually breaking. The truth WILL come out. For now, we wait. As for his low life brother, the stupid facebook page does not bother me. His brother and his unnecessary involvement are the least of my priorities. Patrick said it perfectly hisself... " The internet has given the cowardly, ridiculous, and mentally disturbed a voice". Exactly my thoughts... He couldnt have described his own involvement in this any better. On to whats important... What is wrong with authorities in NY?? Why are they allowing him to leave the state? Hopefully the two love birds will hike up a volcano...
    Love to you Leigh. You have been such an inspiration to my mom and I. Thank you! ~Lauren

  5. Sad to think people in responsible positions aren't doing their jobs. There has to be a way, as a suspect, with a history of domestic abuse, that police can haul him in for questioning. He should be in jail awaiting trial by now. He makes me sick. Love and hugs to Kelly, her family and friends. So heart-breaking. LD

  6. dave perry deserves to rot in hellSeptember 11, 2011 at 12:07 AM

    yje woman from md missing in aruba just recently, well her story is in people magazine!!! wtf...and the last person that saw her alive is being detained! im confused!!!! I dont know why they are not holding Dave Perry. Hes named the prime suspect and then what, thats enough, we give up??? Cmon Pinellas Co us out!

  7. Maybe her friend Donna has something to do with her dissapearence. Did everyone ever even consider that to be true.



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