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Kelly Rothwell
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Monday, October 17, 2011

David Perry, Suspect in Kelly Rothwell's Disappearance and Probable Homicide is Indicted on Grand Larceny Charges

David Perry, the only suspect in Kelly Rothwell's  disappearance and probable homicide has been indicted by a Broome County Grand Jury on Grand Larceny and Fraud charges. These charges stem from an Oct 2003 incident in which Perry claimed he was injured  at the Elmira Correctional facility  stemming from an inmate-related fight at the prison. As the news of a "RED DOT" came across the prison radio, Perry reportedly turned to his fellow CO's  (Corrections Officers) and said words to the effect: 'That's my ticket boys, I'm outta here and I won't be coming back."
Perry then retained Elmira lawyer Thomas Reilly,who represented him in a Work-Comp related claim against the State of New York Insurance Fund. He successfully defended Perry's claim and extended it to include Federal Social Security, which Perry also received and continues to do so as of this writing.
Perry, 47, who has been a suspect in his then-girlfriend Kelly Rothwell's disappearance in March, has continuously taunted and ridiculed family and supporters of Kelly Rothwell on Facebook since her disappearance, writing heinous and horrendous things about Kelly, her family and her friends. Perry even went  so far as to accuse Kelly's friend Donna Scharrett of harming her,  a charge that is both false and unimaginable
Now Perry has a new girlfriend, Melissa Walker, who is an Army Specialist at Tripler Army Medical Center in Hawaii. Walker,who is in psychiatry, has apparently been warned about Perry's past, which includes multiple domestic violence and  abuse issues and has decided to ignore the warnings from local Florida law enforcement.
What is very strange is that Perry, who met Walker on a Craig''s List ad, seems to have overlapped his women;  it seems that Perry was already involved with Walker when Kelly Rothwell drove home from lunch with her girlfriend Donna Scharrett to break up with Perry. Two weeks before Kelly drove home to her Indian Rocks Beach condo for the last time, Perry had already told people at his gym that he was "moving to Hawaii"....Rothwell was just getting ready to graduate from the St. Pete Police Academy and had NO plans to move anywhere. In fact, she had two local interviews lined up with police departments the week after she went "missing."
Could this be a motive for Perry to  murder  Kelly Rothwell? Could jealousy  have been the motive? Did Perry sense that Kelly was ready to move on from him, that she was tired of his constant stalking, controlling behavior? Could Melissa Walker be the key? Did she tell him that it was either her or Kelly? What does she know?
Or did David Perry just not want to take NO for an answer? A bully, used to getting his own way, striking down anyone who got in his way, Perry has a known history of violence, O.C.D. and narcissism.

Now Perry at least has to face a jury about his fake claims of injuries, injuries he says he sustained  during an inmate violence related incident in 2003.  But Perry has been seen, indeed PHOTOGRAPHED enjoying kite sailing kayaking, biking and hiking, ALL  activities that should be prohibitive with his type of claimed injuries.

Said Kelly's mother Nancy Rothwell of David Perry's indictment, " At least he'll pay for some of the many things he's done wrong, including hurting my beautiful daughter. He's done so many other things wrong to so many people that it's time he pays for at least some of them. If we never find Kelly, at least we know that he'll pay for some of the hurt he's caused in this world."
Who knows where this will lead. One thing is for certain.
Kelly Rothwell is STILL missing and her family needs justice. They need to bring their daughter and sister home.

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  1. Well this is like winning the lottery! Hallelujah...the Karma bus is finally catching up to David Perry! For once things seem to be going in the right direction. This is simply fabulous!



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