Kelly Rothwell

Kelly Rothwell
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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Say It Ain’t So….It’s a “What the Hell?” and an “I Can NOT Believe It” Moment…..

Despite an over whelming amount of firsthand knowledge, obvious evidence of fraud, deceit and abuse and a HUGE dose of stupidity, it seems that Melissa Walker has decided to stand by her man after all...well, CLOSE to her man at this point as he is in jail at the present… or at the very LEAST make kissy noises through the recorded jail phone system…

When there are some things that make absolutely NO sense and one wonders what the HELL is going on in a woman’s mind, along comes David Perry, womanizer, manipulator, obsessive abuser, thief, probable killer and Vacuum King to totally turn the world on its ear; to literally charm the pants and possible mind of Melissa Walker, Army Specialist, Craig’s List Hottie, wifely bail poster long enough to post his bail on the second set of fraud charges he is now facing. Can Melissa ignore the mounting evidence of his involvement in Kelly Rothwell’s probable death?

Apparently she can, she does, she will... Etc… sounds a bit like marriage vows, doesn’t it?

It seems to me that this incredulous move on Ms. Walker’s part, to re-align herself with Perry suddenly seems incredibly suspect. What does she REALY know? Was she already involved with Perry while he was still with Kelly? She denies it but one has to wonder the curious coincidence of David Perry’s comments to the gym manager that he was moving to Hawaii and cancel his member ship. Then Melissa, a Las Vegas Army National Guard Reservist gets transferred to Hawaii… Kelly Rothwell goes missing, David Perry marries Melissa Walker, and then she “realizes the truth about how dangerous he is”... Files for divorce on New Year’s Eve, the deadline for joint tax deductions and all OTHER kinds of stuff like that (no joined assets, how convenient).

Seems like a good way for Perry to hide some money, wouldn’t ya say?

Now she is suddenly back with him, standing firmly by his jail cell, prepared to fork over the ten grand needed to spring him from the pokie. WHAT???? Two other words come to mind but I can’t say them here.

All of her protests of not knowing anything now ring hollow to my ears… maybe the divorce was a ploy to take the heat off of her? Shift the attention elsewhere? How else to you explain it?One interesting fact is that despite the protest of never reading anything written about this whole debacle at Perry’s request, my IP capture on my blog speaks volumes of OH HELL NO, THAT’S A LIE….

Melissa Walker said in an email that she only recently (read December) looked at this blog and what was written herein… that she was moved to realize that he was bad, naughty, not so nice.. blah blah blah…. Not so, not so…

I have documented proof of MANY blog views from Las Vegas, Hawaii and California(where Melissa’s family lives) from as early as late May of last year and then MANY more after that and continuing to the present from Hawaii and then Louisiana where Cassie, Melissa’s sister lives. Now I can respect the fact that Cassie wanted to protect her sister and it’s admirable that she tried to talk some sense into her. I got nothing but love for that...But don’t lie and tell me that she NEVER looked at the many posts from myself and other journalists just “because he told me not to”.. Kinda crap until DECEMBER??? Again, WHAT??? You add the other two words...

But something smells rotten in Denmark... yeah; something does NOT make sense… Could Perry’s diabolical, evil mind (yeah, I said it) have thought THAT far ahead to find a girl on Craig’s List who was going to move to Hawaii, murder his girlfriend, marry the Craig’s List girl by convincing a lenient judge (Yay, way to go Judge Smith, what a Patriot!) going to Hawaii while out on bail for Fraud and Grand Larceny charges, change his name on his license to HERS, possibly put a LOT of stolen money into new wife’s bank account, then realize that his assets might be seized and says they should divorce so that the money will stay in HER name (Stop me if you’re having trouble following along) and then when they DO seize the assets (they did today, but that’s tomorrow’s blog) and THEN get the girl to use said stolen, hidden money to bail him out from the (wait for it..) Charges of stolen money???

I can’t MAKE this stuff up!!!! OMG!

I felt sorry for Melissa Walker initially... Now I’m not sure she isn’t all part of this elaborate scheme and has been from the beginning… an old girlfriend in the way is a powerful incentive to do bad things, especially when she knows your dirty little secret and where the suitcases of cash are hidden…

That’s all for tonight... my indignation needs some sleep.

All I can say is unbelievable…. Seriously??

Meanwhile, Kelly Rothwell is still missing...

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  1. Just when you think you've heard it all... Melissa, get your head out of your ass - easier to run that way. Social Security peeps, Medicare folks - sharpen your pencils and get this guy charged so he has to be held responsible on Federal charges as well. What are you waiting for? Perry, wipe that smirk off your face. You have been watched for a year and that won't change. Your pussy ass may have changed your last name to Walker, but you can't hide. Can't wait to see what Melissa looks like with her first David induced black eye. She'll deserve it I guess. She had enough warning. Hope she liked Elmira, I always did. Still praying for justice for Kelly and the Rothwells, Lisa

  2. There has to be a Lifetime movie in this story! I cannot believe how stupid this girl could be. If she felt threatened...she could get help from authorities. And after all...she lives in Hawaii and he in NY for God's sake! Putting pieces together like you did can only scream of "conspiracy". I like how you write Leigh, keep it up!

  3. I think Melissa is taking the "til death do us part" a tad too literal!

  4. Leigh, another fantastic article. Unfortunately, with a case like this, you need to not only notleave one stone unturned, you need to kick it over!! All details of the case must be presented, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Breaks are needed in this case, no matter where they come from. A magic light is not going to come shining down and point us in the right direction, like the Bat Signal from Batman. We have to knock on doors, kick them down. Dont take no for an answer. When I heard of David cancelling his membership and stating that he and Kelly were going to Hawaii, I never in my own heart believed Melissa has no knowledge or some type of fact that would help this case, even when she filed for divorce. Listen to what she says on the eve of her divorce, she still protects him and talks about NO PROOF. Ok, so then if that's the case, why divorce him if he is so great? I admire Cassie for trying to protect her sister, that;s what sisters do. Melissa, if you are reading this: you are a bright, beautiful woman with a bright future ahead of you, but not with David Perry. He is going away for a long time to prison. You know this in your heart. Read the thousands of articles, you know they cant all be wrong. I know you must be hurting but you can make your break complete right now while you still can. You can change your future right now. How many text messages do you think Kelly got that last weekend before she went missing from David? Over 150!! Does he get mad if you dont answer him or get right back to him? That is your future with this man. No friends, no family, and imminent beatings. And thats after he gets out of prison!! Wise up Melissa! Good Job Leigh as always. Nicki Dudley Fairfax VA

  5. I think Melissa has made her bed with David Perry, so she needs to get comfy and lie in it with him. It is gonna be a bumpy marriage. I know one thing for sure, nobody will trust or listen to her again. She went on national television, declared her innocence, and has made herself appear a fool now! Maybe she likes the limelight, maybe she has some deep rooted family issues, maybe he threatened her. No matter what...she was warned. Kelly and the women before her were not. They didn't have a chance. Melissa had one...she threw it away, and her own sister has dis-owned her! Good luck Melissa. You are sure gonna need it.

  6. I did not read this article. I do not need to. I have heard so many angry words toward me. Any harsh words toward me are not any worse than what I tell myself. Although I have made many pathetic, idiotic choices I have not hurt anyone and would never intend to. Those who are in my life know this and would never question it. With the exception of my older sister, my family and friends are helping me through this. Thank you so much to my loved ones who stand by me through good and bad choices. I will not comment on my older sister. She has to live with herself same as I do. I am haunted by my poor decisions. Since Dave was put back in jail it has given me time away from his words that continuously feed into my insecurities. It is no excuse. I am upset, very regretful, sad, angry, humiliated, and extremely sorry to say the least. Because I realize my weakness in this situation I have changed my number and will do what it takes to keep him out of my life entirely. I thank those of you who are not bashing me. Those who do, it does add to my pain. Despite all of this I will stand back up, because that is what I do. I am so sorry for Kelly (RIP). I will continue to pray for her family and friends as I have done from the beginning. Another thing, none of the above speculations are true. None! Melissa Walker

    1. Hi Melissa, did David give you a gold diamond ring that might have belonged to Kelly? It is not terribly valuable except that it holds sentimental value, a lot of sentimental value, for her family, because that ring was a family heirloom.

      I noticed in your note above that you are praying for her family. I am praying too. Do you think you could find it inside
      yourself to send the ring to her mom? I am sure there is a way to do so anonymously- just google it.
      I will be praying for you too, Melissa. I know you dont want to waste more of your life over this, you want to move on. You can do it. Just be true to yourself. Best Regards.

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  8. Dave did not give that ring to me, nor did I ever see such a ring or any other for that matter. Of course I would have returned it to her family. I would have gone to detective Bailey If I had received it. I would have gone to detective Bailey had Dave behaved suspiciously or given me any information about this case. This is something I can promise you. Dave would know this because he knows the type of person I am.
    Thank you all for your encouraging words and prayers. I will not return to Dave.
    I have a couple words about my sister. She has been going through a lot lately. I think her health matters may be contributing to her actions. My sister and I are not the concern here. This is about Kelly. She is in my thoughts and prayers. Her family and friends are in my prayers. Melissa Walker



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