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Kelly Rothwell
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Sunday, April 8, 2012

David Perry to Face Judge Monday on Motions Related to His Assets Forfeiture

David Perry, who is being held at the Steuben County Jail on felony grand larceny charges, will face a judge Monday morning as the judge will hear motions on the forfeiture of assets imposed upon him almost two weeks ago. Perry's house has a $200,000.00 lien on it, his bank accounts have been frozen and his vehicles confiscated. His daughter Britney,with whom Perry was living, is also under scrutiny for her possible involvement in the hiding of Perry's other monetary assets.

Perry, who remains the only suspect in the case of missing and presumed murdered Police cadet Kelly Rothwell in Indian Rocks Beach Florida, will stand with his public defender Jason Vichinsky in court. But bail won't come up. At least it shouldn't.....

“This is not a bail hearing,” said DA Brooks Baker’s confidential secretary on Friday. “This part ONLY relates to the civil matter of the forfeiture of assets, not the criminal matter of the grand larceny charges. As of today (Friday) there had been no bail application sent to the court and there is nothing on the court’s calendar,” she said.

Apparently, an application for bail must be sent to the judge which puts a notice to the judge that Vichinsky would want a bail hearing for Perry in order to negotiate a lower bail. Perry is currently being held on $100,000.00 bond, because DA Baker feels that Perry is a definite flight risk.

Perry had bought a brand new Honda with almost $25,000 in cash, was able to obtain an international drivers license with the name David Walker and had a contract with a buyer for his house in Elmira, NY. That home was the collateral Perry used to post bond in Broome County on the FIRST set of felony grand larceny charges, stemming from the NY State Insurance Fund, who paid Perry his Work Comp benefits on an alleged injury. Walker is the last name of his wife Melissa Walker who has still not divorced Perry. Perry married her in August in Hawaii and obtained a Hawaii drivers license at that time with the last name Walker.

Friday afternoon, I learned from a confidential source that the bail on Perry from Broome County had been revoked. Perry will no longer be able to use his home as collateral and will now be on the hook for the full $25,000.00 bond.

According to a source, it actually makes more sense for Perry to remain in jail, as he would get no credit for time served if released to Broome County’s jail.

Currently, if there any Broome County court proceedings that Perry must attend, Broome County must go to Steuben County and transport him there and back.

But time is not on David Perry’s side. With his OCD, one wonders how long he can stand the filth. I wonder did anybody bring him any birthday cake today on a jail tin...

Strange to have someone so evil have a birthday on the Lord’s Day, don’t ya think?

Meanwhile, Kelly Rothwell is still missing….

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  1. Amen. Rot in prison scumbag. Love that you are now on the right side of the bars Dave. Enjoy! Happy Birthday :)

  2. At least it's behind bars for now! I think we are all a bit relieved he isn't enjoying his life while Kelly is still missing! Karma has definitely caught up with him! I'm still skeptical about the divorce...I don't think Melissa will do it! At least he's not trolling on the singles sites! However, prison love sites are always an option! LOL



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