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Kelly Rothwell
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Monday, April 9, 2012

Perry's House Surrounded by State Police

Perry’s House Surrounded by State Police, Search Warrant Issued to Search the House.

As I write this, Perry’s house is surrounded by 5 marked State police cars, 4 unmarked State Police cars (one with K9) and officers have been in the house for a few hours. Meanwhile Perry is hoping to leave Steuben County jail for a quiet life at home.
Good luck with that… Broome County will next exercise THEIR warrant for his revoked bond…
It’s not clear what the police are searching for but possibly it could be for a passport or some hidden extra papers. But not so fast Dave...

It seems that once again, like a slithering snake in a veritable jungle, David Perry has managed to get his bail reduced during a Motions hearing for a CIVIL matter in which NO bail application was sent before the judge. His bond in Steuben is now $25,000.00 personal and $50,000.00 for the house. What the hell is happening in Mayberry, Opie?

Today’s appearance was to discuss the terms of Perry’s forfeiture of assets, a CIVIL matter which should NOT have contained any bail discussion, which is criminal. I guess, in the interest of expediency, lack of understanding of the jurisprudence process, sheer boredom, whatever, Perry’s attorney was able to introduce an “Oh by the way, Judge, while you’re here, can we talk bail for my perfectly RESPECTABLE client, etc..”
Unfortunately, DA Brooks Baker is out of town and didn’t attend the hearing. Had he been there, I’m SURE that he would been able to impart the wisdom of letting someone of Perry’s caliber back out on the street.

What did ya hide in the house Dave? A body, perhaps? Another suitcase full of cash and a passport? Divorce papers??

Meanwhile, Kelly Rothwell is still missing...

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  1. If Steuben County was smart, they would contact Broome with Perry's release so he could be picked up before he even thinks about going home. I hope that whatever the SP's are searching for they find.

  2. Maybe they'll get his computers and find something to seal the deal! Cannot believe his bail has been reduced! Hopefully all eyes will be on him and make it impossible for him to take a crap! Anybody see Melissa?

  3. Leigh, once again you are on top of what is happening with Perry and I hope people see how important this is. Your work as an investigavtive reporter is so extremely important. And you do this with determination and I believe it has helped keep the pressure on and the public informed about Perry's dirty deeds. I also think that it is extremely commendable that you have kept up the pace even though some people have tried to drag you down and thwart your accomplishments as you continue to report on the case of Kelly Rothwell. Your work on this blog has shown that you continue to honor Kelly and her family by not giving up on seeing that justice is served! Blessings and thanks to you Leigh. Judy Cramer

  4. What did ya hide in the house Dave? A body, perhaps? Another suitcase full of cash and a passport? Divorce papers? lost property documents



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