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Kelly Rothwell
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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

David Perry Moved from Steuben Jail to Broome County to Face Charges There

 In what at first appeared to be a stunning miscarriage of justice, David Perry was released from the Steuben County jail today, where he was being held on Fraud and Larceny charges stemming from allegations he bilked the State of New York out of over $300 grand in disability payments.

But not so fast people; Perry was  MOVED to the Broome County jail, where he is was initially charged with the same similar Fraud and Larceny charges and is  presently being held there to face those first. According to a jail spokesperson, Perry was moved to Broome on a Bench Warrant from Judge Martin Smith, the same judge who allowed Perry to go to Hawaii for a month last year where he married Melissa Walker, a woman he met on Craig's List. Perry still must answer as well to charges of  Felony Assault on a prisoner while he was at the Steuben County jail last year.

Steuben County DA Brooks Baker explained that even though the prisoner that Perry assaulted may decline to press charges, the State is the one who ultimately decides whether Perry will face a judge on those charges.

 Last November, a judge awarded Perry back his seized assets including money totaling over $124,000 in small bills hidden behind a dresser that Perry never claimed in his financial statement to the court, as well as a brand new copper colored Honda he paid for with cash, snow mobiles, motorcycles and other sundry items... ALL purchased with money from where? His disability benefits? Hardly...
There is no information that Perry has actually received any of the cash plus interest back into his accounts.

Perhaps he had a side job?  Was that where he was getting his extra cha-ching?

Well, don't get too cocky Perry.

I hope you enjoy your Broome County jail cell.. I wonder if its the same one you had before?

Now wouldn't that be special for you?

David Perry is and always has been the only suspect in the disappearance and probable murder of St. Petersburg police cadet Kelly Rothwell, who went missing almost two years ago on March 11, 2010 after going home to their Indian Rocks Beach, Florida condo to break up with her then boyfriend of three years, David Perry.
She was never seen again. Perry has refused to answer any questions about Kelly or her disappearance and he remains the last person to see her alive.

Meanwhile, Kelly is still missing... and Perry needs to answer for it.


  1. Stay on him Leigh. We want to see the POS fry! Kelly and her family deserve justice. Hugs LD

  2. David alway thought he was above the law but I think he is finally realizing he will be paying for everything he has done in one way or the other. Jail time maybe the only way right now but who knows what the future hold for this evil man. Anyother person that can do wrong and not even have another thought in their head about their cime I would hope for them to receive the justice to be served on them also. This man never deserved te women he had in his life and they never deserved the he.. he put them through. Keep up the great work Leigh you are making a difference sweetie.

  3. Thank you again leigh! I appreciate the updates of the case.



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