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Kelly Rothwell
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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Steuben County DA Brooks Baker to File Appeal in Grand Larceny Ruling

David Perry, the only suspect in the case of missing and presumed murdered St. Petersburg Florida Police cadet Kelly Rothwell has been sitting in a jail cell in Broome County, New York, awaiting trial on charges of Grand Larceny and Fraud.
The charges stem from an alleged Work Comp related injury at the Elmira Correctional Facility where Perry was employed as a Corrections Officer. Perry claimed to have been injured while helping to subdue an inmate, although numerous accounts say he was never in the inmate's cell and had no contact with him. He has collected over $350,000.00 in payments for his "injury" including a pension from the state of New York.

Last April, Perry attacked an inmate at the Steuben County Jail, putting the inmate in the hospital with a head laceration. Ironically, Perry himself claimed injury, citing his back was re-injured (coincidentally the same injury he allegedly sustained in the 2003 jail incident.)

According to Steuben County District Attorney Brooks Baker, Perry has recently been arraigned on  Felony Assault indictment from the jail assault and an appeal on the reduction of Felony Grand Larceny charges will be filed next week.

Will David Perry be found guilty of the larceny charges? Who knows? It seem that Justice is exceptionally blind when it comes to his cases up in New York. How someone like him seems to be skating along without repudiation is a mystery to everyone, especially those  have  felt his wrath firsthand and lived in fear of him.

Next month marks the two year anniversary of Kelly Rothwell going "missing".
When will SHE get justice? When will Florida law enforcement place this case as a priority, especially since it was one of their own? Why have they been essentially silent for TWO years?

Because Kelly Rothwell is STILL missing.... and she deserves better than this..

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  1. Dave has skated through life without ever having to pay for his wrong doings in life. I have never seen anything like this but it always seems to go his way know matter what he does to other people. He takes advantage and tries to ruin peoples lives and gets away with it. I have been on his hit list ever since I divorced him and remain on it. I don't care though, he can't hurt me anymore than he already has and it isn't effecting my life in anyway so I really could careless. I just want justice for the family he destroyed in Maryland because they deserve justice. I hope Florida's law enforcement gets their act together and puts this mad man away for good so he can't destroy another family in his path because he will there is no question about that.



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