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Kelly Rothwell
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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Could This be Kelly Rothwell? Human Remains Found 15 Minutes from Elmira

In a strange and bizarre twist, on a sad day of  the two year anniversary of Kelly Rothwell going missing, what is thought to be female human remains have been found near the Dalrymple Gravel Pits in  Athens Township, a small borough in Pennsylvania, just over the line from New York. Not so coincidentally, this area also happens to be about 15 minutes from David Perry's house in Elmira. Perry is the only suspect in the case of missing Police Cadet Kelly Rothwell from Indian Rocks Beach Florida. He has steadfastly refused to discuss any possible involvement of her disappearance with authorities.

But could this be the break we've all been hoping for? The local gravel pits,which are near where the skeletal  remains were found are located very near the Chemung River, which flows through New York and Pennsylvania. The flooding from Tropical Storm Lee in 2011 flooded the Susquehanna River, which pushed through the Chemung River levee on the other side, damaging it.  The town of Athens sits between the two river's confluence, the Susquehanna and the Chemung, five miles south of the New York line in Bradford County. Athens and the surrounding areas sustained heavy flood water damage.
According to different news  sources, and, the remains were found on Friday March 8th and are now in the hands of the local coroner.

What I find most interesting are two things; David Perry had always threatened his first wife Luanna  with killing her and throwing her body in the Chemung River.AND If  David Perry DID kill Kelly Rothwell, take her body to New York and weighted her down in the Chemung with large rocks, he certainly wasn't counting on Tropical Storm Lee (can that be a coincidence??) to push  both the Susquehanna and the Chemung Rivers past flood stage engorging several of the surrounding small towns under feet of water. The Chemung levy  sustained substantial damage; could a weighted body farther north in the river have broken loose in the violent rush of the flood waters and deposited the skeletal remains near Athens, where the two rivers meet? The direction of the flow seems possible... Perry was seen by locals with his red kayak strapped to a truck in his driveway early one morning shortly after arriving back in Elmira, days after Kelly went missing in Florida and he took off for Elmira,.....Just a thought.

Another thought is that these remains might be the missing wife and presumed dead wife of Calvin Harris, a famous murder case in that area, where he was convicted of murder, even without her body ever being found. Harris'statements of "no body, no proof, no crime" ring eerily in my ears coming very close to several of the Facebook posts on some of the Kelly pages that stated virtually the same thing. Whether these posts on the Kelly pages were Perry's, we'll never know unless police somehow get his computer and study it forensically. But they were really sickening, to say the least.

Now I have always maintained that I think David Perry killed Kelly Rothwell and took her body to New York. Some have said that that isn't "logical".. but nothing in Perry's violent and sordid past has ever made a lot of 'logical" sense. People like him ARE unpredictable.. I can see him driving up from Florida with her body in his trunk. I think he hid her in some sort of canvas sail bag and then put camping equipment over top of her to hide her. Perry has always been a charmer.. if he got stopped for some reason, he would probably use his past CO experience to develop a camaraderie with a cop.. you know, "we're all on the same side" etc. What possible reason would a cop have to look in the trunk of a blue Honda with an ex -CO brother behind the wheel? He probably counted on that scenario. I think he is so overly confident in his abilities, that he wouldn't have thought twice about getting stopped.

So,what if he did dispose of Kelly's body in the river.. remember, her heavy geode rocks were missing... rocks that weighed upwards of 15-20 lbs each. Kelly was a small woman, under 5'4" and a bit over 100 lbs.

If he DID do this to the woman who was his "soul" mate, then I assure you that if those remains ARE Kelly Rothwell, then Perry wasn't quite as smart as he thought he was..
He wasn't counting on a storm named Lee.



  1. I concur. David Perry is the guy.

  2. Any developments on whose bones these were?
    I have agonized over how he could have spread her body out anywhere along that trek from Fla to NY. Any woods, rivers, dumpsters... Sickening to think about. I just want peace for the family and think about Kelly and the Rothwells often. : (



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