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Kelly Rothwell
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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Human Skeletal Remains Are More Likely Male

The human skeletal remains found in Athens Township,PA, last Friday, March 8th,  are more than likely that of a male, a source close to law enforcement told me earlier tonight.

What looked like a promising lead or clue to the case of missing St. Petersburg Florida Police Cadet Kelly Rothwell seems to be just another disappointment and frustration in this saga of love, betrayal, and likely murder.

Law enforcement close to the David Perry/ Kelly Rothwell case were momentarily hopeful that at last Kelly Rothwell had been found. David Perry, an Elmira resident and only suspect in her disappearance, lived just 15 minutes from the area where the human remains were found. And more than one person thought that he may have buried her body somewhere close.

"Dave knows that whole area really well and we used to skinny-dip in those natural pools of water left over from the digs,"  said Luana Greenfield, Perry's first wife. "It would not be a surprise to me if they did find Kelly's remains there; he always said he would kill me and throw me in the river. I truly believe that he could do that; no question in my mind."

Perry's second wife, Melissa Walker is stationed in Hawaii at an Army hospital there. Despite her protests that she was divorcing Perry, there has been no confirmation that the divorce actually happened. It seems that she and Perry have maintained a contact during the entire time he has been in jail on  Grand Larceny, Fraud and most recently, Felony Assault charges stemming from a jailhouse altercation with another prisoner, William Hargrave. Hargrave had to be briefly hospitalized with a head laceration. Perry complained that his back was re-injured as a result of the assault.

But the Bradford County Coroner's office is still trying to positively identify the remains, which were originally noted as a small female; it caused such a stir among those of us who have been looking for Kelly and trying to keep her name out, front and center, we all started to hold out some hope.

Meanwhile, another family is holding out hope for some semblance of closure, however sad, that this latest find might help them put a mystery to rest and  help a family begin to heal.

If not the Rothwells,then perhaps someone else will sleep easier tonight, knowing that their loved one will finally be at rest.

So sad that the Rothwells don't have that luxury.. Kelly Rothwell is still missing... after two years of agony her family still waits. Meanwhile the person who knows what happened to Kelly sits in a Broome County jail cell, overconfidant that he will never get caught,

Rest in peace, whoever you are among those remains...

Kelly Rothwell is still out there.. we're waiting to bring you home.

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