Kelly Rothwell

Kelly Rothwell
Much Loved Sister, Daughter, Friend

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Finally a Small Bit of Justice for Kelly Rothwell

Earlier this afternoon, David Perry, the only suspect in the disappearance and probable murder of Kelly Rothwell, was sentenced to 4-12 years in prison for the unrelated crimes of felony grand larceny and fraud. These charges stemmed from a Work-Comp related fraud case from 2003. Perry had claimed back in 2003 that he was injured in an inmate-related scuffle when he was a Corrections Officer at Elmira Correctional Facility in Elmira, New York. Several people who worked with him at the facility testified that Perry faked his injury and then bragged about how he had beaten the system.

At that time, Perry was able to obtain his New York state pension as well; because the fund that pays the pension is in Steuben County, New York, Perry is facing the same charges there too.

Steuben County DA Brooks Baker is still waiting for an appeal on a ruling that the search and seizure of Perry’s assets earlier this year was negated. Baker wants the seizure of assets to stand as proof of Perry’s ill-gotten gains from his fake injury.

Perry has also been collecting Social Security Disability. There is no information as to whether SS is investigating him at this time. But one would imagine that he obtained the SSID benefits based on the Work-Comp related assessment of injury. If those charges have been negated, then one would assume that his SS Disability will also be discontinued and Perry prosecuted for falsely claiming an injury. Ruh Ro…… With the government involved, could federal charges apply?

What does this do for Kelly Rothwell’s case? Perhaps while in jail and contemplating the rest of his miserable life, David Perry may feel compelled to confess. Does anyone think that he will last at LEAST 4 more years in a jail cell without feeling the compunction to make a possible deal?  Unfortunately most sociopaths have no conscience and Perry exhibits a great of sociopathic characteristics. He is a narcissist, an abuser and a user. He is also very smart. But it looks like his ‘smarts’ failed him this time, thanks to the tenaciousness of  both the Broome County and Steuben County DA’s office, certain New York state troopers (who ROCK btw) and the brave men who stepped forward, even under threats, to testify against him. There is no need to mention their names; they know who they are and their part in this conviction. At least now they can feel safe, knowing Perry won’t be roaming the streets.

Lauren Rothwell, Kelly sister, said this; “I’m just glad he’s off the streets. I feel better knowing that he’s going to stay in jail. But this is not justice for Kelly, its justice for the state of New York. Justice for Kelly will happen when it happens; when he is prosecuted for her murder. All this does is gives everyone more time to work on her case. He’s in jail where he belongs; he’s not in jail for Kelly but I have faith that that will come in time.”


Nancy Rothwell, Kelly's mother had this to say of today’s sentencing;  “The family and friends of Kelly have been so grateful that he’s been in jail for the past two years; he’s been off the streets and can’t hurt anybody like he did my daughter. He is harmful to society. I really want to thank all of the prosecutors and police who have given so much of their time in their efforts to get him convicted. I’m glad that the state of New York has been able to keep him behind bars for the crimes he committed in New York because that had given me some small measure of peace of mind.  That’s been over two years of his life that’s been taken away, that he’s lost. While that can’t bring Kelly back, I’m grateful that he’s suffering like he made her suffer.  And if or when he is ever released, you WILL hear his name at some point in news because I can’t imagine someone that evil would just fade away … sooner or later someone else will be harmed by his actions.”

This is a small but significant victory in the efforts to find out what happened to Kelly Rothwell.

The longer her killer sits in jail, the longer we have to find her and bring her home.



  1. Very well written as usual Leigh. Kelly this is a small step for all of us because this POS is off the streets and cannot hurt another female like we know he has done in the past. Hopefully, Kelly he will slip and say something about your whereabouts so your family and friends can have you back home where you belong and then Justice for you will be served. Kelly you have touched many many lives and most of us will not stop until you are found and he is Prosecuted. NLH

  2. I hope Mr. Perry is enjoying his time behind bars, as inmates dont look kindly on C.Os and murderers. We all know he killed her and dumped her body...I hope someday they find her remains and he rots in hell for what he did.

    1. Mr Perry is doing his time at the Clinton Prison, the unit he is in is full of people just like him Lawyers, Priests, Law Enforcement etc. While it's true that inmates don't like child molesters or any Law Enforcement people, Mr Perry is segregated from inmates that might otherwise assault or "push" up on him. Possibly Mr Perry made some kind of mistake or somehow Kellys body will be found and then justice will be served for her untimely death.

  3. I am glad to see this Small Bit of Justice for Kelly Rothwell. I hope and pray that her remains are found and that justice will be fully served. Thank you for this blogging this and keeping Kelly's Memory alive.



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