Kelly Rothwell

Kelly Rothwell
Much Loved Sister, Daughter, Friend

Tuesday, February 26, 2019


David Perry, the only suspect in the disappearance and probable murder of St. Petersburg Police cadet Kelly Rothwell was picked up today and place in custody at the Steuben County Jail in upstate New York, According to a source at the jail, the court required the jail to keep him after he was found guilty and sentenced today after being arrested last month for criminal impersonation. However, others said that the charges were criminal trespassing. Although there is no information yet (as if this writing, ) about these newest charges, Perry was arrested last year for criminal impersonation after using a false name when he met a young woman in Painted Post, New York, staying with her in Painted Post and traveling with her to North Carolina, both instances in violation of his parole.  Perry never told the young woman who he really was until a friend of hers recognized him and told her who he was. She called the police and Perry was arrested at her house last year. Perry had also used a false name to troll porn websites with searches for both women AND men, according to another source, also a violation of his parole.
Perry had been required to stay in the city limits of Elmira, Chemung County where he owns a house, per his probation requirements.  This could very well be the culmination of those charges, but it's not yet known. 
         On his booking photo today, he looked a tad unhappy.,AND REALLY OLD
         Maybe it's all the GUILT he's been carrying around since he killed Kelly Rothwell in 2011....

            There was a "release date" of Sept 4, 2019, which would mean that Perry will serve 7                          months, but for what it's not clear at this time, or even where he will serve it. He may go                     back to Clinton, upstate to finish out his parole.
           Whatever it is, you can be sure that David Perry will screw it up... he always                                        does...he still thinks he's the smartest guy in the room.. he's still lying about his name
           and chasing pretty young girls around at Planet Fitness, thinking he still got game.

           But he's NOT that smart.  He keeps getting caught doing stupid things. And one day he                       WILL be caught and prosecuted for Kelly Rothwell's murder.
           There will be more on this tomorrow.

           Try and get some sleep tonight you bastard...but keep one eye open.

           You know what prisoners think about ex corrections officers...

                             Meanwhile, Kelly Rothwell is STILL missing...

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