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Kelly Rothwell
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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

David Perry in Jail on Charges of Criminal Trespass

As I said in my post last night, David Perry was arrested and taken to Steuben County jail yesterday. Originally I wrote that the charges stemmed from criminal impersonation, which were the original charges.  According to Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard, Perry was sentenced to up to a year in jail for the charge of Criminal Trespass in the second degree, a Class A Misdemeanor.  The trespass charge is from when Perry moved in with the woman from Painted Post under the assumed name of David Jones, claiming he was a retired from the Department of Homeland Security. He was arrested in the woman's home after she called police when she realized his true identity. A Grand Jury indicted Perry on 37 counts of burglary; using the times he entered the home using the false name. The charges were eventually defined as Criminal Trespassing.

As I had surmised, this conviction was due to a previous arrest in the Village of Painted Post, where he had lied to a woman he got involved with, staying in her home and traveling with her to North Carolina These were all violations of his parole, which stipulated that he not leave the county of Chemung where he resides, nor get involved with anyone unless he informed his parole officer, which he did not.

This is at least the second time that Perry has violated his parole; I've been tying to decide if he is just incredibly stupid or just thinks he's above the law. I'm assuming both. He's a cocky bastard who, because he thinks he got away with Kelly Rothwell's murder, thinks he can skirt around the law. But finally, New York has started to catch on and he has been paying the price for his arrogance. Perry has violated his parole twice now and I find it interesting that he was allowed to go back on parole after the first time, Now with a SECOND violation, and conviction of NEW county charges, Perry will have to serve at least six months, which puts his possible release date in early September 2019.  Currently Perry is in the Steuben County Jail convicted of criminal trespass. These latest charges ALSO violated his parole. With this parole violation, I would assume that he is going back to prison, possibly Clinton, the maximum security prison where he was incarcerated before. But that's not a guarantee. Based on this conviction and parole violation, Perry could have his parole revoked, serving first his sentence for the county conviction (from Painted Post) in the Steuben jail and then would have to go to any one of over 50 prisons in the State of New York until his max release date which is in 2026.

Maybe we'll get lucky and his guilt will be such a burden that he confesses to Kelly's murder.
Or he could screw up again and stay in jail, where he belongs anyway. Either way, he's once again a convicted man.

                                       Meanwhile , Kelly Rothwell is STILL missing.....

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