Kelly Rothwell

Kelly Rothwell
Much Loved Sister, Daughter, Friend

Monday, January 10, 2022

Another Birthday Goes By as Kelly Rothwell Remains "Missing"

 Kelly Rothwell WOULD have been 46 today.. she SHOULD have celebrated her birthday with family and friends, with her niece and nephew Holly and Alex, her sister Lauren's new babies, her wonderful mother Nancy, sisters Linzy and Kristen and the rest of her family. But she isn't...  she is out there, somewhere, killed by an angry narcissistic  murdering bastard named David Perry. 

Why is this case over 10 years old and no arrests? Pinellas County Sheriff's office says they "can't make an arrest without a body".... that's bullshit.. there have been convictions for murder without a body, especially with as much circumstantial evidence against Perry as there seems to be.... first hand evidence of him stalking her, missing computer, Police Academy materials found dumped in a dumpster by their shared condo on Indian Rocks Beach... Perry cancelling his Gym membership, telling the guys there he was "moving to Hawaii", his online dalliance with Melissa Walker, who he later married IN HAWAII...after he killed Kelly and dumped her body, his TOTAL lack of remorse or sadness at her "disappearance" and his refusal to be interviewed by police... I think he dumped her in Seneca Lake.. he had access with TWO friends who had both houses AND boats on the lake, he used to spend time there EVERY summer and he knew the area very well. Kelly's geodes are missing... at least 15 of those heavy half cut crystal rocks  were never found, even though she had them at the condo. His kite sail was found in the storage locker Perry and Kelly had beneath their condo but the kite sail canvas bag, approximately 68 inches or  a little more than 5 1/2 feet was missing and never found. Kelly was only about 5'2" and her body could have easily fit into that kite sail bag. Those kite sails also come with weights, that look much like divers belts.

 In Florida courts,  per statute 731.103 a  person can be legally declared deceased if they have been "absent from the place of his/her domicile for a period of 5 years after their last appearance" And it should be noted that Florida law prohibits someone from inheriting from their murder victim, according to Kuhn Law Firm, PA.

David Perry was listed as Kelly's beneficiary on one of her accounts and I have written about the one that I found in Corning in both of their names. But without a body and positive proof or conviction, that money is frozen at this time. 

There is also the issue of closure... how can you attain closure for your daughter/sister's / friends death when the man who killed her walks free? When he blatantly flaunts his freedom when he jogs around Elmira and actually stops in front a of mirrored building to admire himself and snaps a few selfies while he  preens like a peacock? 

So, tonight as Kelly's family and friends continue to mourn her loss, another birthday of Kelly's comes and goes.

Nancy Rothwell, Kelly's wonderful mother sent me a comment tonight that  I'd like to end this post with...

" The love and light that Kelly projected will always be missed; but continues to live on in everyone that she touched."

Meanwhile, Kelly Rothwell is STILL missing.... and her killer David Perry walks around free....

Friday, March 12, 2021


Ten years today... 

 521 weeks,

 3650 days, 

 87,600 hours 

 5256000 minutes,,,,

That's how long St. Petersburg Police Cadet Kelly Rothwell has been missing and presumed murdered by her then- boyfriend, David Perry in their Indian Rocks Beach home on March 12th, 2011. She had planned a girl's night on Friday night with a friend. Kelly had no sooner got there when Perry texted her. 

"I love you", he texted. "You look really pretty tonight, " he continued..... Kelly, who had dated Perry for 3 years decided she had finally had enough of his OCD, his obsessive controlling behavior and his meddling in her relationships with her family, her friends and co-workers. She told him to leave her alone. She had planned a nice evening with her friend; they were invited  to join a party at one of her colleagues houses. As Kelly and her friend made their way to the parking lot to go to the grocery store to get some wine and snacks. Kelly noticed a dark blue Honda in the parking lot,

"That's Dave," she told her friend. Perry was sitting in the parking lot, stalking Kelly. Her friend was alarmed because now Perry knew where she lived. 

"He must have followed me, " Kelly said. Kelly walked right up to the car and asked Perry what he was doing there. She told him to leave, that she would see him on Saturday. He was angry , but left. When Kelly and her friend proceeded to the store, Kelly saw his car in the parking lot. They both decided to take the wine back to her friend's house and stay in.  Going to a party would have been impossible with Perry following her.

The next day, Kelly and her friend went to Chili's Restaurant and had lunch. They discussed her moving out of her condo,  leaving Perry. Kelly had already lined up a house to live in with friends from the Academy. Her friend was really scared of what Perry would do when Kelly got home and she told her so.

As Kelly said goodbye to her friend after lunch, her friend begged her to let her either follow Kelly or go with her when Kelly went to confront Perry. Kelly said it would all be ok. They hugged and Kelly drove home. Her friend never saw her again.

That afternoon, the downstairs neighbors heard what sounded like banging on the floor above where Kelly and Perry lived. Then it grew quiet and they heard the vacuum cleaner running. Perry was extremely OCD and vacuumed several times a day. Sometime later that early evening, Perry drove off in his blue Honda and headed for his Elmira, New York home, where his daughter was living. Along the way Kelly's friend received a very strange text that definitely did NOT fit Kelly's style of speech. People started to worry as Perry called John Riesback , Kelly's then lead instructor at the St. Pete Police Academy, asking where she was. Riesback's spidy sense kicked in and he knew immediately something was wrong,. He refused to give Perry any information. Perry hung up on him.

On Sunday, Kelly was supposed to meet up with friends at  Caddy's Waterfront, a popular beach bar on Sunset Beach,. Kelly never showed. Her colleagues called her friend  who knew instantly that Perry had killed Kelly, She called the Pinellas County Sheriff's office for a welfare check. When the sheriffs got to Kelly's there was no answer to the door knock. The sheriffs broke the door in and immediately were hit with a strong chemical odor... bleach. The place was had been wiped clean and Kelly was gone. She wasn't just gone... she was missing.

Throughout the years I have consistently said that David Perry waited for Kelly to come home that Saturday, assaulted her as she got in the door and in all probability strangled her. I also believe he took her body, wrapped it in the plastic shower curtain liner, put in it a canvas sail bag that housed his large kite sail, put her in his trunk and drove her to New York, where he knew the Pinellas County Sheriffs would never think to look. He called a friend, Sammy Karim, that he used to work with at Elmira Prison when they were both  Corrections Officers. There are phone records that prove this. Sammy had a lakefront family house on Seneca Lake, one of the deepest lakes in the country. At its bottom it's 633 ft deep.. the sheriffs patrol with sonar and there are always boating accidents where the victims are never found. 

Perry was seen driving his car on  old Rt 17,now Interstate 86, an access route that along with Rt 14 offered a scenic route to Seneca Lake. Perry knew the lake well; he had often been a guest of different friends who had summer houses there. The temperature on Sunday, March 13th, 2011 was 32* with a high of 34 and a low of 30. Those kinds of  temperatures could easily keep a body cold enough, especially in the trunk of a car. I called an acquaintance who drove up to the lake that Sunday to see if Karim's family boat had been moved off of the trailer they kept it on. There was no way to know, however.. it snowed that Sunday at the lake, enough to cover the ground and hide any tire tracks that might have been evidence. 

Now it's  been ten years since Kelly's murder. One original Pinellas County detective retired and another moved to another division. Now after all these years, there is a Cold case Detective, Chris Lyons, who has had some lauded success in solving cold cases. Kelly's couldn't get much colder.. I still maintain she is in New York and that Perry somehow managed to put her body in Seneca Lake, weighted down by the many Geodes that Kelly used to collect.. heavy 1/2 cut stones with crystals inside. They were missing too from her condo and never found.

So Kelly Rothwell, a sweet, kind, funny, smart woman has never been found and probably never will be. After a few brushes with the law, including Grand Larceny and Fraud resulting in jail time, David Perry is free to walk the earth. He knows what he did.. he knows he killed Kelly. But he has proven he has no soul and will never talk to the police. He has stalked other women, he has been abusive to his own family and still he walks free, while Kelly's friends and family are left still asking for answers.

I've tried to keep interest in her case out front and center, but it seems the case is at a standstill. Anything the Pinellas County Sheriffs office might find in an investigation won't be shared with the media, unless it could help the case. The Rothwells haven't been updated.. in fact they never were the whole time the case was active and in the press's limelight. Nancy Rothwell, Kelly's mother was left in the dark during the initial invest.. I sincerely hope that the Cold Case detectives stay connected with her so she knows that Kelly is NOT forgotten. 

She's not forgotten here, on this blog or in the many posts on Facebook and Twitter. 

Nancy sent me a beautiful sentiment today. She said:

"Kelly always had beautiful words of wisdom about the power of love, life and living.

 Our hearts will always be filled with the brightness she brought to our lives. 

May her light shine bright above us all. " 

Her sister Kristen said as much:

"It breaks my heart that it has been 10 years full of our family's changes, memories, hurts and joys that were all stolen from Kelly.

We remember her spirit and her heart everyday but especially today. 

We miss her in every moment, She deserves justice. She deserves peace."

A family has been waiting 10 years for justice for their daughter and sister to have justice while her killer walks free.

10 years too long.

Meanwhile, Kelly Rothwell is still missing.

Leigh Clifton

Thursday, March 12, 2020


In 2011, there were 14,612 murders in the US.  According to, the FBI releases crime data every year, including the number of women who have been killed by men, but local police are not required to file reports to the agency. For some reason Florida does not participate. The state has not provided its data to the FBI since 1996. Why is that? Why don't the women matter?

More than half of all women murdered are killed by an intimate partner, husband or boyfriend. Statistics show that there was physical, emotional and /or psychological abuse in the relationship and that the women had attempted to leave the relationship at least twice before they were murdered.
Many of these women, for the most part, were educated, smart women, but had been intimidated by overbearing, possessive, controlling men into silence about their plight, often cut off from family and friends and resources.

Kelly Rothwell was beautiful, vibrant and smart... a hippie chick with a sing-song voice and a smile that would light up a room. She was complex and complicated and sometimes unsure of what trajectory her life was taking. Her career took several different paths in different parts of the country;  her home state of Maryland, Colorado, West Virginia and finally she landed in Florida, in a beautiful beachfront condo she rented in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida. After years in the hospitality business, she decided to become a police officer and enrolled in the St. Petersburg Police Academy, where she excelled and was well liked by her fellow officer trainees. She made the decision to concentrate her efforts on Domestic Violence issues. Unfortunately, it was a portent to come...

David Perry was a retired Corrections Officer from Elmira, New York. He was tall, lean and some say handsome and charming, but beneath that facade was a psychopath; a man who had beat both his first wife and their children, an abusive, sadistic man who was disliked by almost everyone, save a few  COs he had worked with at the Elmira Prison  Most of his co-workers had called him "smug, know-it-all, obnoxious, pompous, a real jerk". In 2003, Perry had faked a back injury he claimed to have gotten trying to subdue a prisoner. He left the Prison on a 3/4  disability pension, also  receiving Social Security disability benefits. He bragged to people he "made seven grand a month.

Perry saw Kelly at a  Sweet Tomatoes restaurant and started a conversation, sitting with her for dinner.  He was charming and attentive and soon they were seeing each other. Perry moved in with Kelly about a month later.
The Monster had found his "mark"  and was on the move.

Perry began by doing the little things; bringing flowers every night, texting endearments to her all the time, staying home instead of going out with friends. It progressed to checking Kelly's phone and email, telling friends who called she wasn't home, making excuses to avoid her family. Perry has OCD, Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder. He vacuumed up to 10 times a day. Everything in the condo was arranged to his specification. He cleaned constantly and would become enraged at a water bottle dripping on the kitchen counter. As his obsessive behavior escalated, her tried to isolate Kelly from her friends and family. He followed her when she went out locally; in one instance sitting in the parking lot, a black t-shirt  covering him in the window.

It was during this time that Kelly decided to enroll in the Police Academy. She was becoming more and more independent from Perry and he saw that he was losing control over her. The texts became even more frequent and swung between whining and pathetic to nasty and mean. No one knows if Perry ever hit Kelly... she never spoke of it to family of friends.

Kelly nonetheless excelled in her studies at the Academy and was due to graduate in a month that March 12, 2011. At this time, she had made the decision to leave Perry. Perhaps it was the support she received from her fellow cadets and her research into domestic violence or the friendship she had developed from a yoga group that finally convinced her that she was in a toxic and dangerous relationship and needed to get out.

On March 12, 2011, Kelly Rothwell had lunch with a friend at Chili's and told her that she was going home to tell Perry she was done, she was moving on and moving out. Even though her friend tried to insist that she follow her home in case Perry reacted badly, Kelly told her she would be fine, that 'Dave would be fine."

But Perry wasn't "fine". Kelly walked in the door of their condo and was never seen again. As I've said before, I think Perry had planned to kill Kelly and laid in wait for her. I think he grabbed her as soon as she got in the door, strangled her and after cleaning up the condo, left for Elmira. I think he took her body with him, knowing the Pinellas County Sheriffs office would never think to look up there.
THAT'S why I think he took her body to New York.

David Perry has never been charged in connection with Kelly's "disappearance.  There is now a Pinellas County Sheriff's Office  Cold Case detective who's looking at the nine year old case.

Meanwhile, it's been NINE YEARS without a word, NINE YEARS without closure for Kelly Rothwell's family and friends. 3258 Days since Kelly was last seen.

David Perry killed Kelly Rothwell.
Its time for him to be charged with her murder, thrown in jail and toss the key.

And its time for Kelly Rothwell to "come home" to her family.

Its just damn time.

Meanwhile Kelly is still missing and presumed dead at the hands of David Perry.  Someday, that bastard WILL break. I hope I'm there to see it.

Leigh Clifton

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Eight Years Later, Kelly Rothwell's Family Still Has No Answers, No Closure...

Eight years ago today, a beautiful, vibrant young woman made a very brave decision. That brave decision was to break up with her controlling, possessive boyfriend of three years, David Perry.
 She had made some very big changes in her life; she decided to join the St.Petersburg Police Academy after a long career in Hospitality. She was a month from graduation from that Academy when she left a friend's house, where she had spent part of the weekend, and returned home to her condo in Indian Rocks Beach to break up with Perry. Afterwards, she had plans to meet up with  some of the other cadets  later that evening and she was looking forward to a fresh start in all aspects of her life.
Kelly Rothwell walked into her condo and was never seen or heard from again.

 Later that evening, David Perry took off for his hometown of Elmira, New York, where he had still maintained a home. He arrived at his home on Church Street in Elmira  21 hours later and told his daughter and her husband who had been living in the home, that "they would hear a lot of bad stuff about him, but that it wasn't true"... then Perry took off again, coming back to the home later. He refused to allow N.Y. State Police, who had been contacted by Pinellas County Sheriffs , to search his car and he ran from police when they tried to question him.

Back in Florida, Pinellas County Sheriffs Office started a search for Kelly, and local and National Search and Rescue groups come down from North Carolina and Texas to help in the search for the missing police cadet. But the search was frustratingly brief and Kelly was never found.

David Perry is and always has been the ONLY suspect in her probable murder but has eluded questioning for eight years about what he knows about Kelly's "disappearance." Having been a Corrections officer , Perry knew enough about the law to know what he could get away with. He knew that as long as he kept his mouth shut. he couldn't incriminate himself, so he refused all attempts by police to question him. He refused to give a DNA test.

I believe that David Perry murdered Kelly Rothwell when she walked in the door of the condo that late afternoon. I believe he lay in wait for her, grabbed her from behind and strangled her,  throwing her on the floor several times. The downstairs neighbors, Ken and Mary Williamson heard loud thuds and banging on their ceiling, which would have come from Kelly's master bedroom, then a sudden quiet, then repetitive vacuuming. Perry, who had OCD and was known to vacuum several times a day, apparently went into overdrive; the Williamson's heard the vacuum for at least 20 minutes.
 Then... silence.

What happened next? No one really knows. But I have ALWAY maintained that Perry, who had planned Kelly's murder, had already packed his blue Honda in readiness, took Kelly's body, wrapped in it the plastic shower curtain liner and placed her in his 6 foot kite sail bag, along with her collection of Geodes. Kelly, who had been a Geology major in college, had a large collection of crystal cut rocks, some as heavy as 20 lbs. None of Kelly's geodes were ever found at the condo.
I think Perry put the kite sail bag containing her body and the large rocks in the back of his Honda, disguising it as camping equipment and left Florida, taking her body with him.
Why do I think that? Because Perry knew that the Pinellas Sheriffs would never think to look for Kelly in New York, which had thousands of acres of land and several lakes. One of the lakes, Lake Seneca, was a popular spot that Perry and his friends would frequent in the summer. Several of his friends had boats and it was these friends that I think Perry called when he got to New York. He needed help because Perry's idea was to drop Kelly's body, weighted down with all of her heavy geode rocks, into the depths of Lake Seneca. To this day, I think that's where Kelly's body is.

I think often when we read about violent crimes, we are caught up in the heinous act perpetrated against a victim by someone evil, like David Perry. A domestic abuser, a liar, a fraud, a reported drug runner, Perry was every woman's nightmare, yet he came off as charming and generous. This is how he reeled in women that he became involved with. He left a trail of misery, deceit and pain. Now he's in jail... again.... after violating parole for a second time. He's been able to game the system for a long time and now it's finally catching up to him.

But what about Kelly Rothwell? For Kelly Rothwell's family, there is no closure... the crimes Perry was arrested for, first fraud and grand larceny, then criminal trespass have no bearing on Kelly's case in Florida. New York State detectives and the District Attorney's in two county's ALL believe that he killed Kelly. The problem is the cases are technically unrelated. Without Kelly's body or evidence of  a murder, the Rothwell family has no real outlet for closure or anywhere to go with their anger and grief.

What happens to the families of murder victims? How are they supposed to cope?  Where can they take their grief?

For Kelly's sister Kristen, coping has been something she's had to relearn.

"I was into a lot of bad stuff... I'm not talking just popping pills. I was into hard drugs, I made really bad choices and I hurt a lot of people,especially my family. Kelly was  really upset with my choices and I always felt that I disappointed her the most. We even had words about it on the phone. My last words to my sister were said in anger, which makes me really sad. I had just gotten out of rehab and was in recovery when she was killed. Her death just threw me and I  spiraled out of control. There was no way for me to deal with losing her. I felt so guilty; I always thought if anyone would die in our family it would be me, because of my addiction and bad choices. I would have never thought we would lose Kelly."

Kristen said she has what feels like survivors guilt.

"I kept saying it should have been me.. I was the one doing everything wrong, hurting myself, hurting my family.. I alway thought it would be me , that I would be the one to die. And it hurt my Mom so much. Parents shouldn't have to mourn their children."

It took several tries , but Kristen is now clean and sober, she is finishing up a degree in Social Work and Counseling and she works with recovering addicts. She credits it all to Kelly.

"I felt Kelly's spirit with me the whole time when I finally got clean in recovery. I honestly feel that she was watching over me. It made me stronger to know that somehow she was around me.  Kelly used to journal and once she told that she saw me working with people, she saw me healthy. That really gave me the strength I needed to see my recovery through. Now I'm a counselor and I help others like me.  I'm not ashamed anymore about my past and what I went through.I'm comfortable with who I am now. I feel that Kelly is watching over me. But my biggest regret is that she didn't get to see who I've become in my recovery; I know she would be proud of me. I just wish she was here to see it."

I asked Kristen what would constitute closure for her with Kelly's case, as it seems more and more likely her body will never be found.

"I want the truth from him, I want him to come clean and confess about what he did to my sister.But the reality of it is that the truth may never come out. And that's something I'm learning to deal with."

Kelly's Mom Nancy doesn't think she'll ever really have closure either. She told me this;

"To take away from this Earth such a beautiful, peaceful and compassionate woman, he can only look forward to his dark soul burning in hell. But in the meantime, every day he spends in jail protects other women from this evil being.We will always be deeply grateful for the never-ending love, prayers and support that have been shown to our family. Words cannot adequately convey how appreciative we are, to the wonderful people in New York and those in Florida, Maryland and all over.. My family would like to thank the Pinellas County Sheriff's Department for putting fresh eyes on Kelly's case. We understand there is a new detective, Chris Lyons, who has been assigned to Kelly's case. We're told he is a Cold Case Investigator, which is what Kelly's case needs. Our family would also like to thank the New York State police for keeping such a close eye on Kelly's killer David Perry. He's violated parole twice and is now back in jail for a year. While we know that is not TRUE justice for Kelly at this point we are grateful that he's off the streets and not harming another young woman..
Kelly was a bright light in this world. She wanted to help people which is why she joined the police force. She was kind and funny and her joy was infectious. What that monster did was take away a vibrant, vital young woman who had so much to give to the world.Our family misses Kelly every day. We've planted a tree in a local park in her honor, where her niece and nephews can see it when they play there. She may be gone physically but Kelly's indomitable spirit stays with us... she will forever be in our hearts. "

Kelly Rothwell "disappeared" on March 12, 2011. She was killed by David Perry. One day he WILL answer for his crime.

                                     Meanwhile Kelly Rothwell is STILL MISSING.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

David Perry in Jail on Charges of Criminal Trespass

As I said in my post last night, David Perry was arrested and taken to Steuben County jail yesterday. Originally I wrote that the charges stemmed from criminal impersonation, which were the original charges.  According to Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard, Perry was sentenced to up to a year in jail for the charge of Criminal Trespass in the second degree, a Class A Misdemeanor.  The trespass charge is from when Perry moved in with the woman from Painted Post under the assumed name of David Jones, claiming he was a retired from the Department of Homeland Security. He was arrested in the woman's home after she called police when she realized his true identity. A Grand Jury indicted Perry on 37 counts of burglary; using the times he entered the home using the false name. The charges were eventually defined as Criminal Trespassing.

As I had surmised, this conviction was due to a previous arrest in the Village of Painted Post, where he had lied to a woman he got involved with, staying in her home and traveling with her to North Carolina These were all violations of his parole, which stipulated that he not leave the county of Chemung where he resides, nor get involved with anyone unless he informed his parole officer, which he did not.

This is at least the second time that Perry has violated his parole; I've been tying to decide if he is just incredibly stupid or just thinks he's above the law. I'm assuming both. He's a cocky bastard who, because he thinks he got away with Kelly Rothwell's murder, thinks he can skirt around the law. But finally, New York has started to catch on and he has been paying the price for his arrogance. Perry has violated his parole twice now and I find it interesting that he was allowed to go back on parole after the first time, Now with a SECOND violation, and conviction of NEW county charges, Perry will have to serve at least six months, which puts his possible release date in early September 2019.  Currently Perry is in the Steuben County Jail convicted of criminal trespass. These latest charges ALSO violated his parole. With this parole violation, I would assume that he is going back to prison, possibly Clinton, the maximum security prison where he was incarcerated before. But that's not a guarantee. Based on this conviction and parole violation, Perry could have his parole revoked, serving first his sentence for the county conviction (from Painted Post) in the Steuben jail and then would have to go to any one of over 50 prisons in the State of New York until his max release date which is in 2026.

Maybe we'll get lucky and his guilt will be such a burden that he confesses to Kelly's murder.
Or he could screw up again and stay in jail, where he belongs anyway. Either way, he's once again a convicted man.

                                       Meanwhile , Kelly Rothwell is STILL missing.....


David Perry, the only suspect in the disappearance and probable murder of St. Petersburg Police cadet Kelly Rothwell was picked up today and place in custody at the Steuben County Jail in upstate New York, According to a source at the jail, the court required the jail to keep him after he was found guilty and sentenced today after being arrested last month for criminal impersonation. However, others said that the charges were criminal trespassing. Although there is no information yet (as if this writing, ) about these newest charges, Perry was arrested last year for criminal impersonation after using a false name when he met a young woman in Painted Post, New York, staying with her in Painted Post and traveling with her to North Carolina, both instances in violation of his parole.  Perry never told the young woman who he really was until a friend of hers recognized him and told her who he was. She called the police and Perry was arrested at her house last year. Perry had also used a false name to troll porn websites with searches for both women AND men, according to another source, also a violation of his parole.
Perry had been required to stay in the city limits of Elmira, Chemung County where he owns a house, per his probation requirements.  This could very well be the culmination of those charges, but it's not yet known. 
         On his booking photo today, he looked a tad unhappy.,AND REALLY OLD
         Maybe it's all the GUILT he's been carrying around since he killed Kelly Rothwell in 2011....

            There was a "release date" of Sept 4, 2019, which would mean that Perry will serve 7                          months, but for what it's not clear at this time, or even where he will serve it. He may go                     back to Clinton, upstate to finish out his parole.
           Whatever it is, you can be sure that David Perry will screw it up... he always                                        does...he still thinks he's the smartest guy in the room.. he's still lying about his name
           and chasing pretty young girls around at Planet Fitness, thinking he still got game.

           But he's NOT that smart.  He keeps getting caught doing stupid things. And one day he                       WILL be caught and prosecuted for Kelly Rothwell's murder.
           There will be more on this tomorrow.

           Try and get some sleep tonight you bastard...but keep one eye open.

           You know what prisoners think about ex corrections officers...

                             Meanwhile, Kelly Rothwell is STILL missing...

Thursday, January 10, 2019


On January 10th,  1976, a beautiful young woman was born to Nancy and Tom Rothwell, a lovely family in suburban Overlea Maryland. The oldest of four daughters, Kelly Lundy Rothwell grew up a normal kid, roller skating with girlfriends like Erin Hansel (ne Smith) who went to school with Kelly 1st through 12th grade and Marie Bossert, a neighbor who attended a different Catholic school. Kelly went sailing with her father and sisters Kristen, twins Lauren and Lindsay, she loved going to the beach, giggling over boys and having sleepovers with her close friends.  Kelly remained close to her tight group of friends, which also included Kelly's long-time beau Sean Greenwood and his friends Brent and Leah. Accordingly, Kelly had many friends who loved and admired her. She graduated from Overlea High School and was in the top 5 of her graduating class.

 According to Nancy Rothwell, Kelly's mom, Kelly had been enrolled in Honors classes at Overlea High and was "always going to school"...Nancy said Kelly loved learning and was constantly looking for new things to learn about.

"She was always curious, even when she was really little, " Nancy said.

 Kelly's curiosity took her first to Essex Community College for two years, then on to Adams State College in Alamosa, Colorado, where she finished her undergrad and then went on to a Masters in Geology. She and Sean Greenwood had moved out west together, but grew apart as they both pursued other interests. Kelly met Doug, a ski instructor, got married and settled into married life; she in the hospitality business and he in the mountain ski life. They raised two Golden Retrievers in lieu of kids. Sadly, one was hit by a car , but Lucy, the female stayed with Kelly until she and Doug decided to call it quits. Kelly wanted to move back east and picked Florida as her home base. Lucy stayed behind with friends. A few years after Kelly's disappearance/murder at the hands of David Perry, her sister Lauren arranged for Lucy to come east, to live with her.... a piece of Kelly that was all that was left of her life in Colorado. Lucy passed away in August of 2016, much loved and well-cared for.

Since Kelly's "disappearance/murder" in 2011, a LOT has changed .. Kelly's sister Lauren has a new little boy, Garcia Lundy. She works as a nurse and is happily ensconced with her beau Christian in a house Lauren bought a few years ago. Lindsay, Lauren's fraternal twin, says she mostly feels anger now, instead of the acute pain she once felt. Lindsay has been living on her own and working, sharing parenting duties with Nancy, who has taken Lindsay's two children into her home. The sound of little feet and noisy children's repartee once again fills Nancy's home, long after her own children have  grown up and moved out.

Kelly's middle sister Kristen, has become a success story.  For years she battled her own demons and is now happily and healthily headed for an Bachelor's degree in Addiction Counseling,  headed towards a Master's degree in the future.

Kristen still keenly feels Kelly's absence.

"If I had to say just one thing today", she said, " it would be if only she could just see me now! We   were estranged for the last couple of years because of my lifestyle and the things that I was into.And I've turned myself around and I've got to say that through it all I believe shes been with me and rooting for me and she's been on  my side. I miss her dearly and  I wish I could share this experience that I'm going through, this whole life-renewing experience.  You know she always had so many great things to say. Today I sang Happy Birthday to her... I do it every year. Its something small but it's from me. It doesn't get any easier with her gone."

Kelly Rothwell in front of her Dad's sailboat.
So tonight, on what's left of Kelly's Birthday, I want people to understand that what happened to Kelly didn't JUST happen to her... it happened to her whole family. It happened to her friends and her co-workers.  Each person has their own type of pain they've experienced since David Perry killed their daughter, sister, friend. But nothing seems more acute than the pain and the loss Kelly's family feels. And for what? Perry could and SHOULD have just walked away. He should have just let her go. Instead he chose to break up a family, kill the woman he professed to love and deprived the world of a beautiful soul, a soul that only wanted to help people.

Said Nancy Rothwell, " The pain never goes away, but now we accept that it is what it is. We miss her all the time and especially on her birthday. But I know she will always be forever in our hearts."

Blessings to the entire Rothwell family on this day and every day since March 12, 2011, the day their daughter, Kelly Rothwell, was murdered by David Perry
Justice is coming , but AGAIN we ask...


Monday, March 12, 2018

Seven Years is WAY Too Long to Wait for Justice

They say that seven is the Lord's number.. that it represents all that is good, divine perfection, conclusion, completeness. But for Kelly Rothwell and her family, there is no completeness, there is no conclusion. For seven years, Kelly's family has been waiting for justice for Kelly's murder at the hand of David Perry.

On March 12, 2011 Kelly Rothwell went home after a lunch with a friend to break up with her boyfriend David Perry. Downstairs neighbor Ken Williamson recalls her coming home and then shortly thereafter hearing a series of loud thumps through their ceiling, seeming to come from Kelly's master bedroom floor. There was no yelling or raised voices to indicate an argument. Within minutes Williamson heard vacuuming that lasted quite a while.... then silence. 

It was silent because Kelly Rothwell was dead. 
And David Perry had killed her.

Earlier that weekend, Friday night, Perry had stalked Kelly, following her to the friend's house where she was staying for the weekend, sitting in his car with a black t-shirt covering the front window of his blue Honda. He texted Kelly numerous times, blowing up her phone, with protestations of love one minute, hateful haranguing the next while sitting in the parking lot of her friend's apartment complex. Kelly looked out and saw Perry's Honda and walked down to confront him. She told him to go home, that they would talk, that she was done with him, that she was tired of his controlling, violent personality. He seemed contrite and left.

A little while later, when Kelly and her friend went to the store to get some wine to take to a party they had been invited to by some of the cadets that Kelly was in school with, they saw that Perry in the store parking lot; he had followed them. Instead of going to the party, they opted to stay in, avoiding a confrontation with Perry.

David Perry is a control freak; he has OCD so badly that he couldn't even stand it when someone put a water bottle on the counter of his kitchen... So Perry had most of the weekend to stew on his humiliation that Kelly was breaking up with him even while he was romancing another woman, Melissa Walker online, making plans with her to move to Hawaii. Why he didn't just let Kelly go, when he was already onto the next conquest, is the big question that plagues Kelly's friends and family. Nancy Rothwell, Kelly's mother has a theory that seems to make sense.
"I think he had to have known that Kelly knew something about his life that he didn't want her to know, " she said. 
Today is a sad day for Nancy, as it has been for every year that Kelly has been gone.

"It's sad,"she said to me this afternoon. "I keep going back in my head, I just keep thinking about how her day went and that she never knew what was in store for her when she walked into the condo that day."

But Life is still going one for the Rothwell family; Kelly's sister Lauren is expecting a baby boy next month and is happily preparing for that. Another sister, Kristen, is enrolled in college to earn a degree in Counseling. Nancy stays busy taking care of her grand-babies and is eager to meet the latest one next month.

Kelly's memory will live on with those that were fortunate enough to have known and loved her," Nancy said. "But she will always be painfully missed."

Meanwhile, Kelly Rothwell has been "missing" for seven years today. Where is her justice?  David Perry will slip up one day... even if he continues to deny it, EVERYONE knows he did it. 

Seven may be the Lord's number, but it has only brought heartache and pain to the Rothwell family .

Seven years is too long to wait for Justice....

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


David Perry, the only suspect in the disappearance and probable murder of St. Pete Police cadet Kelly Rothwell in 2011 has been arrested once again and is now charged with 37 counts of burglary, a Class C violent felony.
According to WETM journalist Keiran Coffey, who cited a Steuben County DA press release, Perry was indicted on the class C violent felony burglary charges stemming from his use of a false identity which he used to unlawfully enter the home of a Painted Post woman he was dating. 

Perry had been arrested in July for criminal impersonation after it was found that he trolled dating sites and Craig's List ads using the alias David Jones and started a  several month relationship with a woman  from Painted Post, New York, located in Steuben County.She only found out Perry's true identity after posting an Instagram photo of the two of them on vacation in the Carolinas. Friends of the woman saw the photo and alerted her that that was David Perry, a murder suspect and convicted felon. The woman called police who arrested Perry for criminal impersonation and violation of his parole. His parole included not leaving the county of Chemung and the state of New York. He was also supposed to inform his parole officer if any relationships he may have engaged in. Perry not only boldly left the county and the state of New York, he never told his parole officer about any of the relationships he was having. 

Burglary in New York state is defined as  A person is guilty of committing burglary in the third degree - the least of the burglary offenses - when he or she "knowingly enters or remains unlawfully" in a building with the intent to commit a crime therein.

 Perry knowingly entered the woman's home while using a fake name, which was a crime and therefore resulted in the burglary charges. 

Below are the definitions of Class C Violent Felonies

C Violent Felony

ATTEMPT to commit any class b violent felonyB Violent
Aggravated criminally negligent homicide125.11
Aggravated manslaughter in the second degree125.21
Aggravated sexual abuse in the second degree130.67
Assault on a peace officer, police officer, fireman or emergency medical services professional120.08
Assault on a judge120.09
Gang assault in the second degree120.06
Strangulation in the first degree121.13
Burglary in the second degree140.25
Robbery in the second degree160.10
Criminal possession of a weapon in the second degree265.03
Criminal use of a firearm in the second degree265.08
Criminal sale of a firearm in the second degree265.12
Criminal sale of a firearm with the aid of a minor265.14
Aggravated criminal possession of a weapon265.19
Soliciting or providing support for an act of terrorism in the first degree490.15
Hindering prosecution of terrorism in the second degree490.30
Criminal possession of a chemical weapon or biological weapon in the third degree490.37
* May not contain all Class C Violent Felonies in the New York Penal Law.
Reference: Sentences of Imprisonment - NY Penal Law Article 70.
New York State Penal Law Offenses listed alphabetically with sortable columns.
What's interesting to note is that C Violent Felonies  are often charged if a B Violent Felony is committed. Those include rape, child molestation, attempted murder, aggravated sexual abuse, kidnapping and assault among others. 

If every time Perry entered the woman's home, he did so under a false identity, that could possibly be classified as not only a parole violation but felony impersonation, which is what he was charged with in July. But burglary usually involves the attempt of theft, so who knows? Maybe he stole a watch or something from the woman's house... 

Either way, he's back in jail, where he belongs. Back at the Steuben County Jail.. hopefully they put him back in his OLD CELL... ah memories, eh Dave??? KARMA IS CATCHING UP TO YOU...

And by the way, someone was sending me comments to the blog  about how Perry
 "only spent 4 weeks in jail.. HAHAHAHAH"

I of course didn't publish the comments because I'm pretty certain they are from him.  So I guess Dave, the jokes on YOU... HAHAHAHAH.  Enjoy your cell. And I don't mean your phone..

Meanwhile, Kelly Rothwell is STILL missing...

Friday, August 25, 2017


 "DAVID PERRY with department identification number 14A0084 has been released from the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision to parole supervision in Chemung County. The supervising area office is Elmira Parole Office located at: 100 W. Chemung Place Elmira, NY 14904. You may contact this office by calling (607)734-6667. "

David Perry is loose again folks. Yes, the New York state Criminal Justice and court system has ONCE AGAIN let a lying, scheming, porn-addicted murderer out of jail to prey on the public.

Unfortunately, the fact that he is the ONLY suspect in the disappearance and probable murder of his then-girlfriend Florida Police Cadet Kelly Rothwell is NOT a factor in the NY parole board's decision to release him to yet another parole from a conviction on fraud and grand larceny charges. 

Perry has already violated his parole once; he has preyed on young women and had seduced a young mother in Painted Post, leaving the county AND state (violation!) and was charged with criminal impersonation by using fake names and profiles on the internet to hook up with vulnerable women.
I'm currently waiting on more information from the Media Office/ Public Information Office in Albany for more info about Perry's parole conditions. 
This post will be updated as more information becomes available. 

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

David Perry Now At Downstate Correctional Facility in NY

David Perry, the ONLY suspect in the disappearance of Indian Rocks Beach Police Cadet Kelly Rothwell on March 12, 2011 NOW has a NEW number!! 14A0084.. THAT'S his new INTAKE number at the Downstate Correctional Facility in Fishkill, NY, where Perry was taken today.
It's probably NOT the new phone number that he thought he would have.. (sources have told me that he used to change his phone number ALL the time...) and it's not the number for a new victim( er girlfriend/boyfriend) from Craig's list  or Plenty of Fish dating sites. ( Perry was allegedly trolling both women AND men for "dates" on Craig's List and included photos of his genitalia in some of the messages.) But it IS the number he will be known as until September 30, 2021.

Perry was to answer charges today in Painted Post Village, in Steuben County New York on misdemeanor criminal impersonation charges.  Originally scheduled last month, Perry's lawyer was a no show and the case was rescheduled for this evening's court. Painted Post has court at night-two evenings a week. But the info of Perry's removal from Steuben County jail and subsequent re-booking into the Downstate Correctional Facility would suggest that Perry may have just pled guilty to the misdemeanor charges. What is not known at this time is whether Perry has received additional time to his sentence for both the Violation of Parole and the misdemeanor. A source at intake gives Perry's "conditional release date", the date that he can be let out is September 20, 2021. This would suggest that Perry will AT LEAST have to finish his original sentence of 4-15 for the felony grand larceny and fraud charges and that there was an additional year or more added to his sentence.


A call to the Broome County DA for information about any extra sentencing time was not returned this afternoon as of this writing.

I placed a call this afternoon to Nancy Rothwell to give her the news about Perry's jail term and while she was happy, she was also very reflective.
"He is right where he should be, " she said. " He thinks he's intimidating. He's such a manipulator that he thinks he is untouchable. While he was out (of jail) he just kept doing the same thing, lying and finding other victims for his schemes. Who knows if anyone else would have ended up like Kelly, (murdered by Perry). I'm very glad he's going away for a longer time."

Plans are ongoing to schedule the Search and Recovery operation for Kelly's body at Seneca Lake, where I have always stated that David Perry dumped her body after he killed her, drove her body to Elmira NY and enlisted the help of at least two friends to help him dump her body in the lake.

Perry may not stay at Downstate Correctional Facility; he may be transferred back to Clinton, where he was place originally when he was convicted. Prison intake officials said there was no way to know until Perry is evaluated today, where he would have gotten an all new mugshot.

I will be updating this post as more info becomes available.

But for Kelly and her family's sake, I'm glad he's BACK BEHIND BARS.

Kelly Rothwell has been missing since March 12, 2011 and is presumed murdered by David Perry, her then- boyfriend. Her body has never been found. Please keep Kelly's family and friends in your prayers. 
Thank you~
Leigh Clifton

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

David Perry's Lawyer a No-Show at Painted Post Hearing

     David Perry, the only  suspect in the disappearance and probable murder of  Indian Rocks Beach Florida police cadet Kelly Rothwell, was scheduled to appear at Painted Post Court House on May 9th to answer misdemeanor charges of criminal impersonation.  Because no attorney showed up to defend him, Perry's court date will now be June 6th. According to sources Perry was supposed to be represented by Tom Bowes, of  the law firm Yorio, Ferratella and Bowes. In addition to his regular law practice fields, Bowes is a part-time Steuben County assistant public defender, handling criminal defense matters for indigent clients in the local courts in the eastern areas of the county. But in a call to the law firm I was told that they were not sure if  Bowes would be representing Perry and that they had no further comment.

So now either Perry will be possibly be assigned another public defender, although there is no confirmation at this time. The court house in Painted Post, where Perry is to answer charges only has hours on Wednesday and Friday. A message was left and hopefully I will have more information as it becomes available.

 The charges of criminal impersonation stem from Perry's using the name David Jones on an internet dating site, Plenty of Fish, where he met a woman from Painted Post Village in Steuben County, New York and entered into a relationship with her. These charges are in addition to Perry's felony charges of violation of parole from Broome County, where he was convicted in  December of 2013 of felony fraud and grand larceny after bilking the State of New York Insurance Fund of over $300,000  in 3/4 pension benefits. Perry, who had been a corrections officer at Elmira Prison, claimed to have sustained a back injury after he unnecessarily answered a call for a prisoner disturbance. Perry was never injured or even participated, according to several corrections officers who were present.

Perry's felony parole violations include leaving Chemung County, where his Elmira  residence is located, leaving the state of New York, and entering into a relationship without informing his parole officer. Perry traveled to North Carolina with the woman he met online, using the name David Jones. It was only after she posted photos of them together was she informed by her friends of Perry's true identity. The woman called the police who arrested him at her Painted Post Village home. Painted Post Village is in Steuben County.

Meanwhile Perry still sits in Steuben County jail with the charges of felony parole violation looming from Broome County. It is assumed that after he answers to the charges of criminal impersonation, he  will be returned to prison to serve out the rest of his 3 1/2 year sentence. Perry was paroled from Clinton Prison in Dannemora, New York, where he was in protective custody.
It is unclear at this time if he will be returned to Clinton and if he will continue to be placed in protective custody or general population with other prisoners.


Thursday, April 27, 2017


David Perry, the only suspect in the probable murder of Indian Rocks police cadet Kelly Rothwell, was arraigned today at the Painted  Post Police station on charges of felony parole violation and criminal impersonation. Perry, who was on parole for felony fraud and grand larceny charges, was violated after he was found  April 24th at 10:00 pm at the house of a woman in Painted Post  Village that he had met on a dating website using the name David Jones. Coincidentally, one of his his daughter's married last name is Jones.
Painted Post  Village is in Steuben County; Perry lives in Elmira which is in Chemung County. The conditions of his parole are that he not leave Chemung county and check in the first Wednesday of every month with his parole officer Eric Winkky.  Perry was also driving up to Corning over the summer and into the fall, going to the  Corning YMCA to work out almost daily as well.
 Either Mr. Winkky wasn't paying close enough attention or decided to look the other way, but Perry has been violating his parole since last summer.
The woman Perry has been dating for a few months had posted a photo of herself with Perry on Instagram.  Her friends saw it, recognized Perry and called her right away, telling her who Perry really was. She left her house with her child and went to the police. Police arrived and removed Perry from the house. Police called her a "victim"  and she is not a suspect.
Perry was denied bail and as of right now he is at the Steuben County jail. When he was last there Perry got into a nasty fight with another inmate and broke the guy's nose.
NOT a nice guy, is our Davie....

So what's next for Perry? He constantly seems to be trolling the internet for women; he can't stand to be alone. He's also running out of last names to use...
Lets hope he has to go back to Clinton to finish out the 3 1/2 years left on his too short sentence.
Or maybe, just maybe Pinellas County will get a crack at him soon...


Some of the information for this post was provided by the NBC affiliate in Elmira with my thanks.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Last night, April 24th at 10:01 pm, an alert came out that David Perry was arrested for violation of parole. Apparently Perry was picked up at his home at 1708 Church Street in Elmira, NY as his car is still sitting in his driveway.
It couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy...  oh wait.. yes it could...

For months, David Perry has been giving the law the middle finger, violating his parole by constantly leaving the city limits and going to not only the gym at the YMCA in Corning, but ALL over Horseheads and the surrounding areas.. areas where he isn't supposed to be visiting, according to the terms of his parole. He was even  hear that he was working at Hobby Lobby, unloading trucks.. kinda hard to do, wouldn't you say, with his badly injured back and all... His parole officer must have been blind or else was looking the other way..regardless, SOMEONE finally paid attention and Perry's little freedom sprint has hopefully come to an end.

Perry still has 3 1/2 years on his sentence for fraud and grand larceny. With this parole violation, it is still a bit unclear whether he will go directly back to Clinton in Dannemore, NY for the violation or just get more parole time added. NY judges are notorious for declining to put a parole violator back in the system and Perry's judges have been notoriously lenient before ..(remember Perry being allowed to go to HAWAII WHILE awaiting trial on fraud charges?) One can only hope that he goes back to jail and stays there for the remainder of his sentence. Right now he sits in CCJ, Chemung County Jail. It seems now in all likelihood that he will be returned to Clinton to finish out his sentence in jail up there

Apparently at intake, Perry had to give urine and blood samples. It would stand to reason that if he had blood tests, it would show the presence of  narcotics in his system, which the parole officer, Eric Winkie would  let go because they were prescribed by doctors. Because he is getting disability from Social Security for a supposed back injury, he has been prescribed those narcotics for the pain. However, according to his ex- wife Luana, Perry didn't take the pills but instead used to stockpile his drugs.. Luana said that he just kept getting the drugs for free and keeping them, instead of taking them.

" He was never really injured in the fight at the prison,"  Luana told me several years ago in an interview. "He just kept getting the pain meds from his doctors to make his claim look real. He used to keep the bottles of pain meds all over the house. He would only take them when he knew he had to give a urine sample, so he could get more."

If Perry DIDN'T have any opioids, you know, the PAIN MEDS he took "everyday " to manage his pain, could that show that he was lying about all of it?  Who knows.. I hope they explore that angle.. it needs to be looked at.

Sources tell me that the arrest took place with the cooperation of the West Elmira Police Department. Usually when the police are involved in addition to the parole officers, thats usually something a LITTLE  more  serious than a jaunt to the Y in Corning as a violation.

As of now, I have no information if his home was searched for any evidence of the stockpiled drugs, but I hope they did.  Perry has been running his own show for FAR too long. He has lied and hurt SO many people, he SHOULD be back in prison , where he belongs.

 I spoke with Nancy Rothwell, Kelly's mother earlier today and told her about Perry being back in jail and asked her how she felt about it.

"I believe that him being back in jail is exactly where he is supposed to be, " she said. "He is an evil person and he will NEVER reform or follow the rules if he's let out. This (jail time) may not be what we're hoping for, but any day in jail is a small amount of justice for Kelly. In my heart," she said,
"I know that one day there will be justice for Kelly, I truly believe that... it WILL happen. For now, this will have to do."

I called Kelly's father Tom. He, too, is a grieving parent. Tom doesn't give any press interviews at all, but he gave me one two years ago, I thought I owed him to tell him about Perry being back in jail.
Tom doesn't pull any punches.

"Good," he said about Perry's arrest. "He belongs in the grave."

I will be updating this post as new info comes in. Please keep Kelly Rothwell and her family in your heart. They deserve justice for Kelly.

Meanwhile Kelly Rothwell is STILL missing. She needs justice. Let's get her some...

Link to Unfound Podcast on Kelly's Case.. My interview with Unfound producer Ed Dentzel

© Leigh Clifton 2017

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Darlene Woo Speaks Out About David Perry

In January of 2016, Darlene Woo was shopping at her local store when a guy walked up to her and said Hi. He told her his name was Dave Walker, casually asked if she was married as he perused her left hand and then slipped her his phone number. "Text me sometime," he said. A few weeks later she did.

Darlene was getting ready to take a continuing education class in Corning and Dave Walker told her he went to Corning every day to the Y to work out. She dreaded the drive  up the formidable 'Corning Hill" so they made an arrangement that he would drive her to her class in her car,  he would go work out for the three hours while she was in class and then bring her home. It was an arrangement that really helped Darlene, as she hated driving to Corning. The classes ended and "Walker" started hanging around more and more., eventually making himself indispensable, so much so that he was eventually doing almost everything around her house for her.

"He shopped, he cooked, he cleaned, he made my front yard look beautiful, he walked my dog and was nice to him at first. ," Darlene said.  "His domestic and organizational skills were awesome, probably because of his OCD. He had amazing strength that was brought into play when laying landscaping bricks in the yard, mowing and weed wacking..things that would take me two days to do he would do in one- he was a machine. He was driven and would keep the vehicles immaculate. What single female wouldn't want a man doing that for her?"

But she began to notice some strange things that "Walker" was doing. He started to keep the dog from interacting with them. She caught him snapping the dog's nose with a towel. He began to call the dog a" mangy mutt" and seemed jealous of her attention to him.

"He always wanted me to sleep.(she works nights)and he would put dark towels or sheets over the windows. It made my house look so dark, like a cave. I did't really think too much of it; he told me it was to help me sleep. Many people questioned why the windows were draped as if he were afraid he was being watched He was in total control of what I ate and drank- he even packed my lunches for work... I hated them! He's go through my work bag ans question everything he found. I walked on eggshells in my own house so as not tuo enrage him...he would go from calm to rage in 0.7 seconds" 

But while she was sleeping, David "Walker" was using her computers,deleting texts from her friends and even sending  emails to her ex-husband, Dennis, who still remained good friends with her.
"Dennis and I have a nice close friendship so imagine my surprise when he asked me one day if I had sent these emails to him, saying that I had "married David Walker and to leave me alone!" I assured him that I did NOT send them and I definitely was NOT married to David. Dennis and I have stayed good friends even after our divorce and we talk all the time. Dennis just thought that was really weird."

Things started getting stranger and more controlling then for Darlene.

"Walker" took over ALL of the chores, doing dishes by hand, even though she had a nice dishwasher.  Soon he was ironing all of her clothes and doing all the shopping. He also cleaned .. everything.
"He was VERY OCD.. he vacuumed 2-3 times a day," she said.
She started to get a weird feeling about him, like something just wasn't right.He wouldn't let her do anything, including drink coffee. He told her it was bad for her and would make her tea instead.

"It seemed that all I had to do was sleep and breathe," she said.

What Darlene didn't recognize were the classic symptoms of a controlling personality disorder.
This "David Walker" was not only NOT who he said he was, he was David Perry, the suspected murderer of Kelly Rothwell from Indian Rocks Beach in Florida. And Darlene had no clue.

It wasn't until they went looking for pumpkins in late October of 2016 that everything came to a head. They were ambushed by the film crew of Crime Watch Daily, who had been working on a feature of Kelly Rothwell's disappearance and were hoping to get a reaction from Perry. Perry told Darlene to get in the car and took off, very agitated. Darlene asked him what that was all about and he fumbled saying it was all lies. Then he took out his cellphone, called the cell company and changed his cell phone number right there.

"He thought they might have tracked him by his GPS so he turned it off, " Darlene said.
Darlene ex husband Dennis got wind of the pumpkin patch  incident and started digging. What he came up with was shocking and he became very concerned for Darlene's safety.

"Dennis came over to the house the first week of November with all of these printed articles about David Perry and Dave was there. Dennis and I both asked him point blank  if he was the same guy in the articles about Kelly's murder. I couldn't believe it that I was THAT close to a murder suspect! Dennis told him to gather his things and then threw him out of the house. We had the locks changed right away. I told him to leave me alone and stay away from me."

Although she did hear from him by text after that, supposedly looking for some of his belongings, Darlene has NOW put that chapter behind her.She saw Perry's famous anger and abusive side several times and it scared her.
"I looked the Devil right in the eye,' she said.  "I have never seen someone get so angry so fast."

Darlene Woo is lucky.. she didn't become a "victim" of David Perry. But he was well on his way to controlling her life, much as he did with Kelly, sequestering her from her family and friends, even from her dog, ..doing everything for her so she would become dependent on him and then erupting in a rage when challenged. Darlene was the lucky one....  She got away alive.  It could have been very a  different ending for her.  Very different indeed...

Meanwhile Kelly Rothwell is STILL missing and her murderer walks free. She deserves justice.

Please listen to the Podcast on Kelly's case,it is my interview with my friend Ed Dentzel, the owner and producer of the podcast "UNFOUND " It's a two part series. Thanks,  Leigh   

Here are the links to Kelly's story:


David Perry mug shot